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There are many adults and kids out there that enjoy playing airsoft, and you might be among them if you are reading this article. While there are people that use airsoft as a chance to pursue a recreational hobby, there are many who see it as a way to engage in physical exercise as well.

Regardless of the reasons you have, having a pair of airsoft goggles is essential to your safety on the field. They are of many types – some can be for recreational use, others for laidback purposes, and some for intense and heavy-duty use.

Safety is of the utmost importance as an airsoft player, since you might suffer injuries from anything – falling, flying pellets, and so on. The good news is that you can get a pair of good ones easily – but finding the right ones can be challenging.

There are so many to pick from, and it can be confusing trying to decide which brand is best or what features to look for. In this article, we discuss our top 10 choices, why they are great, and some tips to help you find the best goggle choices.

Best Airsoft Goggles Reviews – top 3 choice 

Instance 1

Best choice$

XAegis airsoft tactical safety goggles

PREmium pick$

Lancer Technical AERO thick dual pane goggles

best value$

Valken Airsoft Sierra thermal lens

Top 10 airsoft goggles reviews – comparison table 

PreviewModelL. size, W x HFrameBuy now
XAegis airsoft tactical safety goggles7.8 x 3.5TPU
Lancer technical AERO thick goggles8.5 x 3.2Polymer
Valken Airsoft Sierra thermal lens8 x 3TPU
GLX GX08 youth and kids safety goggles8 x 2.2TPU
Lancer Tactical vented airsoft safety goggles8 x 3.2TPU
SPOSUNE Outdoor Sports military goggles7.1 x 3.1TPU
Unigear lower mask foldable mesh steel mask11.5 x 6.3Low carbon Steel mesh, 1000D nylon
Optional Life riding goggles6.7 x 5.5TPU
Valken V-TAC Echo airsoft goggle6 x 3TPU
Neiko 53875B protective safety goggles6 x 4PVC

Top airsoft goggles (detailed review)

1. XAegis airsoft tactical safety goggles our pick

As the name suggests, these are great for airsoft use. They are not just good for this purpose though – you can use them for cycling, paintball, shooting, and hunting. The main advertisement of the product is that of goggles with interchangeable lenses, which you can easily and quickly change even without tools – although the changing is not as easy as the company makes it seem.

The interchangeable lenses come in various colors; yellow, smoke, and clear, which make the goggles able to handle a variety of lighting types as you play in outdoor environments.

The goggles are comfortable to wear, and this is mainly due to the hypo-allergenic rubber material that surrounds the frame. The only drawback is that it might be comfortable for people with smaller heads; it is better for average-sized heads. The rubber encourages plenty of ventilation through its vented design, and comes in three colors – tan, black, and green.

This is a great option if you want a pair of goggles that does not fog easily, as the interchangeable lenses have an anti-fog polycarbonate coating. Moreover, they offer protection from UVB and UVA radiation, while the complete sealing around the lens will promote maximum vision and protection.

A great point to note is that the package includes a carry bag, and the goggles have certification from ANSI Z87.1 to ensure maximum protection.


  • Anti-fog function
  • Includes a carry bag and flannel lens sleeve
  • 3 interchangeable lenses included
  • Easy-to-bend TPU frame
  • The headband is adjustable
  • The lens protects the eyes from UV radiation and high-impact


  • Unsuitable for people wearing glasses
  • Might not fit all head sizes well

2. Lancer Technical AERO thick dual pane lens protection – premium choice

This model is built from a contemporary-looking polycarbonate thermoplastic frame, and this gives it the traits of impact resistance and a lightweight, comfortable-to-wear pair of goggles on the airsoft field. However, note that their design makes them unsuitable for paintball, unlike some of the options on this list.

The frame, measuring 3mm in thickness, is strong enough to meet the strict safety standards of ANSI Z87.1. this means that it provides protection against a variety of chemical splashes, fine dust, and radiation from UVA, UVB, UVC, and HEV rays. The shield is also resistant to scratching, fog, and static buildup.

Even though the goggles have plenty of safety standards when you use them for an airsoft game, the comfort level is not low on the scale either. The head strap is adjustable, allowing it to fit a variety of face shapes and head sizes. The design of the goggles is to emphasize the protective shield around the eyes.

The side panels, all in a vented design, allow for breathability and cooling, as well as preventing the lenses from fogging. You can get the goggles in a variety of colors as well, including tan, black, and OD green, while the colors of the lens include yellow, smoke, and clear.


  • The package includes extra polycarbonate lenses
  • Protects your eyes very well
  • Adjustable to fit a variety of head shapes
  • Comes with a soft bag to store them


  • They lack instructions on changing the lenses

3. Valken Airsoft Sierra thermal lens – best durable option

This pair of goggles has plenty of ratings, as they are built for durability. The TPU frame that comprises the whole body has very high resistance to cold and heat, as well as giving a perfect seal for your face.

They also have a thermal system – the most distinctive feature – and this will provide anti-fog properties even when you play in unfriendly weather conditions.

Additionally, the system will make them great to use in a working environment that experiences extreme temperatures. They are also of very good quality, as they boast certification from the MIL-V-43511c ballistics, CE EN166, and CSA/CAN Z94.3-07.


  • Very comfortable to wear, even over long periods
  • Easy to adjust for convenience
  • Durable build
  • Its profile is low enough to ensure comfort even in aiming


  • Might fog up in some cases

4. GLX GX08 youth and kids safety goggles – great for younger players

If you have a young player that is interested in participating in airsoft, it is important to get good safety gear for them as well, which is where this comes in. the design and sizing is suitable for kids between the ages of 3 and 10, although older kids can possibly use them, while its rear strap will ensure that the goggles fit kids of all ages in this range. The strap is also adjustable to fit over a helmet for additional safety reasons.

The lens is very strong and thick; as thick polycarbonate is the main material. Measuring 1.65mm in thickness, it has an anti-fog coating, shatter-proof and dust-proof protection, and also guards their eyes using UV 380 standards. The frame also has multiple layers of padding foam that will absorb all sweat and moisture, with a 14-port ventilation design to add breathability. You can get the frame in the colors of green, pink, red, and blue.

In a rather unusual circumstance, the goggles are entirely manufactured in the U.S., while they carry a certification from ANSI Z87.1 and are therefore safe for game use. They are lightweight though and are comfortable enough to wear, as they only weigh 99g (3.5 oz.).Note that these goggles will not fit over a pair of glasses. They are suitable for multiple sports though, such as BMX, Paintball, ATV, and so on. for additional piece of mind, they have a 3-year limited warranty.


  • Are versatile enough to handle a wide range of games
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great colors to choose from
  • Affordable price


  • The strap lacks a grip material, so they can stretch too long at times
  • Do not fit over glasses

5. Lancer Tactical vented airsoft safety goggles – best comfortable option to wear

Thanks to the heavy padding on the entire frame of the goggles, they are very comfortable and soft when you wear them – you might even forget you have eye protection on while you are in the heat of the game. The frame itself is comprised of polyurethane thermoplastic that makes it extra durable, and the design is vented to allow you to stay cool throughout.

In addition to this, they also have an integrated wrapping of the lens, which you can use to cover the lens when putting them away for storage. The goggles themselves are easy to adjust, and one size is enough to fit most people.

The quality is high enough for the manufacturer to give a return period policy of 14 days, which is more than what you would expect in most cases. Moreover, you will expect them in an OD green color, which means that they will be the perfect fit for a camouflage game.


  • Very good option for the pricing
  • Play a major role in preserving your eyesight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Very strong material and durable


  • They tend to fog at times, but this is only when you keep all the foam inside

6. SPOSUNE Outdoor Sports military airsoft tactical – best in durability rating

If you need goggles that will deal with anything that the external environment of airsoft games throws at them, then this is the best choice to go for. The design comes with three extra polycarbonate lenses, which are strong enough to withstand any impact or shock.

You can even get them in different colors for your enjoyment – these are clear, yellow, and grey.

In order to keep them secure on your head at all times, they have an adjustable headband; it will also not inconvenience you regardless of your head or face shape. They are highly versatile in use, since they protect the eyes from dust as well as UVC, UVB, UVA, and blue light, ensuring your vision on the field remains clear.


  • Easy to wear and maintain
  • Great for a variety of sports outside of airsoft, such as skiing, shooting, and so on
  • The package includes different-colored lenses
  • Goggles are big enough to fit over a variety of helmets


  • Not the most comfortable option to use

7. Unigear lower mask foldable mesh steel mask – best mesh goggles

Even though this half-face mask is made of steel (its design is in the form of a mesh mask), it is still as lightweight as the other options on this list to ensure ease of carrying it around or wearing it. the mesh material that makes up the mask has ANSI Z80.3 certifications for some piece of mind and assurance of its quality.

You will also find 4 head straps in the design, all adjustable, which can fit a variety of head sizes and shapes. The only problem it has is the specific adjustments; getting them right takes some time to do.


  • Very affordable
  • Gives high levels of protection
  • High quality material that is durable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight


  • Getting its adjustments right is challenging

8. Optional Life anti-fog goggles – best for people wearing glasses

If you are among the population that wears glasses on a full-time basis, you might struggle to find a good pair of airsoft goggles that protect your eyes while allowing you extra eyewear for clearer vision. This is among the few that can, and they are also very comfortable to wear.

The goggles, like all others on this list, have polycarbonate lenses. However, you should note that they are not as durable, as they are prone to scratching when you use them intensely or handle them carelessly. Even though they do not have the ANSI rating mark, they are strong enough to withstand a variety of attacks and shocks.

These goggles are unique because they fall under the group of Over the Goggles (OTG), which are helmets designed to fit over prescription glasses. You can make them fit easily through removing the foam, which is located in the earpieces.

This also means that they will be bulkier, and have wider-size lenses, in order to balance out the downward and peripheral field of vision for a variety of activities. They also have the advantage of great clarity, as well as minimal inside reflection to help you see clearly and enjoy the game.


  • Have an adjustable headband and sponge liner
  • Windproof and sand-proof
  • Big frame that fits over sunglasses or prescription glasses
  • Durable frame
  • Have perfect peripheral vision


  • They tend to fog up (although slowly)
  • Do not have an ANSI rating
  • It is challenging to replace the lenses

9. Valken V-TAC Echo airsoft goggles – best in their high-quality build

You cannot overlook the benefits of purchasing a set of certified goggles for your upcoming airsoft game, and that is what makes these such as great choice in terms of quality of build.

They meet the stringent ISEA/ANSI Z87.1 requirement, which means they guarantee you quality levels of service regardless of the frequency you use them. Moreover, they meet the CSA/CAN Z94.3-0 standards, which allows you some piece of mind as you are using high quality goggles.

Other than that, they have a fully adjustable strap, which will then have quick-release features that attach to your temples and give a secure fit.


  • You can remove the strap if you want to do so
  • The anti-fog function is quite effective
  • Solidly built lens
  • Very clear lenses
  • Solid build


  • Tend to become uncomfortable after wearing them for long hours

10. Neiko 53875B protective safety goggles – best anti-fog option

This is a universal pair of goggles that you can easily employ in use of every task from airsoft games to laboratory work, and even construction sites. They also stand out for their anti-fog properties, which are among the best even when comparing to the other options on the list.

The lenses are comprised of polycarbonate material, which makes them strong and resistant to scratches and impact. The reason why they do not fog has to do with the inner part of the lenses; they have a coating of anti-fog material, which helps them remain as clear as possible.

They will also remain comfortable for a variety of face and head shapes due to the adjustable strap and PVC frame.


  • Never fog up
  • You can wear them over glasses
  • Great quality of build
  • Very comfortable and tight sealing


  • It can be challenging to adjust the elastic band at times
  • Their bottom part lacks sealing and can leave you exposed

Buying guide for the best airsoft goggles

Many players tend to spend a lot of money on getting the best rifles or pellets for the game, yet forget to get a good pair of airsoft goggles.

When you make a choice on spending extra money on protective gear, it will outweigh the cost and risk of losing a tooth or eye due to injuries on the field.

What are airsoft goggles?

These are eyewear that look similar to traditional goggles, although with some modifications to fit the needs of an airsoft player. They will fit over your head and protect your eyes by covering them entirely.

Similar to regular goggles, you can find them in a variety of designs and styles, as well as various material compositions.

Why should you use them?

The purpose of airsoft goggles is doing exactly that – protecting your eyes from potential injury risks. Players wear them both during casual matches and competitive tournaments, regardless of the venue that they are participating in.

Criteria to use

Which airsoft goggles to select: safety standards

Eye protection is essential when you are heading out on the field, so it is essential that you do plenty of research before spending your money on these items. Read up a variety of reviews on the internet, and ask sites or friends what they would recommend – avoid buying from an online site just because it says the goggles are safe for airsoft use.

This is because some of the products are not designed for the impact and speeds of BB pellets. If you are uncertain, always purchase the eyewear from a reputable airsoft retailer. There are several ways to help you know whether the goggles are safe to use, which are:

The European standard

You will know this by the stamp known as EN166. By law, all manufacturers of eye protection products must always have their products go through strict testing, both for the lens and frame. In order to identify this, you will see a sign ‘CE’ or ‘EN166’ on the arms of the frame. If this is absent, then it is best to look somewhere else.

Within the CE sign, you should see a letter and numbers. The number denotes the dust/water particle protection, which is not important in this case – but the letter is. The letter shows the strength of the lens or frame in terms of withstanding impact. In the case of airsoft goggles, the CE must contain the letter A (as you are shooting a maximum of 2.5 joules).

There are other letters you can keep in mind when looking at the letter, which are:

  • F – can withstand impact against small-size objects moving at a maximum speed of 45 meters per second (150 fps)
  • B – can withstand impact against small-size objects moving at a maximum speed of 120 meters per second (390 fps)
  • A – ca withstand impact against small-size objects moving at a maximum speed of 190 meters per second (620 fps)

Ballistic ratings

If you are looking for a pair of higher-end goggles that have ballistic ratings (not all will have this feature though), it is important to see the rating MIL-DTL-43511D, which can handle more than 2.5 joules.

You can also use paintball masks, which provide you with entire face protection, and can stand up to airsoft pellets. However, some people do not like them because they can muffle your voice easily.

Which airsoft goggles to select: anti-fogging

If there is an annoying aspect about an airsoft game, it is using goggles that fog all the time. While the goggles are meant to protect your eyes from potential injuries, having them fog up means you cannot see clearly, and the game becomes less on the fun side.

Before looking for anti-fog properties, it is important to know why fogging occurs. The main reason behind it is the differences in temperature between your face and the goggles. If your face becomes warmer than the goggles, which is inevitable because of the physical activity, the inner part of the goggles heats up and fogging forms.

However, this is preventable by allowing heated air to escape, since this ultimately balances the temperature. When looking for airsoft goggles that are anti-fog, therefore, it is important that they have proper ventilation slits that work – not just ventilation holes around the lenses.

It is important to keep in mind though – sometimes it is not enough to just have anti-fog lenses. For instance, when you are running very hard, and you are sweating heavily, which makes the fogging worse. In order to prevent this or slow it down, you will see many airsoft goggles with their interior part having an anti-fog film or chemical agents.

The film creates a hydrophilic (water loving) surface, which makes any moisture within the goggles non-scattering, rather than allowing them to form large droplets that cloud your vision. Note that the lenses need to have a treatment of durable material on their outer layer, such as polycarbonate, as this will make them impact and scratch resistant.

Scratches can also reduce your vision significantly, and no level of anti-fog properties will minimize their effect once your goggles become scratched.


1. How can I stop the airsoft goggles from fogging?

You can place a small drop of liquid soap and rub around the lenses area. After this, dip them in some non-chlorinated, clean water in order to wash away the soap.

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe it dry. Note that a small amount of soap remaining on the inner part of the goggles will prevent fog from forming, especially on the plastic edges. Some of the other methods you can use are:

  • Using baby shampoo instead of liquid or dish soap
  • Using saliva (this can work on the field when you have no cleaning agent at your disposal)
  • Pre-game ‘sprays’ – these come in form of drops, bio-gels, markers or wipes, and contain substances that are resistant to fogging and moisture buildup.

2. What are some safety precautions I should follow during the game when my goggles fog up?

It is important to maintain care even if your goggles fog up in the middle of the game, regardless of how irritating it can be. Some of these include:

  • Never take off your goggles while you are on the field, even if you are thinking of wiping them down quickly and putting them back on. this also includes pushing any of your fingers in the goggles to wipe them quickly. A split second can mean a BB pellet hitting your face or eyes and resulting in serious injuries.
  • Avoid going into corners to wipe the goggles, and avoid the tactic of hiding behind some teammates. It might sound like a great solution initially, but it is dangerous because you might flinch or instinctively turn and cause damage to yourself or a teammate.

Instead of these two approaches, it is best to look for the closest marshal and ask them to give you cover, since they will not be a target of other players. They can also escort you to a safe zone to give you some time to defog your goggles, depending on the policy of the specific field.

Never take off your goggles without their supervision, so always keep that in mind.

3. What kind of eye protection is acceptable?

It is always best to go for goggles that are specialized for airsoft use, also referred to as ‘shooting glasses’, and will give your eyes complete protection.

The goggles will come in different materials – some use impact-tested plastic, while others use high-grade wire mesh. Regardless of the mask’s material, never use non-ballistic goggles or normal glasses.

4. What extra information should I look for when buying the airsoft goggles?

When you are purchasing a pair, their side should also have a small mark that says ‘Z87’ orT ‘ANSI’.

This shows that they are strong and can resist a steel ball measuring 0.25 inches which is thrown or shot at them, which makes them suitable for use in the game. In addition to that, avoid buying ski goggles – they are not strong enough for airsoft games.

If you are still doubtful about their safety level, you can remove the lens (if possible) and see how it feels. If it feels too thin, flexible, or flimsy, then you can avoid buying the goggles entirely.

It is important to note that the goggles can only take a number of shots before they weaken entirely, regardless of how strong they initially are. In case you want to completely ascertain their strength, you can use the best rated FPS gun you own, and shoot them 2 or 3 times from some feet away. If you see a minor mark, this is normal and you will be okay for a few gaming days.

5. How long is one airsoft game session?

An airsoft game can run for up to an hour (never past that), and someone else keeps scores of the teams and individual players. As a general rule, you will play between 5 to 7 individual games, if you are going to play for an entire day.

Final Verdict

Among the biggest mistakes you can make when participating in an airsoft game is playing without wearing safety gear – especially goggles.

It is impossible to make predictions on when opponents will make perfect headshots when shooting airsoft pellets, and you can easily suffer from serious injuries if pellets hit your face or head. Therefore, always ensure you wear airsoft goggles, and choose those that will provide you with good service.

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