Top 10 Best Airsoft Guns Reviews 2020 – [#2 Worth Buying]

Choosing the best airsoft guns that meet all your needs perfectly and is within your budget is a tough call to make, and you’d be easily overwhelmed by the choices.

And even if you decide to put in the hours, the truth is that you don’t have 1,000 hours (weeks or months) to identify the best airsoft guns to meet your needs best.

best airsoft guns

Best Airsoft Gun 2020 - Top 3 Picks 

Best choice

CYMA AK-47 CM022

best value
Soft Air RIS Spring Rifle and Pistol

Soft Air RIS Spring Rifle and Pistol


So, while the time spent researching would offer great insights into the airsoft rifles industry, and what the market has to offer, we know that you have better use for your time and all you need a useful weapon.

Or, in the very least, a list of a few top-rated weapons you could buy. This article is a guide to some of the best airsoft weapons available. Furthermore, We'll highlight their strengths and weaknesses throughout the course of this article.

top 10 airsoft guns 2020 - Comparison Table






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gg cm16 raider combat best airsoft gun

G&G Combat 16 Raider Machine

Rifle - 310 fps

Pistol -200 fps

Both - .12g 

3 lbs

Marines Airsoft SR01 Spring Powered Rifle

King Arms Colt AEG CQBR

325 fps


2 lbs

JG Bar-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

300 fps


Fires- 6mm

1.5 lbs

CYMA M870 Tri-Shot

260 fps


4 lbs

WE 5.1 Hi-Capa T-REX Airsoft Rifle

250 fps


Fires- 6mm

0.8 lbs

CYMA AK-47 CM022

410 fps


.177 Cal. 

1.60 lbs

A&K M249 Airsoft Paratrooper



120 fps



1 lbs

KJW M9A1 Airsoft Pistol/ Handgun

320 fps



5 lbs

Mossberg Tactical Long Shotgun

Classic Army CA870

355/162 fps

180/70 BBs

1.6/0.348 lbs

JG Steyr AUG A3

410 fps

12g capsule 

.177 cal.

1.2 lbs

Before we look at some of the weapons you’d want to consider, let’s first look at the essential things you need to know about airsoft guns. You may want to scroll down to read about the top-rated weapons, but you'd probably want to start with an understanding of the various types of weapons available?

Types of Airsoft Guns 

If you are new to this sport, you will immediately learn that there are different guns for individuals of varying skill levels. Some weapons may be designed to perform better in a couple of conditions.

During your research, you'll soon realize that airsoft, just like paintball and laser tag, represents one of the most popular outdoor sports whereby you win by tagging/ shooting at your opponents using a projectile.

While the projectile used in paintball is a water-based dye encapsulated in gelatin, the projectile that’s used in airsoft is like tiny pellets or plastic spheres referred to as a BB, and the BBs are fired from an airsoft gun.

The most common types of guns include:

1. AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) 

The AEGs are easily the most common types of weapons. If you have never played airsoft or held a gun, you could think of the AEG as a real assault rifle that fires multiple rounds of ammunition with a pull of the trigger. The AEG works just like the assault rifle, where its gearbox system allows the gun to fire several BBs with a single trigger pull.

However, multiple rapid-fire is not the only option at your disposal. The AEG allows you access to single firing, burst firing, as well as the full-automatic firing options. Moreover, you get to break the burst firing feature down further so that you can have the option to fire two or even three burst-rounds.

With these automatic firing options, the AEG gives players access to a more tactical approach on the battlefield. The AEG is 100% automatic, the motor fitted into the gearbox would repeatedly engage, allowing the firing of the BBs in rapid repeated succession.

2. Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns

The next logical alternative to the high quality automatic electric gun is the gas-powered full metal option. They run on gas, specifically CO2. These weapons make use of the gas to propel the BBs/ pellets down the barrel of the airsoft gun into a trajectory towards the target.

Most of the gas-powered ones are the airsoft pistols, and as a result of the gas-powered system, the pistols feature a blowback feature that gives off an appearance that mimics what you’d see when an actual handgun is fired.

With the power possessed, you will find that these gas-powered rifles and pistols are used by serious and experienced players. These players may tend to supplement with AEG as their primary airsoft weapons of choice, and the gas-powered ones are used as a secondary weapon.

It’s worth noting that the gas-powered ones are often more expensive than most others, especially the spring-loaded types.

  • 3-Round Blast-Style Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns

Like the AEGs, there are three types of gas-powered weapons, including the 3-round blast-style weapons, which work like the 3-round spring-loaded airsoft pistol, thanks to their interchangeable shell-style magazines and the pump action of the firing system, propelled by the gas reservoir. Some are full metal pistols too. Thanks to the use of gas for power, the pump action of these gas-powered weapons is much smoother yet easier to use than their spring-loaded counterparts.

  • Gas-In-Shell Projectile Style Gas-Powered Guns

The second type of full metal gas-powered weapons is the shell-ejecting type that uses a gas-in-shell projectile style. The gas-powered BB pellet is in the shell and the shell is then ejected after being used. Unfortunately, this design makes it harder for you to keep track of your game.

The shells hold 3-5 BBs, but in shotguns designed by APS, the shells hold about 10 pieces of BBs. Note that these shotguns make use of proprietary technology, and the shells are specific to the model, and they are not interchangeable.

  • Shell-Ejecting Style Airsoft Gas-Powered Gun

The third type of gas-powered weapon is the shell-ejecting type that makes use of the gas-reservoir projectile here the machine's shells will hold the BBs alone. The gas originates from a hidden reservoir (in the stock). After use, the shells will be ejected. However, these shells are significantly cheaper than the gas-in-shell style ones covered above.

Note that the gas-powered types run on a highly pressurized gas reservoir, which propels the BBs down the gun’s barrel. They offer higher per second rounds. However, the gas could alternatively be used to drive the bolt/ slide back and forth, hence creating a simulated operational system seen in actual firearms.

The gas used in them is either compressed CO2 packed into tiny bottles, highly compressed air, or green gas types. Green gas is a type of propane gas that’s odorless, with added lubricant.

  • The Cocked Spring-Powered Gun

This spring cocked airsoft gun requires the input of manual muscle power for you to pull back the spring-loaded system. Once you pull back the spring, the next thing you’d have to do is to pull the trigger to eject off the BBs. Pulling the trigger gives the spring the force needed to push the piston forward in the process, creating a good amount of air pressure that would launch a BB.

With the spring-powered models, you’d have to decide whether you prefer the gun to give you a single blast of 3 BBs at the same time to simulate the burst firing option of the AEGs or the single round for each trigger. The good news is that there is a gun that fits each type of player, and you get to choose the one that meets your needs and preferences the best.

There is a lesser-known type of airsoft gun called the high-pressured airsoft gun. Such weapons can be adjusted to have different ROF, as well as the FPS. These guns offer a more consistent function, are reliable, and the accuracy of these weapons is very good.

Next up, a look at the main types of magazines used by the weapons described above.

Types of Airsoft Guns’ Magazines

Magazines are the things that are used to hold BB projectiles for the airsoft guns.

  • Mid/ Standard-Capacity Magazines

If you are using an AEG airsoft gun, your choice of magazines will include the standard or the mid-capacity magazines, as well as the high-capacity BB magazines. If you choose the mid or standard capacity magazines, you will be looking at the single and long-coiled spring that snakes with a long channel wide enough only to fit one row of the BBs.

These spring coiled snakes come with a capped top called the follower, and it’s the part that will push your BBs to the gun’s chamber directly. Whether you choose the standard or the midcap magazines, you will have magazines in the same shape, with the only difference between the two being their sizes – the standard magazine holds 30 rounds while the midcap has a larger capacity, and it would fit 90-140 rounds.

Often, the gas-powered guns use mid-cap magazines, with a portion of this magazine used as storage for the gas that would power the gun. The magazine would, therefore, hold 10-60 rounds. There are a few cases where the gas-powered models use AEG mags while depending on the internal reservoir for the storage of the gas.

  • High-Capacity Magazines

These magazines are huge, and one high-capacity magazine would hold your entire BBs reservoir effortlessly. The magazine makes use of a funnel, as well as a clockwork spring that’s located at the bottom end of the mag, and it will scoop up BBs at the bottom, feeding them to the top from where they will get into your rifle’s chamber.

Pistols and Shotguns for Airsoft 

Airsoft Pistols

One of the categories of airsoft weapons that you will come across is the airsoft pistols. Airsoft pistols are regarded as the ideal type of 350 fps secondary airsoft weapon, and you get to carry one as a sidearm.

While the pistol is not a primary airsoft gun, it will help your team win if your primary firearm jams, if you run out of BBs, or if you have a target at a very close range and you need to act/ tag them swiftly.  The other reasons why you may want to get a pistol include:

  1. Tactical strategy – a pistol gives you the ability to switch between weapons in seconds. Thanks to the sidearm, you will prevail easily in close-quarter situations. The sidearm will mean little exposure of your body as you try to peek around corners. And if you are using sniping weapons, then you will enjoy the extra freedom that accompanies having a sidearm, especially when dealing with close-range shots.
  2. Playing with the pistol only. While most airsoft players often opt for the most powerful of the airsoft rifles, it is not against the rules to choose the airsoft pistol as your primary weapon. In fact, playing with a pistol can be fun, as long as you calculate your moves and shots before you pull the trigger. While the pistol wouldn’t ever outshoot a long or medium shooting weapon, it provides a high level of mobility. Some pistols may have a high rate of fire allowing you to get more shots in. 
  3. Affordable option. If you are new to airsoft and you don’t have a big budget for gear, a pistol would be a great place to start. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive weapon, the pistol would be a great place for you to start.

But pistols are not perfect, and there are several circumstances when you need a good rifle rather than a pistol. Though a pistol's rate of fire is better than that of a rifle it lacks in power. It’s important to remember that even the ideal pistol would never outshoot the rifle.

Often, the rifle is regarded as a secondary airsoft weapon, machine guns, and shotguns top the list of primary weapons. The pistols have a significantly small magazine capacity with one pistol having a magazine capacity of 12-15 rounds against 450-2400 rounds capacity of the rifles.

The other limitations of the pistols include the fact that you can only get the most out of them when used in close quarters. The airsoft pistols feature a challenging upgrade process, and their maintenance is time-consuming and complex.

If, after looking at the pros and cons of the airsoft pistols above you are convinced that you still need the airsoft pistol either as a primary airsoft gun or a secondary weapon, here are some of the things you need to bear in mind:

Pistol type – similar to rifles, the airsoft pistols are either electric (AEPs), Gas-powered, or spring-powered.

Airsoft Shotguns

A shotgun is what you should be looking for if you need a break from the electric rifles. Even with their efficiency, the electric rifles are often too automated, and after some time, they will feel like automatic home appliances that don’t really challenge you.

So, if you are thinking of taking a break from then electrical whirring and the constant need for battery changes, you may like the shotgun.

The market is full of them, and the best part is that a shotgun gives you a feel of what happens in the battlefield with the pulling of the trigger designed to give you an actual feel of the weapon. You may like how a shotgun could function as a primary or a secondary airsoft weapon.

Like the pistols and other airsoft rifles, the airsoft shotgun could be electric, gas-powered, or spring-powered. The interesting bit is that unlike the other classes of airsoft weapons where we’ve seen the gas-powered options being common with pistols and the automated options being the preferred choice for sniper rifles, lovers of the airsoft shotguns have a great liking for the spring-powered shotguns.

The airsoft shotguns used at the entry-level are particularly spring-powered, and they leverage a pumping mechanism. The users of these airsoft shotguns get to choose between the simulated buck shots and the single-round/shot shotgun firing mechanisms.

So, now that we have the basics of the best airsoft guns out of the way, let's look at the best choices based on your skill level. 

Top Airsoft Guns Reviews 2020 

1. G&G Combat 16 Raider Machine .

best airsoft guns 2020

G&G is one of the biggest brands of airsoft weapons. The brand is renowned for the best products for use by players at different skill levels. Out of all the weapons sold by the brand, this G&G 16 Raider Combat Machine is one of the most popular. Rated as a reliable all-around assault rifle for beginners.

This combat machine is an AEG airsoft using a butterfly-style battery. It’s made of the highest-quality materials, hence the excellent performance and durability. This gun features one of the most realistic M4 platforms seen with its quad-rail used in mounting accessories, as well as a reliable collapsible stock and a great set of sights. It offers high per second shots in short bursts.

Its metal gearbox works brilliantly well, but if needed can be easily upgraded. Its hop-up enhances the use of the gun at great distances, and it is easy to adjust. Therefore, this weapon offers excellent functionality and versatility, making it ideally suited for various games. The other features include its high-torque long-style G&G motor, the 14mm barrel that’s negative-threaded, with a retractable crane-stock that has 6 positions for the adjustments.

You may enjoy this 16 Raider Combat Machine since it is compatible with the other high-end gun models, including the M4s and the M14 mags. The gun is perfect on the field, and it enhances your chances of hitting targets all the time thanks to its optics and sights, which are easily adjustable. The gun’s muzzle velocity is between 380 and 390 ft./sec which is considered a medium rate of fire per second.


  • High-torque motor
  • Easily adjustable hop-up system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable sights
  • Good sighting


  • Polymer-body 
  • It has a weak gearbox

2. JG Bar-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This JG 366a is considered a premium airsoft sniper rifle, and it would make an excellent pick if you are thinking of taking your gameplay to the next level. This sniper rifle sports the traditional bolt-action design, a design feature that makes this sniper rifle dependable, even as it gives off a realistic feel.

Adding to the allure and the overall function of this airsoft rifle is its high-quality exterior, which enhances the classic design of the rifle. This rifle is the one to go for most people with its realistic feel similar to a real sniper rifle.

This rifle has a magazine with a capacity of 30 rounds. It boasts a very high degree of accuracy, and even when you choose to use the .20g BBs, you’d still enjoy a high degree of output, as well as accuracy. What this means is that even beginners would enjoy working with this rifle, as they learn to shoot at long-range. This rifle is great for beginners because of the easy illumination of its 3-9 (X40) scope, and the increased level of accuracy that comes with the rifle.

The other reason why this sniper rifle is on our list is that the Bar-10 is compatible with the other top-rated sniper rifles like the VSR-10, meaning that sourcing for parts is relatively easy. Looking at the muzzle speed of the rifle, you will be happy with the high output of 400FPS, especially because the gun has a high FPS capability of 50


  • High FPS output of at 400-500FPS
  • High accuracy
  • High-quality construction
  • It looks great, and it gives a good grip, thanks to the rubberized coating on the exterior.
  • There are several upgrade options


  • This sniper rifle is a little on the heavy side

3. CYMA M870 Tri-Shot

Whether you are a beginner or an airsoft pro, this CYMA tri-shot could be the high quality weapon for you. The tri-shot boasts of many high quality and high-performance features, but the features that stand out the most from this shotgun has to be its tri-shot function which means that the shotgun will shoot blasts of BBs in three’s. This shotgun, therefore, mimics how pellets spread in buckshot rounds.

The shotgun is loaded with a strong, high-capacity shotgun, shell-shaped magazines that fit in standard shell holders with ease. The magazines will carry just enough ammo to ensure 10 bursts of BBs in threes. The shotgun’s muzzle velocity is relatively high, at 350 fps, meaning that you could easily use the shotgun in the CQB games, as well as the midrange and the short-range outdoor games.


  • The muzzle speed is excellent for short/ midrange CQB games
  • It’s inexpensive
  • You can use it with the standard shell mags for shotguns


  • It’s made of plastic
  • Very limited options for upgrades

4. WE 5.1 Hi-Capa T-REX Airsoft Pistols

As you advance and gain more skills and experience in airsoft, you will learn that carrying a secondary weapon is integral to winning. However, you don’t need just any secondary weapon you can find, but a high-performance pistol that will ensure easy and fast tagging in the field.

This Hi-Capa model of airsoft handheld by WE is a very good pistol available on the market today, and it offers top-notch performance. This pistol is a replica of the old handgun-style 2011-handguns. Boasting a base magazine capacity of 29 rounds, this gas-powered pistol boasts a high degree of efficiency, which is topped by the reliable light-gathering fiber-optic front sight, as well as varying holster options to choose from.

Thanks to these features, this is easily the pistol to consider, and it makes for an excellent first sidearm. This gas-powered sidearm is powered by the odorless green gas made of silicone oil and propane. This Hi-Capa, like the other Hi-Capas models, is quite modular with hundreds of options when it comes to upgrades and parts. For example, you could easily add a compact red dot sight, a 52-rounded magazine (extendable), as well as muzzle comps, among other parts.


  • It’s affordable
  • It’s easily upgradable, and it accepts parts and magazines from different models.
  • It boasts an ergonomic design


  • The quality controls are not as reliable
  • This pistol has a high gas consumption

5. CYMA AK-47 CM022

A replica of the AK-47 automatic rifle, this CYMA CM022, is one of the most affordable airsoft automatic rifles. This replica is regarded as the low-priced/ inexpensive AEG/ LPAEG, and it’s an excellent pick for beginners and experienced players.

It’s worth mentioning that the AK-47 is a firearm made of real steel, and it was designed after the Second World War by Mikhail Kalashnikov. This weapon has since proliferated just about every inch of the globe, where it’s favored by users looking for a reliable and highly effective infantry weapon. The AK-47 replica looks like the real deal but you shouldn’t expect as much power, durability, or accuracy. The features of this replica automatic electric gun, however, make it an excellent airsoft rifle for anyone getting started in the game. It boasts of an impressive rail. Most beginners can benefit from its rail in many combat scenarios.

While this gun gets the work done, you need to bear in mind that its proprietary design is incompatible with the high-end models of the AK-47 airsoft rifle. For example, the mags of this airsoft rifle are unique to the airsoft rifle model. The rifle has a muzzle velocity ranging from 240-250FPS when shooting BBs weighing .12g. Its gearbox is made of an ABS polymer. The firing options of this rifle include the safety, semi-automatic, and the full-automatic firing modes.


  • Very affordable
  • It comes with spare mags
  • You get to choose the firing option that works best for you
  • It comes with an adjustable hop-up


  • The plastic ABS construction lowers the durability of the gun
  • The interior parts are proprietary, the mags too.

6. A&K M249 Airsoft Paratrooper


If you are looking for an airsoft machine gun, then this A&K M249 machine gun/ airsoft paratrooper could be the ideal option for you. This airsoft paratrooper is easily a great airsoft machine gun on the market, and it boasts of exceptional performance with an impressive rail.

This airsoft machine gun features an efficient collapsible stock and a barrel that’s significantly shorter than the barrels of most other guns on the market. Thanks to its design features, this paratrooper is significantly lightweight, and you can maneuver closed quarters with this machine gun easily.

This automatic weapon makes use of a butterfly battery, and it’s accompanied by an adjustable hop-up. Since it comes with a bipod, you will have a stable platform to engage your opponents/ targets using suppressive pressure.

The most impressive feature of this M249 paratrooper, however, has to be its large-capacity box magazine, which can hold as many as 2,400 BBs. Therefore, you can have a high-volume fire. With this firepower, you will certainly be able to crush your opponents with ease, while keeping your head down.

This paratrooper is compatible with the parts of some top brands such as Tokyo Marui, Matrix, and G&G’s M16 and M4 box magazines. Therefore, if you have or can only access box magazines for M4 or M16, you won’t have to worry about leaving your powerful paratrooper behind.

The other winning feature of this airsoft machine gun has to be is top-notch construction out of metal. Its feed cover, the barrel assembly, receiver, as well as the bipod, are made of durable metal. The stock and the handguard have been carved out of reinforced nylon fiber, meaning that you get a realistic-looking, high-quality rifle.

The rifle’s muzzle velocity ranges from 350 to 390 ft. Per second, and it's front and rear sights are easily adjustable. The metal stock is retractable while the railing on the feed cover makes for perfect optics. The gearbox is made of metal, and its 8mm full.


  • Compact machine gun with a realistic rifle feel
  • Durable parts
  • 2400BBs
  • High muzzle velocity
  • It’s compatible with mags for M4 and M16s.
  • Great sights and optics


  • The gearbox is not very durable, and it requires constant maintenance
  • The handle is flimsy

7. KJW M9A1 Airsoft Pistol/ Handgun

This KJW M9A1 would make an excellent sidearm for many players. This handgun is easy to handle, but the big reason why we recommend it has to do with its versatility and the fact that you can find many holsters that fit it, from the chest and drop-leg rigs to the shoulder and belt rigs.

The other reason why we recommend this handgun has to do with its rail, which makes for easy attachment of the flashlight. With most sniper rifles and handguns missing the rail system for mounting, the rail on this handgun is a huge win.

This handgun comes with a 23-round magazine capacity, meaning that you will have access to enough ammo, especially when you encounter targets in short or midrange.

This pistol boasts a great ergonomic design, which means that it feels great in your hand. It also boasts an all-metal design, it is gas-powered with a green gas motor that runs its semi-automatic operating system and offers a more realistic blowback action when you pull the trigger. To enhance your performance on the field, this handgun has a top muzzle speed of between 300 and 330 feet/ second. You might also like its hop-up system for its adjustability.


  • It comes with several support options, including a lanyard loop.
  • The slide will lock open automatically after your last shot
  • Its disassembly is realistic
  • The safety system works great
  • It has a semi-automatic function
  • The grip is ergonomic
  • Durable, full-metal construction 


  • No automatic firing

8. King Arms Colt AEG CQBR

The other weapon that’s ideal for beginners is this King Arms Colt, an AEG airsoft weapon that’s classified in the same category as the M4-based AEGs. This gun makes an excellent pick for beginners because of its select-firing style and automated design that stem from it being electrically powered.

The electric air gun is often preferable to the and gas-powered rifles because they are not only easy and safer to use, but are also easy to maintain, they have a larger ammo capacity compared to the gas-powered options, and are cheaper. They may are of high-quality boasting of up to 350 fps. Regarding the ammo capacity, this gun comfortably holds 120-300 rounds in each magazine. The gas-powered weapon has a smaller capacity, carrying an average of 40 rounds per magazine.

Besides these overall qualities, the other things that set this AEG weapon apart from the others on the market include the fact that it’s compatible with most of the M4 rifles on the market, meaning that you will have quick access to repair parts and spare magazines. With a 10.5inch barrel on this gun, it is long enough for stabilization, but yet short enough if you need to use it in tight quarters. The gun boasts a high-quality metal gearbox, and it sports excellent ergonomics for the right-hand users.


  • Great for beginners
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Durable metal gearbox


  • The rails and the receivers are made of a molded polymer, and this jeopardizes the durability of the piece
  • Its battery space is limited

9. Classic Army CA870

Modeled after the remarkable tactical shotgun, Remington 870 (a powerful shotgun used by the military and police forces across the world), this CA870 by Classic Army is the perfect replica that’s regarded as an excellent airsoft shotgun on the market. And just like the real Remington 870, this Classic Army airsoft replica also runs on a spring-based pump action. This spring system works easily, and it actuates the shotgun’s spring before loading the BBs into the chamber. This shotgun allows you to manipulate both the rate and the pump of the shotgun easily, leaving you with a very effective spring-powered weapon.

It’s worth noting that the shotguns are designed for use in close quarters, and the CA870 falls in the same category as a few other guns that are spring-powered, but just as powerful and effective as the AEG guns. Your CA870 has a top muzzle velocity of 400ft./second.The shotgun’s body is made of metal, while the stock and the pump are made of a polymer, the same way the actual Remington shotgun is modeled. And with its full stock, shooting is easy and possible even at an extended distance. The other similarity between this replica airsoft shotgun and the real Remington 870 is that both guns come with a limited magazine capacity of only 10 BB (ammunition) rounds.

It has a nice, textured grip, as well as its pump, and the metal receiver is durable.


  • 400FPS, which makes this a great shotgun for the CQB
  • It makes use of the shell-style magazines
  • Sturdy built
  • Good grip
  • Inexpensive
  • Its internal structure is sturdy
  • It comes in varying stock and length options 


  • It stops working as efficiently after some time
  • Some models rattle and wobble even when new
  • Low magazine capacity

10. JG Steyr AUG A3 

If you want an excellent weapon for CQB games, similar to the Marui it is important to note that the most prominent feature of the JG Steyr AUG A3 is its speed. The JG Steyr AUG A3 should shoot BBs at top speed while being lightweight and compact allowing for easy gunning and running.

This rifle fits the bill perfectly, especially because its weight is concentrated on its back. The concentration of the weight on the back also enhances its balance, meaning that you will be able to change the points of air super-fast and with a high degree of precision.

The other pro of the JG Steyr AUG A3 includes the limited rail space, which means that all the parts are highly functional and highly ambidextrous. Outside the CQB arena, the rifle’s 309mm barrel shines, and you can still use it in close quarters with ease. There is also the threaded barrel, which you could use to add mock suppressors and barrel extensions if you’d like to.

The trigger mechanism for this JG AUG A3 is dual, and which means you can enjoy the semi-automatic firing function or the full-automatic functions. But you will need to tinker with the trigger mechanisms because they are a little finicky.


  • It has a compact size and shape
  • The barrel is adequately long for outdoor action
  • It’s ambidextrous 


  • Finicky trigger systems
  • You can only use AUG mags

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Airsoft Gun

When shopping for a weapon, whether you are looking for an excellent airsoft sniper rifle, a pistol, or a shotgun, you need to look out for the important elements that make that gun the best at what it does.

What this means is that you need to go beyond the powering of the gun. There are several other important considerations that you need to bear in mind. Below is a detailed analysis of the features and the elements that make the best weapons, in addition to magazines and powered technology as, discussed above. They include:


One of the most important considerations you need to keep in mind is FPS or the muzzle velocity. If you are new then remember that FPS is a critical component, but not how you think.

On the battlefield having a weapon with the highest FPS might not benefit you because the highest FPS might stop you from running and gunning since the shots are too hot.

As a result, you need to be able to understand then determine the maximum firepower of your weapon. Knowing that number would make it easy for you to determine the difference between a terrible purchase and an excellent purchase. Here’s what we mean:

The standard used in measuring the firepower of a weapon involves loading the gun with .20g BBs, pulling the trigger, and measuring how fast the BBs will come flying on the other end. Generally, the weapons intended for use in close quarters will have an FPS not exceeding 350, although there are also fields that call for the use of less FPS or the use of the hot shooting weapons.

On the other hand, the weapons used in the outdoor fields would have a higher muzzle speed of between 450 and 500. Some of these weapons have a maximum FPS of 550. However, the overall/ maximum muzzle velocity isn’t all that you need to consider. The weight of the BBs also matters, with the heavier BBs flying through the air at a slower speed compared to the lighter BBs.

With many factors going into your choice of the airguns and their FPS, you need to be careful about the weapon you choose. Remember that different countries and regions also have limits and you also need to be sure of the environment you will be playing in.

The other factor to bear in mind is the modification of the parts and the fact that some modifications would increase the firepower of the weapon significantly. Finally, bear in mind that running your AEG into a high FPS of 500 would cause the internal parts to wear off too fast, increasing your maintenance costs.

Internal and External Components 

The first rule of shooting a weapon of this type (or any firearm for that matter) is to understand how the artillery works. For the most part, this means being aware of the parts/ components of the weapon and how they work.

This knowledge not only ensures that you enjoy the high performance promised by the weapon, but it also promises to enhance your safety. Knowledge of the internal and the external components will make it easier for you to swap magazines or upgrades parts.

Important Accessories

All accessories/ parts of the weapon are important.

  • Top flat rail – this refers to the top section of your weapon, and it allows you to make easy use of the scope. If you have a handgun, you will have the forward Picatinny rail that makes it possible for you to mount your flashlight on the gun or a laser sighting device. It also makes shooting in low light more accurate.
  • Slings – a sling is an essential part of any long gun since it’s designed to ensure proper functionality of the airsoft sniper rifle, shotgun, rifle, machine gun, or any other weapon you will be carrying. And if your ammo runs out, you can easily let go of the sling as you draw your pistol or the secondary weapon you’ve carried to the battlefield.
  • Bipods – the bipod attaches to the sling swivel, and it allows you to gain better sighting of your target.


Can you upgrade your weapon easily? Upgrades can be internal or external, with the internal upgrades being common with the AEGs. Often, the AEGs call for the upgrade of the motors, and when the motor wears off, then the replacement of that motor would be necessary.

External upgrades, on the other hand, are more about the customizations done on the body of the gun. You could replace the stock with one that is friendly to your beard if the current stock keeps pulling at your facial hair. The other types of external upgrades include upgrades for the bipods, optics, vertical grips, and flashlights.

Since the upgrades are important when it comes to the usability of the weapon and its performance on the battlefield, you might want to consider weapons that have upgrade options and also the ones that have parts that are easily accessible.

Adjustable Hop-Up

The Hop-up, also called the High Operating Power Up, refers to the BBs backspin after you pull the trigger. Essentially, the Hop-up should be adjustable for range maximization. You’d want to adjust your gun’s hop-up until you have the projectile flying in a straight line rather than at an angle.

Type of Game Played

The weapon you choose for airsoft would pretty much depend on the game you are playing. For example, CQB (Close Quarters Battle) and woodland games, lightweight, and small weapons that are maneuverable are recommended.

The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about picking the right weapon since there are CQB-specific weapons, too. In a woodland game, you will need a weapon that offers more range.


There are affordable and high-end options on the market, and your choice will largely depend on the game you will be playing, your budget, and the functions/ performance of the weapon, among other features


1. Is gas or electric better for Airsoft guns?

The most common weapons all over the world are electric. When you purchase them, you are given a battery charger together with a rechargeable battery. A number of them that are electric usually have selective fire capabilities, i.e. the weapon has the ability to switch between single fire, semi-automatic, and full-auto modes.

The major reason why the electric is so popular is that they can go up to 500 FPS and over and they look really tactical. In addition, you get to save money when you use a rechargeable battery. Gas types are also a good choice but not as good as the electric ones. The speed of gas weapons can go up to 400 FPS when you are firing, whereas the gas models can go up to 500 FPS. When the environment is cold, gas guns tend to malfunction.

2. What is a good airsoft gun to start with?

The first thing to look at when you want to choose a weapon is the cost and know how accurate it is at different ranges. The price range should be on the basis of the amount that you are willing to spend, and also how much you want to be involved in the sport. It is not advisable to spend a lot of money on professional weapons if you are still a rookie in the sport. It is good to start with a weapon that is cheap then depending on your level of involvement; you can upgrade to a better one. Pistols are not good for beginners. They may seem so since they are cheaper lighter and easy to use, though they do not give the player the right experience since they have a low ammo count, they are hard to aim with, and have a slow rate of fire.  The next thing to have in mind is the role you will be playing in the sport: covering fire, support gunner, sniping, or just Close Quarter Battle (CQB). Ensure that you are suitable for the role and then go and pick a weapon that is suitable for the role

3. How far can Airsoft guns shoot?

Most are capable of shooting a distance of between 200 ft/s up to 410 ft/s. though this is not fixed since it can be adjusted depending on the owner’s willingness to upgrade by buying better internals which should also ensure accurate shooting at long range. With better internals, the average range may increase up to about 550 ft/s or sometimes even more.  Airsoft sniper rifles are not similar to conventional options. Firstly, they are developed in a way that they get to shoot at a really high FPS. This allows users to get an excellent range. The barrels of the riffles are long, and this allows the gun holder to have better precision than having a smaller weapon. Between 100 to 300 yards is the region common among long-range weapons.

4. Can airsoft guns kill?

The design of these weapons ensures that they offer a softer impact as compared to BB or air guns. This is usually the case in both the propulsion and ammunition terms. Simultaneously, air guns have been made in a manner that makes them safe for humans to use. The design of these weapons is such that they are not able to penetrate the human skin. It is almost impossible for them to be able to injure or kill any human being seriously. Nevertheless, they can cause severe damage or even kill smaller animals when they are hit with speeds of between 300-400 ft/s or greater.

5. Are airsoft guns accurate?

It would be difficult to say what you would do if you were asked how to improve the accuracy of a weapon. The most common problem with guns like the Marui is they are inherently inaccurate compared to real guns. Even the most expensive ones might not offer you the accuracy to hit a cow’s eye from 100 yards, not even 50 yards.

These weapons use smoothbore barrels, and there are companies and people that have tried to come up with something different which is not similar to the smoothbore design. Nevertheless, none of them has been able to come up with something that works.

 Every user wants more accuracy and range from their weapons. They spend a lot of time making their gear look realistic and accurate and yet they are limited by the accuracy of the weapons.

Which Airsoft Gun is the Most Powerful?

The most powerful weapon will have an FPS of around 550 or more. In that regard, the JG Bar-10 is the most powerful gun with 500fps and is highly accurate at long range. However, it is a sniper rifle. That means it isn't good for close-quarters combat.

What is the best starter airsoft gun?

The CYMA AK-47 is the best starter weapon. It is amongst the most durable and affordable guns on the market. It is also pretty accurate something that most novice users will appreciate. You can read more about the CYMA AK-47 above. 


Above are the best weapons you can buy in our experience. With gas, spring, and electric powered options of ( pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, etc.), varying speed, intended use, weight, and upgradability of the weapons. However, do some additional research before buying. The weapons reviewed above are some of the best, and they provide the best features and benefits for the money you pay. But even with all these options, take your budget and your skill level into consideration when selecting a weapon. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a small commission on purchases made through our links.

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