Top 10 Best Airsoft Pistols – Reviewed & Tested [2020]

​A number of different factors are considered when trying to win an airsoft competition. For instance, synchronizing your tactics and method of attack with your team members will definitely improve your chances of winning.

Learning new tactics is a great way to help you achieve a superior position over the opposing team and it will also boost your chances of winning.

The truth is, winning a challenge is not so easy and not only do you need to be very skilled and tactful, but you must also ensure that you are handling very professional equipment. Making use of an ideal airsoft gun could actually allow you to win a challenge. 

best Airsoft Pistols 2020 - top 3 choices

Best choice

The Bulldog Compact Pistol from We-Tech

best value

The Full Metal 1911 HI-CAPA Rifle from KJW

Top 10 airsoft Pistols reviews – comparison table 





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The Bulldog Compact Pistol from We-Tech

265-289 FPS


The H&K 45 Pistol form KWA

325 FPS


The CZ P-09 Pistol from ASG

370-380 FPS


The Full Metal PTP M9 from KJW

300-340 FPS


The Elite Force 1911 Tac Pistol

350 FPS


Cyber gun Sig Sauer P226 X-Five

327 FPS


The KWA Adaptive Training Pistol

350 FPS

730 g

Desert Eagle .50 AE by Magnum Research

290-320 fps


The Full Metal 1911 HI-CAPA Rifle from KJW

340-370 FPS


The 1911 UK Arms Colt Pistol

240-275 FPS


Top airsoft Pistols (detailed review)

1. The Bulldog Compact Pistol from We-Tech

If you are looking to achieve a cool spy look, the We-Tech Bulldog pistol is definitely one of the best pieces in the market. In the early years, the We-Tech industry released a number of guns into the market and these tools were of really bad quality. Since then the industry has worked hard to upgrade the products they release, and the bulldog compact gun is really one of a kind.

This gun imitates the design and general look of the PX4 pistol. If you enjoy Berettas, then you are guaranteed that you will love this pistol. It is manufactured with very durable build quality and it has a lower frame made of a polymer material as well as a slide made of aluminum. The steel on the polymer gives the gun a hard boost that is not common especially for airsoft guns.

This gun operates with green gas. The Bulldog pistol is designed in three different colors. There is the matte black color, the chrome color, and the dark earth color. This pistol is designed with a really low FPS. This low FPS makes it harder to shoot at a moving target and it is also hard to shoot at the target while you are at range. However, pistols are not necessarily built to outrange. They are designed for CQB. The small size of the pistol makes it excel at this category. 


  • It is manufactured with a hammer de-cocker and a left-handed safety tool.
  • The pistol grip has a very comfortable design making it so easy to handle the gun.
  • The magazine has 20 rounds of ammunition
  • The front side and the rear sides of the gun are designed with in-built fiber optic materials. 


  • The FPS is quite low at 250
  • The magazine is not ambidextrous and the gun does not have a slide release
  • The gun cannot handle any BBs that weighs over 20 grams
  • The railed frame is quite short preventing any kind of accessory.

2. The H&K 45 Pistol from KWA

Many have referred to this pistol as being the most ideal ambidextrous pistol. If you are left-handed then, I am sure that you are well aware that different manufactured tools are not easy to handle. There are some things that were just not built while considering those who use their left hand, for example, driving sticks.

The good news is that the KWA industry thought of people who use their left hand when they created a version of the Koch USP and the Heckler. The greatest attraction of this pistol is all the ambidextrous functions and features. The gun is designed with a magazine release and a sliding catch on all the sides of the gun.

So, the gun can be used by those who are left-handed and users who are right-handed. The gun also uses green gas making it one of the most ideal sidearm pieces that you can use on the field. It is designed with a polymer frame as well as a slide made of metal. The pistol is also designed with a de-cocking function that users make use of to ensure additional safety.

The lower frame allows you to attach a ton of lights as well as lasers. This gun is actually quite expensive, going for almost $200. However, it is worth the high price especially if you want to deal with a gun that was specially designed for you. 


  • The FPS is quite high at 340-350
  • The round magazine is quite deep with 28 rounds
  • The gun is designed with iron sights that are white in color
  • It is also designed with a ready suppressor


  • As mentioned earlier, this airsoft gun is sold at $200 making it so expensive.

3. The CZ P-09 Pistol from ASG

This pistol is powered by green gas and is also known as the best suppressor-ready airsoft pistol. This gun is one of the best choices if you are in the market searching for a weapon that can easily work with a gun suppressor.

A suppressor is a necessary tool because the user can get the chance to extend the interior barrel. This is done without the hustle of changing the exterior barrel.

When you compare the ASG CZ P-09 to other guns, you will realize that it is quite long. Its length comes in quite handy as it makes the pistol is a lot more specific than other guns.

The left-hand side of this gun is designed with a slide safety that comes in handy if you are a left-handed individual. The gun is also quite loyal to the firearm equivalent. The grip of the gun is also quite thin, giving you a very unique feeling when you hold it in your hand.

The weapon has a two-tone design making it really stand out.

The gun is also designed with iron sights. These sights make it so much easier to get and to hold a target. Firing with this pistol can get quite fiery.

There are a few people who may consider this quality a disadvantage, especially if you are competing in an indoor setup. You can easily lower the FPS of this gun.

This is done by making use of BBs that are much heavier. This action really allows your BBs to support their accuracy, especially when fired to hit a target that is far away. 


  • The gun is designed with a strong FPS of around 350-370
  • The round magazine is quite deep
  • The trigger pull is very smooth. 


  • The gas efficiency of this pistol is quite low.

4. The Full Metal PTP M9 from KJW

Many have played with the Beretta pistol M9 model, then you are guaranteed to enjoy everything about this gun from the Kuan Ju Works industry also known as KJW. KJW is a company from Taiwanese and it only manufactures gas blowback pistols. This fact alone will assure you that the company will release pistols that are quite effective.

The KJW Full Metal PTP pistol is also known as the best airsoft Beretta. One of the best features of this pistol is that it can make use of green gas as well as carbon dioxide gas. All you need to do is ensure that you have purchased the most ideal magazine.

The interior section of the gun will still experience a lot of pressure from the carbon dioxide that will be at higher pressure. The gun is designed to manage this kind of stress. The KJW industry has aftermarket support. The regulation of low gas is derived from the heavyweight slide of the KJW M9 pistol. The gun is designed to look just like a real gun.

When there is no magazine inside the pistol, this gun looks just like a real gun. The KJW M9 pistol works just like a gun, it even looks just like a gun and it fires shots just the same way a gun would.


  • The gun is designed with a very deep round magazine with 25 stocks.
  • The FPS is quite high at 300-340
  • The brand is supported with aftermarket support
  • This gun has a ton of parts that can be used for replacement and these parts are available all across the globe.


  • The dotted iron sights that are painted white are not easy to spot.
  • The gas efficiency of the pistol is quite low.

5. The Elite Force 1911 Tac Pistol

If you like using the original American Classic pistol, that is the M1911 gun, however, you may want a gun that uses Carbon dioxide gas, then the Elite Force 1911 Tac pistol is exactly what you need. This gun is also known as the most ideal airsoft 1911 gun.

This gun comes in two color options. There are the aggressive black guns, the dark earth frame color and the gray pistol that has black grips. This pistol works just like a real gun as it is designed with both the slide lock and grip safety. These great features make the gun a very good pistol, especially for beginners.

Many websites have written reviews about this gun and all of these reviews prove that the Elite Force 1911 is a great choice. Many have revved about the durability of the pistol, the suppressor-ready function of the exterior barrel and the specificity out of the box.

The carbon dioxide gas cartridge is placed into the interior area of the magazine.

This feature makes changing gas a lot more complex. Users can avoid finding themselves in a corner without a pistol if they take time to use this gun and find out how many shots a brand-new cartridge can fire.

While firing 14 shots is still quite impressive, the most ideal pistols in the market are designed with more rounds ready. There is also the option of buying this gun with an extended magazine of 27 rounds. This design gives the user a battle-worn appearance. 


  • The gun comes in a variety of different colors.
  • The 1911 functionality of the vehicle is quite faithful
  • The gun is designed with tactile grips giving users the chance to grip the weapon easily and have better control of the gun.
  • The FPS is quite high at 345


  • The round magazine is quite low giving users only 14 rounds
  • The paint of the gun chips often. 

6. Cyber gun Sig Sauer P226 X-Five

If you enjoy everything about the Sig Sauer, then you will definitely love the P226 model designed by the Cyber Gun Industry. The trademark of this pistol is quite similar to that of the Sig Sauer.

As a user, you are guaranteed that this gun will bring out a very strong performance and it is also a very accurate piece that plays a great role as a sidearm.

This gun is also referred to as the best airsoft Sig Sauer and the accuracy of the gun is out to 50 feet. This accuracy is very impressive especially because of the small size of the gun.

Unlike many airsoft guns, the safety of this pistol snaps right back into place notifying the user exactly when the gun is safe.

When compared to other guns, the sights of the Sig Sauer P226 X-Five are very visible. The pistol is also designed with a railed frame that can be used to add lots of lasers and lights. The magazine gas for this pistol is not present mostly because it only has a capacity of 25 rounds.

The gun performs quite well and as a bonus, the gun looks really great. 


  • The gun has a very high FPS of 320-360​
  • The gun has a very deep magazine of 25 rounds
  • The magazine has double triggers as well as single-action triggers


  • It has very low gas efficiency
  • The trademark labels are painted and unfortunately, the paint wears off quite easily

7. The KWA Adaptive Training Pistol

Authentic airsoft Glocks are actually not so easy to find. Users who are in need of airsoft Glocks have had to settle with products that simply share the same features and functions with the Glocks. The KWA Adaptive Training Pistol or ATP has been designed with a combination of forms and functions just like the Glock.

This pistol is considered one of the most ideal Glock-Like Airsoft Pistol. The gun has a curved backplate that can be adjusted quite easily. It is also designed with a polymer and the lower section is wolf-grey giving the pistol such a unique and strategic appearance.

The pistol works on green gas and it is manufactured with 23 rounds in the magazine. The KWA industry designed this pistol to resemble law-enforcement training for players. That means that the gun comes with very high standards. The gun is also manufactured with a railed polymer frame that is used for accessories.

The metal slide provides users with a lot of strength and also gives them a hard kick. This gun is a very ideal choice and comes in handy when used as a sidearm weapon. It is also very ideal for activities that involve some kind of protection and you can use it as a common duty pistol. One of the best assets that the KWA industry has is the aftermarket support. The upgraded tools for this pistol are so easy to come across and install. 


  • It has a high FPS of 340-350
  • The gun has very visible Tri-dot sights made of iron
  • The gun has been designed with a very comfortable pistol grip that is curved.
  • The company has aftermarket support. 


  • This gun is not really a Glock, it has simply been designed with a combination of features and functions allowing it to resemble a Glock and work like a Glock.
  • This gun is quite expensive. 

8. Desert Eagle .50 AE by Magnum Research

If you are looking to impress many other individuals on the field, with a highly professional airsoft gun, then this is exactly what you need. It definitely leaves the player with the feeling of being an inner agent. This 50-caliber pistol from Magnum Research is considered one of the top-performing airsoft desert eagle.

Thanks to the pistol’s large full metal slide, this pistol provides users with a very fulfilling kick with its heavy blowback action. Another amazing feature of this gun is that it can fire at targets in full automatic mode. Unfortunately, you will not necessarily get to make use of this feature when you are playing in an indoor field.

This feature, however, makes the pistol an amazing choice for a primary weapon instead of using the pistol as a secondary piece while in the field. The Desert Eagle .50 AE carries 20 full rounds in the magazine. That means you will not necessarily have a lot of time when using the fully automatic mode. Never the less you will have enough time to achieve a few overriding bursts.

The FPS level is also quite high at 300 to 340, meaning that an individual is still abiding by the rules of the velocity limits that should be used while participating in an indoor field.

The price of this tool is quite high, however, many users have stated that the pistol is worth every dollar because it functions highly and it is amazing to see the look of the opposing teams when they witness the amazing power of this airsoft pistol. 


  • It is a Desert Eagle airsoft pistol
  • It is designed with full firing modes and there is the option of using the semi-automatic firing mode.
  • The gun is also constructed with full metal. 


  • This gun is quite expensive

9. The Full Metal 1911 HI-CAPA Rifle from KJW

We had mentioned a 1911 model earlier in this review, and this is yet another one of its kind. This pistol is actually quite special because it is designed with the same features and functions like the Tokyo Marui from the high capacity line.

The high capacity line is actually quite popular and a number of manufacturers have worked endlessly trying to replicate the line, however, the KJW brand has done the best job.

The pistol is designed with a very high-end look and it also has frames in the color black and green. The good thing about this pistol is that you can actually change a lot of things making it look quite different.

The KJW industry has released cosmetic parts as well as internal parts for this pistol. As we all know, KJW is quite ideal as it has aftermarket support. The rifle makes use of green gas as well as carbon-dioxide magazines. With this pistol, users can easily choose between both gas systems in the pistol. All you need to do as a user is choose which gas system you would like to use.

The truth is this gun is really top-notch. It is really hard to find a serious issue with this gun. A lot of users, however, have complained that the gun is a little too heavy but this feature makes the gun look so much like a real gun. 


  • The gun has a high FPS of 340-370
  • The pistol has a very deep magazine of 32 rounds
  • It is an affordable tool
  • It has a rugged look and it is designed with a lot of metal, making it look really real. 


  • Some users have complained about the weight of the gun claiming that it is a little bit too heavy.

10. The 1911 UK Arms Colt Pistol

If you are out in the market searching for a pistol that is designed with a lot of metal, then the UK Arms Colt is exactly what you need. The only plastic section on this gun is the grip area as well as the magazine section.

This gun is guaranteed to withstand harsh conditions while playing on the field. It will definitely still function well whether there is rain or hot summer temperatures.

The plastic grip plate may actually still crack, however, this will only disturb the high cosmetic feature of the gun. The performance of this pistol will not be affected.

The iron sights of this gun are actually constructed in the lower section, and you may realize that they actually do not play such an important role.


  • The gun is designed with very hard metal.
  • The velocity is not bad, It is at 240-270 FPS
  • The magazine can hold 18 rounds
  • The gun also has a classic World-War 2 appearance


  • The grip area is not of high quality as it is made of plastic
  • The iron sights are short and are not so easy to use

Understanding the Definition of an Airsoft Gun

AAn airsoft gun can be defined as a weapon that is the duplicate of an actual firearm.

An airsoft gun releases a non-metallic orb-shaped projectile in the same way a real gun would release a bullet. The most appealing feature of the airsoft gun is that the pistol looks just like a real steel gun. When it comes to dealing with more affordable airsoft guns, you can easily notice the difference between a real gun and an airsoft pistol.

However, the airsoft pistols that are more expensive can at times look just like real guns. In some cases, airsoft pistols of high quality are usually licensed by legal firearm industries to make pistols with the same measurements, design, and weight of a real gun. This means that, just like real guns, airsoft pistols are designed with different shapes and sizes.

You can purchase an airsoft gun that can shoot a target that is quite far, just like a sniper. Ir you could personally get to use guns that have been manufactured for CQB. These are pistols such as the SMG or handguns. 

Breaking Down the Different Varieties of Airsoft Guns

Why You Would Settle for a Gas Pistol

Every airsoft pistol allows you to get closer to your target providing you with a smaller target to eliminate. However, only gas pistols will provide you with constant projectile swiftness.

These types of guns are quite effective making use of the pressurized steel element, cartridges that consist of 12 grams of carbon dioxide gas.

A number of pistols have the cartridges stored right at the grip area. Some pistols hold the cartridges in the magazine. Gas pistols are quite effective as they are not affected by high or low temperatures. Users can easily purchase 12g of cartridges in bulk, and you will have saved a ton of money. The cartridges of this gun can be purchased from any big-box retailer shop.

The most standard pistol can fire anything between two to four full magazines. Gas cartridges that have been used are actually so easy to dispose of. When you put in a cartridge into a magazine or right at the grip of your pistol, the weapon perforates the top of the cartridge.

This action cycles the gas into the system inside the pistol. Because of this action, you can rest assured that the cartridge will be completely used as soon as you remove it from the magazine.
These carbon-dioxide gas pistols are completely safe and you can be sure that they do not pollute the environment in any kind of way. 

Disadvantages of Using the Gas Pistols

One of the disadvantages of using a gas pistol comes from a tactical perspective. First of all, with this kind of weapon, you cannot necessarily top-off a gas cartridge right in between round, like you could with a number of other pistols.

 Because of this, you are at risk of carrying an empty gas cartridge on the side of your arm, and it will not serve you when you need it the most. Because of this, a number of players have been forced to replace their cartridge right in the middle of a battle.

This action can definitely cost you as for a moment there you will be unarmed. To avoid running into such an issue it is important that you try and keep count of how many times you have released a certain magazine.

Actively keeping count, will allow you to know when you need to change your cartridge. If your gas pistol keeps the cartridge in its grip, keeping track of when you need to change it will actually be so much easier. 

Why You Would Settle for an Airsoft Electric Pistol

Airsoft Electric Pistol or AEPs are weapons that perfectly blend the most ideal parts of the AEG industry with the small size of a gun. Pistols that are powered with carbon dioxide gas are really great, however, even the most ideal gas-blowbacks are greatly affected by extreme temperatures.

 In really cold conditions or really hot conditions, the pistol may fail to work. When you fire the pistol rapidly there is a cooldown process the weapon may have to go through. An AEP pistol, however, works well in these extreme temperatures. This gun does not expose users to the reality of any blowback action. These pistols are the most ideal sidearms for the snipers in the field.

The electric motors of the gun cannot move the frame and fire the BB. This is because of the gun that fires in full and semi-auto motion. This feature makes it one of the best weapons for snipers. 

Why You Would Settle for a Spring Action Pistol

A spring-action pistol actually makes up for a very ideal airsoft gun. This gun is not necessarily designed to allow you to make any long-distance sniper shots, however, you can cover the entrance to a certain area using this weapon.

A number of these weapons are quite affordable and are one of the most ideal tools for those who are new to the game. The airsoft spring gun gives players a fun opportunity to take part in amazing games with a few of your friends. The gun is also quite ideal as it is not affected by water.

If you happen to fall into a puddle of water, you may not be able to use your gas pistol and your electric airsoft gun may malfunction, however, your spring-action gun will work just fine as it does not need any kind of battery or gas cartridge. The FPS unit of a springer pistol is one of the limitations that this gun has.

Airsoft guns are not designed with hop-up sections, therefore the BB in this gun is not too accurate. That means shooting a moving target will not be so easy. With a very low FPS unit, the target may not even know that they have been shot. This pistol is most ideal for covering up a very narrow corner or shooting someone when they are unaware.

An additional problem with these spring action guns is that they are manufactured with low-quality materials. When using some of these pistols, hitting a wall could cause the frame of the gun to crack. It is vital to ensure that you take proper care of your gun. Regularly oiling the weapon and tightening the screws more than once will allow it to perform well in the long run. 

How Does a Spring Action Pistol Function?

These weapons are actually very simple devices that function quite easily. The system functions by using accumulated air and a spring that releases the BB as soon as the trigger is pulled. When you fill a magazine into your spring pistol, you are still not yet ready to shoot.

The first thing that you need to do is add pressure to the mainspring. This is done by tugging on the hammer or the slide. This action will open up a chamber in the pistol and sir will be allowed into the gun. A small notch inside that compartment will hold on another section that is attached to the trigger button.

When you finally push on the trigger, this area disentangles from the chamber. The released pressure forces the whole chamber to push forward. The accumulated air forces the BB out of the barrel. After this, the spring that is right inside the magazine pulls another BB inside the barrel.

The system has been designed in such a simple way meaning that there is not much that can be broken in the interior area of your pistol. 

The Importance of Choosing A High-Quality Airsoft Pistol

A number of cheaper airsoft guns are designed with a flashlight that undoubtedly appeals to a number of different customers and players.

If you are working with a really tight budget, cheap airsoft guns can allow you to save a lot of money, however, this is only during your first purchase. The ammunition that comes with these cheap pistols is also quite affordable.

The truth is; however, you will be going home with exactly what you paid for. These cheaply priced BBs are designed with material that is very light in weight.

This material is more prone to malfunctioning when set-off. These cheap pistols and the materials used are greatly affected by external factors such as the wind.

Additionally, cheaper pistols just can’t compare to airsoft guns that are of high quality. Purchasing a high-quality airsoft gun is very important especially when you are out in the field. The most ideal airsoft guns are very accurate allowing the player to hit a target that is further away.

These high-quality pistols also do not malfunction easily giving you a great advantage over the individual that you are going against.

The fact that you will always be assured that your gun will work well at all times when on the field, should be the only convincing that you need to invest in a high-quality pistol.

Taking some time to research on your gun and choosing an ideal airsoft weapon is the only way you are assured that your performance on the field will not be compromised.

Settling for less may help you save on a lot of money; however, you may perform poorly on the field because your weapon may jam or may be affected by environmental factors. Your poor performance will definitely let your whole team down. 

Factors to Consider when Purchasing an Airsoft Pistol

The Ratio of your Size to the Size and Weight of Your Pistol

If you are a very petite person, you may not enjoy running around with larger pistols while on the field. For example, an M14 is a very large piece and many may not be able to handle placing the weapon on their shoulder.

Additionally, this gun is very heavy so it may prove to be unnecessarily bulky when you’re moving from one corner to the next. If you are smaller in size, or perhaps you prefer to move at a faster pace, an MP5 is one of the most ideal options.

It is compact and also very light making it easy to maneuver through different areas without hustling too much. Smaller pistols are easy to grab and to handle and light enough to carry with just one hand.

The Field that you are Playing on

The area that you will be participating on is definitely a factor that must be considered when choosing your rifle. Outdoor fields may be characterized by a ton of trees and branches that may get in your way.

Many players like to choose smaller pistols that will allow them to easily maneuver through the bushes and the trees. Riffles that can shoot targets that are further away are also preferred when playing outdoors.

This allows you to set up a nice position in the field and act as the team's snipper. Larger rifles can prove to be cumbersome when moving on rough terrain in an outdoor field and this could negatively affect your performance.

When playing in an enclosed area, such as warehouses, offices or a building, many players have stated that a short-barreled rifle is probably the best option. A submachine pistol also works perfectly when playing indoors. It is easy to carry and so comfortable to use.

The gun also quickly eliminates targets, improving your performance. 

The Price of a Pistol

Before you purchase a pistol, then you need to take some time to create a budget and research on your most preferable gun. If you are a fan of sniper rifles, it is important that you research the features you like and choose a gun that has those features at a very affordable price.

Sniper rifles are sold at around $100-150. If you are into the American traditional assault rifles the prices vary greatly. There are rifles that are sold at only $120 while other designs exceed the $1000 mark. That is why it is important to do some research, create a budget and stick to it. Failure to do so, could see you spend a ton of money on an item that you could have purchased for a lot less.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Rifle is The Best for Beginners?

As a beginner, a lot of focus should be placed on learning how to aim, shoot and also manage each of your shots. A lot of beginners are advised to be patient and learn with many different options before the make the decision on the pistol that they will purchase.

The truth is, it is important that you make the best choice when purchasing your first rifle. A good rifle will give you lots of energy and psyche to improve in this game. Take some time to go through different options in the market. Read some reviews and conduct some research.

A number of people believe that it is best to purchase a cheap pistol then upgrade to a more expensive one when they are better at the game. This is not really advisable. If you can afford to buy a better one, then choose the best pistol that you can buy.

This will really help you in the long run.

2. Which Airsoft Rifle is the Most Accurate?

There is not really any specific reply to this question. The market is filled with a ton of different airsoft pistols and a lot of them are very accurate. It is advisable, however, to pick out a gun that can be attached with a scope. This choice can make it so easy for you to change your sighs to what you prefer.

The Elite Force 1911 pistol is a great choice, however, as the shooter, you should know that the shot depends on you and how you can aim. With that been said, the accuracy of an Airsoft rifle should not be your main concern. All you need to do as a shooter is a practice often. The more time you spend handling a rifle, the better you will get at hitting your target.

 Therefore, it is advisable that you invest some time into practicing. 

3. What Is The Most Ideal Airsoft Brand?

The market is filled with a large number of airsoft brands. All of the brands mentioned in this review are considered very amazing.

The Kuan Ju Works (KWA) brand, however, has been around for very many years and the company has continued to produce high-quality airsoft rifles for all of these years.

The company has also continued to release high-quality attachments and parts that you can put into the gun, improving the rifle’s quality. If you need a gun that is very durable and will serve you for a very long time, the pistols from KWA are excellent. The airsoft rifles that have been released into the market in recent years are actually very reliable.


The pistols listed in this review are of high quality, and will definitely improve your performance while you are out in the field. In this review, we have also highlighted the different types of airsoft pistols allowing you to make a much more informed decision when purchasing your pistol.

From here the only activity you should think of doing is training. Ensure that you have practiced the act of loading and drawing your piece so that you can do it so much faster while out on the field. With the right airsoft pistol, you will definitely be ready to win all the challenges and encounters that you may face while on the field. 

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