Top 6 Best Outdoor Sports – You Gonna Love them!

Outdoor sports refer to games that are carried out in natural surroundings or simply just outside doors. These sports compared to indoor sports are more preferred by the general public and it goes without saying why. Outdoor sports are extra interesting to engage in with no space limitation and diverse.

best outdoor sports

1. Cycling

Cycling is a body-friendly sport that not only helps in burning of calories but also builds the leg muscles making the cyclist generally swift. I call it body friendly because unlike other sports you can cycle for a much longer time without getting exhausted as your body bears no actual weight. Cycling requires not much training and overseeing because the bicycle is a very simple device. Muscle cramps after this sport are not so severe compared to a sport like running, just a mild pain that eventually fades away with little or no treatment. This only gets better as bicycles are now selling for as low as $100 or less at Quite an easy way to lose those calories!

2. Paintball

Losing weight doesn’t have to be boring and hard, nothing brings more meaning to this phrase than playing paintball. As the name suggests paintball is a sport where participants shoot capsules of paint at each other using air guns. Imitating soldiers during war everyone struggles to remain in the ‘battlefield’ shooting paintballs at opponents to eliminate them. Being a social sport, paintball not only builds teamwork among the players but also strengthens their bond. The thrill that comes with the running, hiding and anticipation is exhilarating giving a distant feel of what the real battlefield is like. Averagely paintballing costs between $30-$80 depending on the brand of paint and capsules used. Not bad for an exciting social game right?

3. Rock climbing

Not many people may agree that rock climbing is one of the best outdoor sports because of the risks involved. However, it is actually considered to be among the best because it has a lot of health benefits.

Well, in order to enjoy this sport, the biggest challenge, which is fear, must be overcome. Before you get into outdoor rock climbing, I recommend that you begin with the indoor version so that you can build up the key muscles that are vital for succeeding at the actual sport outdoors.

This will also help you identify the best gear, such as the most suitable beginner climbing shoes, to use during both the training period and the actual rock climbing.

Once you have trained well enough, I suggest that you get into the game so as to build your abs, biceps, quads, calves, oblique’s, and traps among many other muscles.

The sport will also improve your flexibility and increase your mental strength due to the required problem-solving skills as well as the hand-eye coordination, which is crucial for the ascent.

4. Fishing

Individually, this is one of my favourite sports. Everything about fishing is utterly beautiful given that it is carried out at natural water sites. It is arguably one of the most popular outdoor activities garnering a whopping 49 million participants in 2017 according to statistics shown at I would highly recommend this sport to anyone having trouble with patience because catching fish is not an easy or instant process, it may take a few frustrating trials to finally catch a fish. Fishing being a form of exercise will definitely help in weight loss at the same relaxing the participants. Deep sea fishing costs between $30- $90. Hiring a rod, however, Is a cheaper option costing as low as $20.

5. Horse Riding

“Horseback riding really works the core muscles that stabilize the trunk: the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles,” says Alison Stout, DO, of Evergreen Health Sport 8, Spine Center. In an article at Dr Stout outlines various benefits that come with horse riding. She stresses that horse riding does indeed burn calories contrary to the popular belief that it does not Another article at outlines that “trotting, cantering and galloping a horse will tone your muscles while giving you a cardiovascular workout and that is why it is considered a form of exercise”. The article further states that an average of 292 calories can be burned during horse riding which is almost the same number burnt during a vigorous dance class.

6. Skateboarding 

This sport compared to the previous ones needs extra skills in balancing. Skateboarding involves riding and performing tricks on a skateboard, it can be compared to skiing only that ice is not involved here. Full supervision is required for beginners because it is an art that requires exceptional skill failure to which participants may experience minor accidents like falling off the skateboard. Other than that skateboarding is a great sport for especially younger people because of the exciting stunts that are performed. Just like the other sports skateboarding burns calories and builds muscle. A skateboard costs between $19-$999 at mainly depending on the brand while classes which I strongly recommend for beginners cost between $5-$50 depending on the frequency.

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Sports do not have to be Dull you can spice up your loss weight journey by taking it outside and involving those you love for personal encouragement and bonding purposes. Challenge yourself to some of these outdoor sports that you have not tried before, discover more and burn those fats.

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