Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas 2020

Outdoor tv antenna for rural areas

I know you might be surprised that outdoor TV antennas are still on the market. Yes, they exist, and if you live in rural areas, you need to have one. This is because you are far away from the city, so the signal strength will drastically reduce. So, if you want to enjoy a wide range of free channels, get the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas.

When looking for an antenna, several factors come into play. This review will delve into what makes each of these antennae amazing investments. I will take the headache of choosing away and give you an amazing selection to choose from. I have discussed various things like the range, frequency band of the antennae, signal quality, and general build of the antennae as well as top product recommendations.

top rated outdoor tv antenna for rural areas 2020 [top 3 choices ] 

Best choice
tv antenna

RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna.

best value
outdoor tv antenna

1byone Outdoor Amplified Digital TV Antenna.

These antennas have a wide range to ensure you are covered no matter your location from the broadcast. The cables are heavily insulated to protect from noise. These antennae also receive various frequencies to provide you with a wide selection to choose from. They come in compact designs for convenience and ease of use. Most of these are very easy to install and thus make for great choices. Let us have a closer look at each model.

best Outdoor TV Antenna for rural areas 2020

My expert team and I did extensive research on the market. We analyzed different types of TV antenna, and the following are our top picks. Check them in details so that you can find out which one is right for you.

1. Direct Clearstream 4TV Antennae

This Clearstream antenna has a 70+ mile range and can, therefore, be used to receive signals from 70miles away from the broadcast towers clearly. The antenna is well-suited for rural areas with their heavy foliage and thick roofing that attenuate the incoming signal. This quality makes it unmatched compared to other antennae

The Clearstream patent loop design is engineered to pick up a wider range of frequencies, and the beam angle eliminates the need to turn and rotate the antenna. Additionally, the reflector focuses its power for added range and protects against multipath interference.

This antenna is convenient to use and can be placed indoors, in the attic or outdoors as needed with great results all the time. I had to try a few locations to find the place with the best reception. Another great thing about this antenna is that it comes with mounting hardware and instructions, which makes your work easier.


  • Antennae direct Clearstream 4TV Antennae.
  • Comes with a 70+ mile range.
  • Has both UHF/VHF.
  • This antenna is multidirectional.
  • This is can be used outdoors as well as         indoors.
  • Its mast has a pivoting base.
  • The hardware has clamps and sealing pads.
  • Cons

  • Wingnuts are tightened directly onto buss bars.
  • The wingnuts may become loose after mounting, causing minor annoyance.
  • Lock washer not included.
  • 2. Mohu Sky 60 TV Antenna

    This antenna offers a new take on the antenna on the rooftop experience. It has an amazing range of 75 miles allowing you to be as far as preferred from the broadcast tower. This is despite its small size. Since the antenna is multidirectional, it does not need to be adjusted for optimum signal strength. It has a tightly integrated 15dB amplifier to provide high-quality performance with unmatched aesthetics.

    It comes with a 30foot long cable and mounting bracket. You can connect it to your home cable network if needed. It gives unmatched performance and signal quality. The antenna has over the air broadcasts that are far less compressed than cable and satellite are in use. The coaxial end is connected to the antennae, and the other end of the cable is connected to the TV.

    The antenna brags f a clean peak filter technology that does an amazing job in filtering cellular as well as FM signals. As a result, there will be less noise, and you can enjoy clear pictures and HD channels.  However, you should know that the reception highly depends on the signal transmitted in the area and the location.


  • This antenna has a 75mile range.
  • Very durable yet lightweight.
  • Best suited to be placed outdoors but may also work in the attic.
  • Has a 30foot detachable cable.
  • It is made from premium material for high performance.
  • Cons

  • Channel reception relies primarily with geographical location and terrain.
  • Some cable channels are not available via free broadcast.
  • 3. 1byone Digital HDTV Antenna

    This premium quality antenna has an unmatched 80-mile radius that makes it convenient to use within your preferred location. It has an integrated circuit (IC) chip to amplify the signal powerfully. It also has advanced insulation against cellular and FM frequencies to provide low noise exceptionally clear images.

    It comes with a 10foot long coaxial cable to allow you the convenience of choosing the preferred location in your space for the antenna. The durable construction of the coaxial cable protects against EM interference resulting in amazing picture quality and consistent performance. This antenna will also allow you to watch over-the-air network broadcasts easily.

    Remember to frequently retune your TV to ensure you are receiving all the available services. The antenna comes in a thin paper design for ease of mounting. It has almost no delay and lags even when streaming online networks.


  • This amplifier may be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Supports 4K 1080P.
  • Receives UHF/VHF/FM frequencies.
  • Comes with a 10foot long coax cable.
  • Has minimal impedance.
  • Cons

  • Channel selection is highly dependent on geographic location and terrain.
  • Rare static was observed.
  • Older TVs may require a digital converter box.
  • 4. Antop HDTV Antenna - best outdoor digital tv antenna for rural areas

    This is a good quality antenna that will ensure you have a wide selection of channels to view with no expensive cable or satellite fees to ever pay. The antenna is best suited for outdoors but also works indoors. It has a digital smartpass amplifier. It has an 80-mile radius to allow you the convenience of great signals despite the distance.

    It has a 40foot long high-performance coaxial cable and comes in white and black to suit your preference. The antenna receives various frequencies, including VHF/UHF. Its signal has high grain quality. This fashionable antenna is easy to install, and you don't need any tools to do that.

    The cable is insulated against EM interference and features a sleek external appearance with a waterproof and anti-UV exterior. It has ABS plastic casing protecting the antennae from the elements. This is a great antenna that will last for many years.


  • This antenna is best suited for outdoors but also works indoors.
  • It has a digital smartpass amplifier.
  • 80-mile radius to allow you the convenience of great signals despite the distance.
  • 40foot long high-performance coaxial cable.
  • It comes in white and black to suite your preference.
  • The antenna receives various frequencies, including VHF/UHF.
  • Cons

  • Some cable channels are not available via free broadcast.
  • Channel reception relies primarily with geographical location and terrain.
  • 5. Free signal TV marathon indoor outdoor Antenna.

    This is a high-quality antenna designed for both outdoors and indoors use. This antenna is engineered to capture signals from a distance of up to 100 miles from the broadcast tower. This is a very long and good range as you can be able to get high quality free to air channels on your TV.

    The antenna has cutting edge design and technology as the picture quality from the antenna is 4K ready. The antenna also broadcasts AM/ FM signals. The circuit board in the antenna is designed to be noise free.

    The antenna has a simple design and an easy installation process. The manufacturers also have an available communication helpline available for any technical issue assistance if any issue that may arise. The antenna has a good feature as it can connect to up to 4 TVs, saving you money from buying additional antennas for other televisions in your home.


  • Can perform in the harsh weather.
  • Can connect up to 4 televisions.
  • Long range reception of up to 100 miles
  • High-quality image and can broadcast AM/ fm SIGNALS
  • Simple installation process.
  • Low noise and maximum power circuit.
  • Cons

  • The antenna is expensive.
  • Hilly and mountain regions get poor signals.
  • 6. 1byone indoor/outdoor amplified digital TV antenna.

    This is a great antenna that broadcast free to air high-quality picture. This is a bill saver as you will not need to set aside money for TV bills. The antenna broadcasts uncompressed digital 4K ultra HD picture to improve your entertainment needs in your home. The antenna can capture signals from a broadcasting tower from a range of 80 miles to 120 miles.

    The antenna comes with a very high-quality coax cable that is triple shielded. The shielding layers consists of a PVC jacket, three layers of aluminum shielding and solid center dielectric conductor.

    This type of construction protects the cable from electromagnetic interference. It is a durable tv antenna that will last for many years. The antenna has a unique paper thin design, making it possible to even mount it on outdoor in your window.


  • Long range of up to 120 miles.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Saves you a lot of money in cable fees as it provides free to air channels.
  • Powerful amplifier, with clean filtering technology.
  • High-quality 4K images.
  • Superior quality coax cable.
  • Cons

  • Can be affected by terrain.
  • 7. TS-ant HDTV Antenna.

    Exhausted of paying regular monthly high cable bills. Then the TS-ant is an antenna suitable for your home use so that you can be able to make those savings. The antenna provides a superior quality picture to your television so that you can able to enjoy your entertainment without signal issues.

    The antenna has an advanced built-in amplifier maximum signal reception. The amplifier protects the interface of the antenna against other signals to provide clear pictures.  You will be able to get a high-quality image optimized for your television. It transmits signals of 720p to 4K.

    The antenna has a simple, functional design that can pull signals from both directions. The antenna can pull signals from a tower of broadcast to a distance of up to 160 miles. The antenna is designed with a long coax cable so that it can give an allowance of putting the antenna as high as possible. The antenna also comes with a USB cable for the amplifier


  • Long signal reception distance of up to 160 miles
  • Easy to set up.
  • Has an in built advanced amplifier.
  • Very strong signal reception.
  • Long cables.
  • Cons

  • High power devices such as a fridge and conditioner can affect the signal.
  • Bad weather conditions can affect the strength of signal.
  • 8. RCA Outdoor Yagi satellite HD antenna.

    This is a nice antenna with a classic design. The antenna transmits both UHF and VHF signals to give you additional free to air content on your television. The images transmitted by the antenna are high definition as it has an enhanced reception technology to improve the clarity of images.

    The antenna is also a perfect complement to streaming players such as Xbox and Apple TV to get live content. With this antenna, you can enjoy your favorite shows without necessarily paying for subscription fees.

    The installation process of the antenna is straightforward, making the process of setting up and watching your favorite entertainment program very short. The materials used in building the antenna is of superior quality making it durable so it can withstand even the toughest weather condition. It can also capture signals from a distance of up to 150 miles.


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Can complement other streaming players.
  • Good quality images.
  • Broadcast both VHF and UHF frequencies giving you more content.
  • Made of very tough materials making it durable.
  • Exceptional customer service from the manufacturer.
  • Cons

  • Short cable.
  • 9. Pingbingding outdoor digital HD TV antenna.

    This is a state of the art antenna that features a working frequency of both UHF and VHF. The antenna has a unique physical design and provides you with easy installation. It features a wireless remote controller making it simple for you to place the antenna and enjoy the best reception.  The antenna can generate images of up to 4K in picture quality.

    The feature that makes this antenna stand out from the rest is that it has motorized rotations capabilities. This is to enable you to search for clear signals all in the palm of your hands as it uses a remote control. The motor can rotate in both directions to avoid entanglement of coax cable to the antenna.

    The antenna can capture signals from a broadcast station that is over 150 miles away. The antenna though it has a sophisticated look it is quite easy to mount and set up your free to air channels. We recommend setting up the antenna at least 30 feet above the ground so that you can be able to receive clear high-quality images. The antenna also comes with a long cable to facilitate the set up however far you are mounting it.


  • Long high-quality coax cable.
  • Low noise amplifier.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Long range signal reception.
  • Remote control 360 degree antenna rotation.
  • Cons

  • Signal affected by highland terrain.
  • 10. Pingbingding outdoor digital HD TV antenna 150 miles motorized

    This is a good quality outdoor antenna manufactured by pingbingding with an extra feature of being capable of connecting one antenna to 2 televisions. With this type of technology. You will end up saving a lot of money from not needing an extra antenna for your additional television in your home.

    The rotation motor of this antenna is of better quality from other similar brands. You can achieve smooth remote controlled rotation to positions of better signal to enjoy images of better quality. Installing this weather resistant antenna is easy because it comes with clear instructions that you need to follow. Again, you do not require any tools to do the installation.

    The antenna captures both UHF and VHF signal to ensure that you can get more channels in your television for your entertainment. The area has a compact design and light weight, making the process of its installation quite easy for you.


  • The antenna is weather resistant.
  • 360-degree remote control smooth rotation.
  • Very long coax cable.
  • Can connect to multiple televisions.
  • Has a long range of up to 150 miles.
  • Cons

  • Wears out after a while.
  • ​How to Buy the Best TV Antenna | Buying Guide 

    Television antenna are made in search of a way that they provide television shows without any disturbances. These antennas come in different wave signals depending on their wavelength.

    Moreover, there are only two types of antenna, the indoor antenna and outdoor antenna. The outdoor antenna is elevated outside the room to create a good wave reception. Alternatively, an indoor antenna is situated inside the house to provide wave reception.

    Purchasing the right Tv antenna for your home television requires a lot of consideration. This will ensure you get the right and reliable television antenna. Here are some of the important factor you should consider ensuring good purchase of a tv antenna for rural areas.


    Before you buy an outdoor Tv antenna, it is important to consider is it is weatherproof. You want to buy the most durable unit that will give you great services for many years. Can the antenna handle heavy rains, thunderstorm or strong winds? These are crucial things that you should check. Additionally, I would recommend you to look for an antenna that is lightning protected especially if you live in stormy places.


    The process of installations varies from one brand to the other. The last thing you want is an antenna that gives you a hard time during installation. Make sure that you pick the right antenna that is easy to install. Additionally, check it comes with important mounting items to make your work easier.

    Terrestrial or Satellite Antenna

    The terrestrial or Satellite of an antenna always shows up a reliable tv show. Therefore, it is the factor that you need to put more effort while buying this antenna. Satellite antenna always requires a dish antenna. These dishes are aligned to catch the signals from the main satellite. The signals are very strong to provide good services to the television waves.

    The terrestrial signal transmission provides frequencies in the UHF portion of the Radio spectrum. Moreover, some of these terrestrial signals operate well on the VHF portion. For it to work well, it needs to be accompanied by several antennas.  Thereafter, this is much important as is provides better TV transmission to the user. Make your proper selection for the best antenna for your home television.

    Television Amplifier

    The choice of your best television antenna always depends on Television amplifiers you have. Since there are several types of Television antenna. Provide a good connection from the main aerial antenna to the main television.

    In addition, a new antenna always comes with several new cables. This cable may be old or new cables. Prefer much on the new cable since they prevent moisture from getting into the antenna.  The old cable delays the transmission of the signal from the antenna to the television signal. This results in consideration of television Amplifiers.

    The type of Antenna

    The antenna is of different types as compared to the manufacturer. Yagi-Uda is the most popular form of which antenna is made from. Some of these Yagi-Uda antennae TV periodic. In this antenna, television reception requires reflectors for TV satellite.

    In this log-periodic antennas, the television is well supplied with spaced frequency as well as wide bandwidth for proper signal coverage. Therefore, when purchasing a tv antenna, you should always consider the tv reception power. The power of this antenna depends on the size and the power to gain more signal receptions for the main antenna.

    Gain and Directivity Power

    The gain and directivity of your antenna are important considerations. You should ensure that the perimeters of your antenna have its gain. This enables it to increase signal sensitivity in a certain direction. Moreover, when you situate your gain higher, you will be capable of receiving the weak signals.

    The increased results boost its directivity towards the transmitter. Alternatively, when it is situated very far away from the gain, it becomes very difficult for it to receive accurate tv signals. This is because it is placed a bit far away from the main transmitter.  You will end up receiving very weak tv signals.

    For proper and accurate television signals, you should, therefore, consider the gain and directivity of the antenna that enables it to receive reliable signals for your home television. To get the best television shows services on your home television, consider the gain and directivity. Locate your antenna at a place that receives a lot of signals.

    Frequency Coverage

    Frequency coverage should be on your consideration when buying an antenna for your home television. This frequency coverage always varies depending on the place. Areas with VHF TV always prefer the VHF antenna. This will ensure very reliable television shows.

    On the other hand, UHF televisions their specific areas, where they can be able to show up very strong tv shows among others

    In addition, you can decide to have digital antennas and even analog antennas. You should consider the most improved digital tv antenna. This ensures proper signal coverage. You will not have to struggle to search for strong signals at every time you want to use your home television. Note that, in some areas, the main usage of the television shows is the tv channels.  They are grouped under the channels decoder which does not need the antenna.

    But to be sure, seek much advice from the local dealer to provide you necessary guides on whether to use an antenna of you rely on the tv channels.

    Frequently Asked Questions about the Best TV Antenna

    Q: What is the best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas?

    A: Since rural areas have got very weak television signals, this makes most of the rural television does not show several tv channels. Therefore, Direct Clearstream 4TV Antennae is an ideal solution to rural areas.

    It has a very powerful video quality of wave, and this ensures all video show up provide very liable shows. It is a multi-directional antenna, where it doesn't depend on gaining many signals from specific directions. This antenna has a quick installation process as you only need to identify the best direction for the signals to show up.

    It as well picks up several free TV networks from its support like the NBC, ABC, PBS among others. Consider this antenna for your rural home television shows.

    Q: Do HDTV antennas work in rural areas?

    A:  HDTV antenna has a signal range of about 62 miles. This signal range provides necessity in show tv shows from all different points. This quality of HDTV enables it to work much better in rural areas.  Moreover, this antenna is amplified to operate outdoor with the aid of the remote.

    The HDTV antenna is very easy to install. Once you situate it on the top of your roof, far much far from high towers it provides a good signal for tv shows. Moreover, this is also an added advantage for the rural homes, where there are no long towers for signal distractors.

    Q: How can I get better TV reception in rural areas?

    A: The first thing you should consider is to select the right antenna. If possible, get more information from the antenna dealers. They will ensure you buy the right antenna for your area.

    Identify a suitable location to place your antenna, and it should be free from any distractors such as tall trees, tall buildings, among others. Moreover, the location should always ensure that the antenna points in the suitable direction for better signal coverage.

    The antenna should be placed at the highest point possible. This provides good signal coverage. You will as well get access to very interesting channels.

    Q: How can I boost my outdoor antenna signal strength?  

    A:  Provide a good location for the antenna; it should be at the highest point possible in the antenna is outdoor. At the highest point provide good it to be free from any distractors. For the indoor antenna, ensure it is well connected, well-installed to provide good signal lengths.

    After this, Re- aim the antenna, for the outdoor antenna. Doing this might add more signal length to your television.

    Your signal length will have much improved. You will be able to watch Television signals to provide good and reliable services. It will be very easy for you to enjoy the entertainment for your television shows.

    Q: Why is my antenna not picking up channels?

    A: Upon successful installation of the antenna, you need to change the antenna output of your television to allow time for the channels to scan. Upon doing this, your television should be receiving the local channels.

    Alternatively, when you are not receiving the channels, your antenna could be placed in the wrong direction very far away from the strong signals. It might also be placed on the very high towers barriers.


    If you live in rural areas, purchasing an outdoor TV antenna can be a great decision. You can enjoy many free channels, just like people in the cities. We have come to the end of our reviews, and I hope you have an idea as to what makes the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas. We have provided you with the most popular antennas that you can find on the market today.

    The products we covered above are reliable and durable. We further included a buying guide that provides you with essential tips to think about when buying an outdoor TV antenna. I hope the above information will help you make the right selection as you shop for the right antenna. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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