Top 10 Best Paintball Brands in 2020

best paintball brands

The Top 10 Paintball Brands in 2018  

Paintball is one of the most engaging hobbies around, with opportunities for socializing, sports, athletic activity, and exercise alongside healthy competition and a whole lot of fun. It’s a fun activity for kids and adults alike, and a great way to bond with your family, friends, or even coworkers. Are you a paintball lover and looking to buy the best quality paintball gun, balls, and face masks? Look no further. There are so many paintball guns and other products on the market that it can be difficult to select the best ones on a budget.   

We’ve compiled a list of the top paintball guns brands in terms of price, reliability, and quality, so you’ll get the best paintball products around to continue your hobby. We know you want the most bang for your buck, so we’ve also picked the best-priced paintball items to buy.

Without further ado, these are the top 10 top rated paintball brands to look for.  

Dye Paintball Guns

Dye Paintball is a classic paintball company with a wide range of products and a variety of worldwide locations. Their products are known for their precision manufacturing and cool, sleek aesthetics. (In other words, their guns and goggles look good!) Some of Dye’s best products are the Dye m2, Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun with easy to clean O-rings and the Dye i5 Paintball Goggles with adjustable gear straps and removable foam. You can’t go wrong with most of Dye Paintball products. They’re the flagship brand among many of the best paintball players out there.  

Tippmann Paintball Guns

Tippmann is another well-known, popular paintball company that sells some of the most affordable paintball products on the market. Tippmann 98 Custom guns are often the rental guns of choice at your local paintball field and have been around for years for a reason. They are easy to clean, cheap, and low-maintenance. Tippmann also hosts a lot of paintball events and gives back to the community in big ways.  

Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse is an especially high-tech paintball company that offers lots of bells, whistles, and accessories with every purchase. Their LCD screens on their Geo paintball guns are top-notch. Planet Eclipse makes the famous Etha, Geo, Etek, and Ego paintball markers. Their durable knee pads, jerseys, gear bags, vests, gun mats, and other protective gear are also paintball fan favorites.  Etha 2 is one of the best planet eclipse paintball gun and it is best for speed. You can get the same accurate speed for all time.You don't need to maintain gun safety rules for the paintball guns, because it won't hurt you as real gun do.

Empire Paintball Guns

Empire, one of the best rated paintball companies, is an arm of the New Jersey-based G.I. Sports brand. The customizable Empire Axe Marker is one of the most beloved markers in the paintball industry and is known as the best in the business. It’s high-quality and user-friendly, with an easily removable bolt and a trigger that can be adjusted. It’s also fairly cheap, which adds to its popularity. Empire’s goggles and loaders also get great reviews from paintball enthusiasts. Empire is known for the speed, but it won't hurt you. Read more on paintball hurt

Kingman/Spyder Paintball Guns

The Spyder brand launched in the early 1990s and has been a favorite among paintball players ever since. Their milsim paintball rifles are their most popular products. Paintball players especially like the Spyder MR6 Paintball Gun due to its high level of accuracy during strike rounds. The Spyder 9 Round First Strike Capable Magazine is also a big brand seller.  They also manufacture paintball clothes. There is an article on what to wear to play paintball.

3Skull Paintball Guns

3Skull offers some of the most affordable basic paintball products out there, making it a great brand for new paintball enthusiasts who want to give the sport a try without breaking the bank. 3Skull’s basic loaders, CO2 tanks, paintball pods, and gear (such as vests) are some of the bestsellers on the market. They also sell some comprehensive sets to get you started when you begin your paintball journey. Simply put, they’re reliable and affordable and will get you going in paintball, especially if you’re a newbie.  

Valken Paintball Guns

Valken is better known for their paintballs than their paintball guns. You can get a set of 2,000 paintballs from Valken for less than $40, making them a steal. They’re also high-quality. Valken’s Graffiti paintballs with neon orange paint are some of the most popular. Graffiti paintballs are known for their accuracy and their no-fuss breakage on impact. The bright orange color makes for a visible target, which is exactly what you want whether you’re playing deep in the forest or on the local paintball field! They also provide videos on how to play paintball games and others stuff. 

Pinokio Paintball Brand

Pinokio Hoppers was started in Missouri. Unlike many of the other brands on this list, Pinokio focuses on one thing and one thing only: hoppers. Focusing on paintball loaders has allowed Pinokio to develop a specialty rather than spreading themselves too thin. One of Pinokio’s biggest sellers right now is the Virtue Spire Electronic Paintball Loader/Hopper. The Virtue Spire is quiet and efficient. It features an anti-jam drive system and a painted shell made out of durable nylon so you don’t have to worry about breaking or wasting paintballs. Players rave about how small, lightweight, and user-friendly the Spire is.  

Ninja Paintball Guns

Ninja Paintball is a manufacturer based in Illinois and creates and distributes parts for many of the other brands on this list. Ninja sells paintball accessories and specializes infill stations, tanks, and regulators. The Ninja Paintball 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber HPA Tanks get great customer reviews because it’s more lightweight than the vast majority of tanks on the market, especially aluminum. Ninja is also known for its great customer service, with technical support and personable help available nearly 24/7.  

First Strike/Tiberius Arms Paintball Brand

First Strike/Tiberius Arms, based in Indiana, makes paintball guns and rifles with a realistic look and feel. The brand is best known for its unique paintballs, boasting twice the accuracy and distance of an average paintball. First Strike paintballs are aerodynamic, making them ultra-fast. They’re designed just like bullets to fly through the air at a super quick pace.

They have a pink/silver fill, fins on the sides, and one flat side along with the other rounded one. Their unique shape makes them completely different from any other paintballs you’ll find at the store. You might have to customize your paintball gun in order to use them, but if you can find a way to use First Strike paintballs, you should. They’re worth the extra effort.

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