How To Choose The Right Airsoft Clothing – Complete Buyer’s Guide [2020]

There is quite a lot of respect for the military all over, and series and movies are always coming out that help civilians understand what it means to be an army person.

It is indeed hard not to admire how well our men and women out at war; the intensity of their work makes them heroes because it takes a lot of fight for and defends a country.

This kind of love for them is why people are every paying homage to them. 

One way you can do that is by playing the sport airsoft. If you want to get a taste of what it means to be on the battlefield in the safety of a controlled area, then it is the perfect thing to do.

It demands a lot form you physically and also mentally, but still a fun game to engage in. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and also get to participate in teamwork in ways you’d never be able to do before. 

In this article we are going to let you know what airsoft is if you’re not familiar, and also the clothing you should get before participating in this sport. Let’s get started!

What is Airsoft

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If you’re familiar with paintballing, then you’ll quickly understand what Airsoft is. Airsoft has a similar concept; the difference is that it uses smaller plastic pellets. Primarily, in this sport, the players do engage in simulated combat, only that they use BB weapons.

Even with that comparison in mind, it is worth noting that the Airsoft community is not too keep about getting compared to paintballing. So, what is it? In airsoft is that there are two teams or more that shoot small plastic pellets (BBS) at each other as a sport or fun activity.

What makes it different from paintball (hence the issue with the initial comparison) is that it is more geared toward a military simulation than haphazardly shooting at opponents.

The other significant difference is that in airsoft, the gun looks 99 percent as the real thing, while that is not the case with paintball. Everything about airsoft is meant to be military-grade from the weapon to the clothing and simulation. 

Players do have to wear safety clothing, for example, high-impact eye protection as well as a full-face mask. Safety is equally practiced in the guns used themselves. Depending on the country, the power of the weapons is limited to between 1.14 or 1.68 joules. So it’s very important to choose the right airsoft gun. Paintballs shoot energy at 14-16 joules.

That immediately tells you that airsoft is indeed ‘soft,’ by all means, as compared to paintball. Additionally, all guns are tested before playing to ensure that they adhere to the standards.

In essence, the pellets do move fast enough speed for you to feel when you’re hit, only that they don’t cause injury as paintballs do. Thus far, you can establish that knowing when you’re hit is not as evident as paintballing is. One can choose to ignore it.

However, airsoft is a sport with its principles, and you have to be honest about whether you’ve been hit or not at all times. If you have, there are protocols that you should follow.

When a player gets hit, it is up to them to let others know. The game is based on honesty as a virtue, and if you can’t play by those rules, then you’re better off reconsidering playing the sport. 

Where did airsoft come from?

Airsoft first came about in the early 1980s in Japan. The reason for its existence was that the Japanese were coming up with an alternative to the American paintball, given that there was a craze at the time.

Over the years, airsoft has evolved as a sport and also technologically. It now involves realistic cycling guns and also an overall high performance when playing the game. 

The realism that airsoft adopts has given birth to players not just in Japan but also in their neighboring Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.

What airsoft represents and also the rules make it as relatable as people can gain different benefits from playing a tactical and combative sport.

It is popular to the extent where there is a large following of people that play the game religiously. 

Airsoft clothing

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To be part of this simulation, players do have to wear realistic military gear. That includes the combat gear, airsoft gun or a sniper rifle, vests, and even helmets to give a realistic feel to being in real combat in some ways.

You’re not playing airsoft if you’re not dressed the part. The reason why what you wear when playing airsoft is because safety is vital. It also adds to the realness of the game itself when you’re on the course laid out for you. 

Therefore, don’t show up to airsoft in trainers and everyday clothing. You’ll have to buy yourself Battle Dress Uniform. BDU has camouflaged combat uniforms that the United States Armed Forces wear.

Additionally, you’ll need some outdoor boots because trainers are not welcomed in airsoft.

You want to look the part, but also you need some hard-wearing clothes that can handle the rough and tumble of what this outdoor sport demands. 

Another aspect that dictates the dressing for the sport is the amount of gear you need to carry with you. You need spare ammo, sidearms, water bottles, and the like.

There is no recess where you can run and get what you need; you have to have these items on you at all times. With that in mind, you begin to appreciate why you need combat-ready clothes.

Also, you’ll need to purchase a chest rig for both protection and storage, and BDU provides an ideal backdrop for them. 

Getting the right clothing for you

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You want BDU because you’ll be in it all day. You want a fabric that can withstand falls, leaps, rolls, and crawls without giving out. The intensity that airsoft offers mean that your regular clothes will not be able to withstand everything that you go through. It helps to talk to regular players and find out what the best combat outfits are.

The good thing is once you get BDU from a good brand, you’ll comfortably wear them for over two years and still not need to get a new pair. This clothing is expensive, but they make for a worthy investment. 

When getting your clothing, be sure that it covers your arms and legs and that it’s not too bright. Airsoft is a simulation, so you do what to look as authentic as possible.

If it doesn’t look military, then it is not the right outfit for the game. You can opt those similar to the British army or the new Multicam design, all of which aid you blend into the background quite well.

If you’re playing at night, then the ideal color of BDU to get is black. You can pair it with other additional gear, and you’re assured that you’ll blend perfectly into the night. 

Other additions that you should consider getting for your comfort is elbow and knee pads. You will be crawling at some point, so you want to protect yourself the best way you can.

If you can, you can also invest in lightweight, breathable UBACS shirts to keep you cool. These shirts also have extra padding, so you won’t feel the full impact when you bump into something or have to fall on the ground. 

Maintain your airsoft clothing

Over time you will notice that some threads are coming loose on the fabric. That is normal and part of the wear and tear of combat clothing. The best way to stop the burn is through burning the loose threads.

What will happen is that it’ll wither and for a molten part that stops the running. Keep doing that to each section so that you can wear your gear for longer. It’s the best move given that you’ve likely spend a substantial amount on them. 

Overall, you can clean your tactical gear using some soapy water and a brush or soft rug. The preferred type to use is technical fiber soap. With those, you can remove dirt spots and stains though gently scrubbing the area. That’s what you should do initially.

You’ll know your gear is due for a wash when it starts to smell, or the stains and dirt have become a bit too much. Cleaning your technical clothing each time you use in will cause it to wear out faster. Besides, soldiers in the field don’t do their laundry daily. 

Washing airsoft clothing

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When you’re washing the tactical outfit, you have to be careful if you’re to have your gear looking new for longer. It is essential to clean it with either cold or warm water.

Make sure that you get the settings right on your washing machine every time you need to wash them. If you want to use warm water, put the settings at 300C.

As we’ve mentioned, only wash the BDU when it is absolutely necessary. If you know anything about using hot water is that it tends to make colors run.

BDU is hardwearing, but they are not exempted from fading when hot water gets used. Even when washing your gear, don’t merely use any soap you have at hand.

You will have to purchase washing products explicitly meant for technical fiber. Using them ensures that your gear stays looking new for longer.

It might be tempting to add other chemicals, perhaps to remove a tough stain, but don’t. These fibers are somewhat delicate, and such chemicals and even softeners can take way the feel that these gears tend to have.

Whatever you do, you still want to have the clothing looking combat-ready. 

Another tip to increase your gears’ longevity is to make sure that you use a low cycle program. You also don’t want your gear staying too long in the washing machine as, again, it is going to compromise the fabric’s texture.

Once the clothes are washed, add an extra spin to get out the excess moisture. You’re to do that because you’ll to dry your combat gear on a rack indoors.

You don’t want to hang them outside in the sun because UV rays make colors fade.  Don’t use a drier either; remember, you’re not meant to use high heat on the BDU.

You’re also not recommended to iron the combat. Once you’re out and about, the wrinkles tend to go away. Also, after spinning the clothes, they typically don’t come out all that wrinkled.

Lastly, you can waterproof the outside of the garment, which allows you to play airsoft even when it is drizzling or raining outside.

Only waterproof the exterior because you want the inside to remain breathable. You’ll need that quality because you’re guaranteed to feel hot when playing this game.  

Wrap up

Airsoft has the potential to change how we view those at war and what it means to be tasked with the job of protecting a country. You also have the chance to develop a deep appreciation for the level of fitness required for them to keep at it day in, day out.

Additionally, this is one more outdoor sport that you can take up if you love the outdoors and also like doing high-intensity workouts.  It is engaging, and it is something you can easily play all day long with people you love.  

To get the most out of the game, you need the right kind of clothing to keep you comfortable and have the comfort to keep going. Again, talk to people who play the game so that you can get the right brand for you.

With a bit of research, you’ll be dressed and ready to go. If you weren’t familiar with airsoft before, then we’d love to welcome you on board. 

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