How to Clean A Paintball Gun – A Complete Step By Step Guide.

how to clean a paintball gun

You may agree with me when I say:

Cleaning and maintaining of paintball gun are one of the leading factors to get decent accuracy and shooting. If you're a professional player, then it becomes more critical.

You Know:

Dirty paintball gun reduces the power of paintball speed and accuracy. At the same time, it becomes more painful in the paintball field.

Don't become panic,

Today, I will break down step by step guide on how to clean a paintball gun.

4 Basic Tips On How to clean a paintball gun

In this section, I will try to cover four basic functional tips or tricks not to get your gun dirty.

1. About wet or muddy

First and first most the thing is that keep your gun away from wet or muddy. A damp paintball gun can't function correctly as well as it reduces the paintballs speed and broke in the barrel. By the way, if the wet or mud packed in the barrel or others parts of the gun then you have to clean the dirt and debris thoroughly.

2. Uses of Lubricant or Oil

Don't use as usual oil that's not for any particular paintball gun. Keep in mind that, wrong oil or lubricate can break the O-rings and as a result gun become worthless. 

3. Wiping the paintball gun

To get impressive user experience, you have to wipe out the gun and others gears after the playing. After cleaning the paintball gun, it looks glistening and new. If you are wiping the gun after every playing, then there is no chance to get jammed.

4. Removing the Barrel

Always you have to remove the barrel and clean it with a squeegee after every playing. And it is the best way to remove the extra paint from the barrel. You can do this through water after each game.

Before cleaning the paintball gun, you have read the manuals carefully that given to you along with the gun.​​​​​

What is The Bottom line? 

Make sure that you have to lubricate your gun well and continue it regularly. I have already mentioned in the above that you have to check and double check the instructions for your specific gun for doing any cleaning or lubricating.

Cleaning the beginner paintball guns are straightforward and simple to maintain. On the other hand, professional or advance paintball guns are a little bit hard to clean and maintain.

10 Effective Way to Clean your Gun 

In This section, I'm going to tell you how to clean a paintball gun in some useful ways.

Before starting the cleaning, you have to need some instruments. Below a list:

paintball cleaning tools
  • Wa​rm Water
  • Allen Keys
  • Oil (manufacturer recommended)
  • Lubricant (manufacturer recommended) 
  • Schematic
  • Paper towels
  • Clothes  
  • Squeegees
  • Q-tips
  • Toothbrush
  • A comfortable work table or something like this. (Check out the above video) 

One more important part is that before cleaning the gun, you have to read the manual or manufacturer instructions carefully. Because different guns have a different way to clean and operate.

1. Removing the Tank

removing the tank

It's one of the significant facts that if your gun has gas, then it will misfire. That's why you have to remove the gas tank to avoid misfires. You have to do this process according to your gun manufacturer guidelines. Another name of this part is Degassing. 

2. Proper Disassembling the paintball gun

Correctly Disassembling the paintball gun is a little bit hard but you have to do this. At first, you have to take out hopper then gradually barrel, bolt, hammer and the grip frame. Keep every part in a place so that there is no way to lose any part. Without any single piece, your gun will be worthless.

3. How to Clean A Paintball Gun Barrel

After Disassembling the paintball marker, you can clean the barrel. At first, take a squeegee and put it into the barrel to remove the paint if there is any paint still have. After that, wipe the gun and use a paper towel to clean the wet. Then let it dry thoroughly.  Below a short Video. 

4. Best Way to Clean the Paintball Gun Body

In this section, you have to take a look at your paintball gun manuals instruction. You can furnish the body by using clothes as well as you can use a toothbrush or Q-tip where tough to reach; You have to clean the inner body properly. Otherwise, it will jam the paintballs and shoot inaccurately. After this, wipe the gun with a paper towel and again let it dry. 

5. Wash the Grip Frame.

It's very critical to take out the trigger; My recommendation is that don't disassemble the trigger because it can be damaged your gun. Just clear the dust with toothbrush or Q-tip, and let it dry. 

6. Cleaning the Hammer and Bolt

Clean the hammer and bolt with a paper towel and let it dry properly. You have to check O-rings, it is acceptable if it has a small degree of wear. Make sure that hammer and bolt are clean.

7. Fixing or replacing the part of your paintball gun

Look at your paintball gun and check all parts that need to fix or replace. First of all, check the O-rings, are they wet/muddy or dry, because it keeps the Co2 or air sealed. After that, check all the springs, if there is any problem then replace them. The springs can reduce your paintball gun speed.

8. Reassemble The Gun

After Cleaning every part properly its time to reassemble the gun. Check the gun carefully that every part assembled correctly.

Repeat this formula to maintain your paintball gun in good position.

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Maintaining the Paintball Gun

Just cleaning the paintball gun isn't the final solution to get good user experience in the field. On the other hand, regular maintaining is also a fact. That's why you have to store your gun in the safe place to prevent damages. Below a simple step by step process to store your gun.

Paintball Gun Storing Process
  • Choose a safe ​​​​storage/room in your house. ​
  • Unload the gun​
  • Remove the Hopper and Tank.
  • And Degassing the gun.
  • By pressing the trigger let the bolt come forward. It helps the springs not to get damage.
  • Press the safety mode button.
  • Before storing use some oil to lubricant the gun.
  • Keep your gun away from kids.
  • Keep the gun in dry place.
  • Store the air tank and hopper separately.
  • Always store some spare parts such as O-rings, suitable wrench, marker oil, etc.
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