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If you are a paintball player, you might want to know about the different types of paintball guns. The working mechanism of the paintball guns is quite similar to that of the regular guns. As a paintball player, you can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options you can choose from. I hope you know how to play paintball games, but if you want to know more, then you may check this article.

Buying your paintball gun does not have to be a difficult process once you understand the basics and make an informed decision. One type of paintball gun is not necessarily better than the others; you just need to understand your needs. Before you go ahead and purchase a paintball gun, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What's your budget?
  • Where will you use it, a commercial field or a private field?
  • Does the gun use CO2 or HPA(High-Pressure Air)?
  • Where will you get your air tanks refilled?  

3 different Types of paintball guns

Pump Paintball Guns  

What is pump paintball guns

The pump guns are the most basic types of paintball marker. These are the oldest types of guns and they've re-emerged in the market soon. They need a manual operation to work. 

You have to pump the gun like a shotgun and chamber the paintball each time you want to shoot. Some of the pump guns are extremely reliable and you can work on your accuracy and field skills instead of power.  

New players will find it hard to get into the sport with a pump gun. They will have a difficult time battling with other players with semi-automatic guns while they are occupied with chambering their paintballs. However, pump paintball guns have their own charm and you will love them if you like the shotgun approach.  

Mechanical Paintball Guns   

Mechanical paintball markers are the most common types of guns you will see during the recreational play. Generally, they're semi-automatic, easy to maintain and not expensive to buy. They're the easiest markers to use with the right set of accessories.  

The mechanical paintball guns can operate on compressed air as well as CO2. You can get the tanks refilled easily if you have a pro-shop nearby or play on a commercial field.  

Most mechanical markers have a blowback design. In this design, as the player pulls the trigger, it moves the sear catch which releases a hammer from a spring tension. When the striker hits the valve, it propels the paintball out of the barrel. The pressure throws the striker back which is caught by the ear and the next paintball gets loaded.  

Electronic Paintball Guns  

At one point, electronic paintball guns were very expensive to buy but now they're pretty affordable. The electronic paintball markers use a solenoid to fire and usually, they're powered by a 9-volt battery. When the player pulls the trigger, it clicks a micro-switch. Electrical paintball marker is the best paintball marker on the planet right now. There are a lot of company manufacture electric paintball guns. Among them, Dye is the top paintball brands all over the world. They are special for the Dye M2 electrical paintball marker. 

A player can achieve extremely high rates of fire with the electronic guns. They have a circuit board that controls all the commands that go to the solenoid. Almost all electronic markers are capable of ramping, full-auto, burst, and many different firing modes.   

Among the electronic markers, there is an electric sear tripper type that uses an electronic solenoid for moving the sear catch. This increases the rate of firing and gives you a number of firing options.  

Another type of electronic marker is 'Pneumatic poppet valve' type that uses a pressure-powered ram. It is an extremely fast and gas efficient marker which is capable of firing consistently. The Pneumatic poppet valve markers do not work with the CO2 and need compressed air to fire. 

'Spool valve' is another type of electronic markers. They are extremely low maintenance as they have just one moving part, the bolt. They operate quietly but they're not as gas efficient as the other types.

Cautions: Over speed of the electric markers can hurt you and you have to wear the necessary paintball stuff.

 3 Shot Burst Paintball Guns  

The 3-shot burst is an advanced type of marker which allows you to shoot three times with each pull of the trigger. You can switch between the three-shot burst mode and the semi-automatic firing. It is a variation of the electronic pneumatic type.  

These types of guns are not suitable for the beginners as they will be stuck between the two firing modes. However, you might like this type of gun to use different modes at different times.  

Ramping Paintball Guns  

The ramping guns are the best guns for continuous firing. With the pulling of the trigger consistently, the firing rate will keep increasing with the help of the circuit boards. 

When you start firing, the gun will fire as many times as you pull the trigger but gradually the firing rate increases too many times. These types of guns are suitable for fast shooting but they're not allowed in many different tournaments. The continuous firing and a firing rate of as high as 20 shots per second may hurt or injure your opponent.

Fully-Automatic Paintball Guns

The fully-automatic markers work similar to the ramping guns but unlike them, you don't need to pull the trigger multiple times. You just need to pull the trigger once and the gun will keep firing until you hold the trigger. The firing will stop when you release the trigger.  

Different automatic guns have different rates of firing. The guns with the higher rates of firing are generally more expensive. Most tournaments prohibit the use of fully-automatic guns due to high firing rates. You can use them during a private paintball session but make sure you use them carefully and don't injure anybody.

Final Thoughts     

You no longer need to be overwhelmed by the types of paintball guns available in the market. As you understand the different types of guns and how they work, you can make an informed decision when it comes to buying one.  

If you want to buy a paintball gun for a tournament, you must avoid getting a fully-automatic or a ramping gun. As these types of guns fire non-stop, it is highly likely that you won't be allowed to use them. 

If you're a new player, you will find the pump guns and the 3-shot burst markers to be too difficult to handle. You will be stuck with changing modes or reloading the paintballs while getting attacked by the opponents. 

The mechanical, semi-automatic or the electronic guns are the most commonly used paintball markers. They are suitable for the beginners and you can also use them during the tournaments as well.

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