Attention! Does Paintball Hurt or Not?

Does paintball hurt or not? Is paintball safe?

This types of question usually come from beginner players or first-time players.

Today, in this article I will break down about paintball safety.

Does paintball hurt or not?

The simple answer is yes. Sometimes paintball can hurt you, but it depends on your protective paintball gears. You can reduce the pain by wearing appropriate clothes and gears. Don't worry I will discuss more not to get hurt while you're playing paintball games.

Does paintball hurt

There are a few ways to get injured on the paintball fields when playing such as too short range, high fps (feet per second), sensitive body skin, etc. You can play smoothly without getting any hurt if you follow the paintball rules and regulations especially clothing segment.

How to keep yourself safe on the paintball field

In this section, I will discuss in depth about paintball injury or does paintball hurt.

Let's go:

Proper Clothes to wear

It's essential to wear proper multi layer clothes to keep safe. You have to keep in mind the weather condition. Wear the clothes according to weather. Such as in the summer season, you have to wear comfortable, lightweight, multi layers clothes. Don't wear anything so that you become cold or hot. The thick clothes protect you from the paintball pain. If you're a regular player, then it is wise to buy some best quality clothes. Read more

Don't purchase any low-quality paintball gears its will causes you in the field. Try to buy long paints, sleeve shirt, gloves, goggles, hat, shoes, etc. Avoid short shirt pant; it can't keep you safe from the paintball pain.

Safe your Sensitive body skin or spot

To keep secure yourself from severe paintball pain, you have to protect your skin correctly. Usually, the sensorial areas of the body are the neck, head, hands, and thighs or legs. Wear multi layers clothes to save your body, wear a heavy duty hat to protect head and neck. Wearing Pad and gloves can reduce your pain. Don't buy thick gloves otherwise; you can't press the trigger quickly. Gloves must be flexible and comfortable.

Buy anti-fog mask to cover your head which is also suitable for removing paint quickly.

Stay away from direct shooting which is terrible for pain and your games also. 

Just follow safety rules carefully 

Every paintball fields have individual rules but not so a difference between each other. Before starting playing follow all the rules carefully. You know when the paintball hits you directly then you're no longer available to perform. While you're playing, paintball can shoot your guns, gears, body, etc. by opposite player then you have to surrender yourself by rising your hands in the air, or you can take referees help for confusion.

Keep in mind that you're not in the science field you're on the paintball fields, so not to be the worry to get hurt. "Does paintball hurt?" this is the real answer to it. Read more about paintball gun safety rules.

Team working

Everyone knows that paintball game is a team sport. It's very important to maintain communication among of your fellow team members to win the games. Before attacking the opponent players make your game plan. Every single mistake will eliminate you from the game. Always try to hide behind a bunker, tree, or obstacles not to get hurt. Don't run in the center of the field.

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