Dye M2 Review – The Best Dye Paintball Gun Ever Made!


Pros & Cons of Dye m2 marker:

The dye m2 is well balanced, more accurate, lightweight, top quality battery and do the job done on the fields. The bolt comes with upgraded version and works better than DM15. I didn't get any report that it chopped any balls yet. Fully LED screen with crystal clear display. Display works better even on the sunlight. The gun comes with a wonderful case which is great(My personal opinion). Easy to adjust the firing modes. Hopefully, you'll not face any issue.
Sometimes users complain that gun comes with already few shots which are between 30 to 50. Don't be panic it is normal. After the gun's made they test it in the factory to run it accurately that's why they shoot a few shots.

Why is the dye m2 marker worth it?

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Even as a pro, there is still something new to learn. You might be using the same old model marker that you had as a beginner because you got too comfortable with it. Well, if that is the case, you may need to upgrade sooner rather than later so that your juniors do not overpower you with their newer and more powerful models. This review will provide you with all the information you need in order to get the right upgrade. Enough with the small talk, let’s get down to the list.

Don't need to introduce for Dye M2 marker. Dye m2 paintball marker not only advanced but also expensive paintball gun too. Come to the point:

The one word is very suitable for dye m2 which is WOW!

Full Dye M2 Review – The Best Dye Paintball Gun Ever Made - wow.

dye m2 reviews by hand:

Most probably one of the hottest paintball gun is dye m2 in all over the world. Even most trending and talked paintball gun on the paintball planet too.

The previous version (DM15) of dye m2 is more ergonomic and heavy duty. Very beginning you'll be amazed to see its cool case design with quick and short features. A lot of people have complained about their previous gun case that's why Dye engineers redesign the bag for the proper gun safety.

There is a Dye sticker attached to the zipper. There is a diagram of dye m2 in the case. You can see there how dye m2 works and others basic guidance. There is also very quick board navigation over there. It's straightforward to understand at a glance what's going on inside the gun. The gun feels great in hand. Usually, it comes with some shots on the counter display options, because after assembling the gun in the factory they test it. Counter shoots between 30 to 50.

You will get a customer support card with password for contacting them. The support card is USB port, and there is also user manuals available. There are a USB and mini USB cable for quick charging and software upgrade.There is a barrel sleep in the gun package.

A multi-tool whatever you need to repair dye m2 is here and an O-ring box with details. There are two barrel .684 and .688 14 inches Ultralite barrel.

dye m2 technical features

It feels super cool and noticeable in hand than others paintball gun. The gun weight with the barrel is 1.15 lb which is lightweight, durable and reliable. It feels unbelievable in your hands while playing on the paintball field.

Rubber on the grip is super comfortable, and Shape of the Ultralite frame is not just amazing. The dye m2 is super easy to assemble and disassemble. You can maintain the gun within a minute. The 15% increase regulate is redesigned to get gun power and works better. 

3 most advanced features that will blow your mind::

  • cable free charging
  • e.Voke Compatible
  • wireless air syne
DYE M2 advanced features

dye m2 features 

  • weight: 4.6 LB (includes shipping.)
  • Only Gun weight: 2 lb
  • Velocity: 290 FPS
  • Display: 1" Prism OLED Interface.
  • Charging: Wireless & USB charging system
  • Battery capacity: 7.4v 550MAh Dye M2 Li-Ion Battery.
  • Battery type: Rechargeable.
  • Battery life: 12.5 hours per charging.
  • Shots: 100k (approx.) shots per charging.
  • Shot: Trackers.
  • Fire: New Outlaw Firing Mode.
  • Barrel: 2 Ultralite back barrels.
  • barrel length: 14"
  • Caliber: .684 & .688
  • Joystick: 5-Way Control
  • Trigger: magnetic trigger.
  • Grips: Dye Sticky Grips.
  • Bolt: Quick Release Fuse design.
  • DYE M2 Paintball Marker: MOS Air Upgrade Kit Installed.
  • Series: legendary DM platform
  • System: e.Voke compatible (sold separately).
  • Player preferences: 1 million profile to choice play style.
  • Regulator: New Hyper 5.
  • Switch: on/ Off Double Tap Option.
  • Frame: Ultralite DYE 45 hourglass shaped.

What you'll get in Dye M2 package:  

  • DYE M2 paintball marker.
  • .684 & .688 Ultralite Barrel.
  • O-rings kit (Repair tools).
  • Users manual.
  • Charging Cable USB.
  • Extra cable for software Upgradation.
  • one piece barrel sock.
  • Basic guide.
  • Dye M2 multi tools.
  • Wireless tech mat charger.
  • MOS Air kit.

Prism Interface:

- The massive 1-inch OLED display.
- Full-colour screen.
- High-Resolution organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen.
- Updating performance settings available.
- Fine-tuning your M2 lightning fast.

Prism interface

Tech Mat & Wireless Charger system:

- Download custom boot screens.
- Update software through USB cable.
- Charge your battery quickly.
- Standard micro-USB port.
- USB Port cover attached.

Tech Mat & Wireless Charger system

Cool  Battery features:

- Rechargeable 9 v battery.
- Charge the battery and play.
- Long lasting battery life.
- Don't need to beg the battery from your friends
- 550 mAh battery is the power source.
- Micro USB cable to charge the battery.

cool battery features

5 Way Joystick Control:

- Prism Interface.
- five different way to Control Joystick.
- Navigation through Joystick.
- Setting adjustment.
- Performance data installed.

dye m2 joystick

MOS Air Kit for Upgrade:

- The new MOS Air is the latest technology giant.
- It's super easy to customize.
- Cool power options.
- Brighten multiple boot display.
- Totally new firing mode.
- Latest play mode screen.
- Wireless charging options.
- e.voke system.

dye m2 mos air kit

Internal Pressure Sensors

- Internal Pressure Sensors technology.
- You can update the software.
- Prism Interface
- Crystal clear digital screen.
- Perfect for dwell time setup.

internal pressure control

Magnet Trigger Adjustment:

- The ergonomic trigger for maximum speed.
- Individually customizable.
- It's easy to adjust trigger angle,
- Magnet return,
- fit and travel externally.

magnet trigger

DYE ASA (Shift Port):

- Re-design only for the Dye M2.
- Shift Port ASA for increasing 25% extra airflow.
- The ASA is floating system enabled.
- The ASA adjustable for the different tank.
- Long lasting for internal components.


Fuse Bolt (Billy Wing) System:

- Billy Wing Fuse design.
- Can operate with low PSI (minimum 135psi).
- one piece fuse bolt.
- Its help to get proper air efficiency,
- Consistent accuracy,
- Smooth cycle

fuse bolt system

Ultralite Boomstick Barrel:

- Ultralite back barrels.
- Bith .684 and .688 calibre supported.
- It can able to shot with different size paintballs.
- All weather supported.
- Easy to expand barrel length & bore size.
- Lightweight.
- Durable.

dye m2 barrel

Some experts thought on dye m2:

#1 Expert thought:

It is an excellently well-designed paintball gun with advanced technology, fits well in hand and shoots very accurately. Basically, it comes with a great user manual guide and a multi-tools set box that you'll definitely love to have this one. Another thing is that it is super handy to maintenance and repair the parts. But I don't recommend anyone to repair the gun by yourself if you're not enough confident with it. Take professional advice near your paintball shop or fields. 

Customer Service:
There is no doubt about Dye Precision customer service. You can ask any type of question regarding dye paintball gun. Don't be shy they are very friendly.

Final thoughts:
Overall quality of this gun is awesome and worth the money. Everyone love to compliment this gun.

#2 Expert thought:

I have been playing paintball for 6 years and I've used a lot of different paintball guns, but I'm an fond of DM series. I love it's shooting style. When dye m2 launched (in 2015) on the market for the first time, I thought I could try this marker. I was so strange that I didn't find any single issue. I noticed that the biggest improvement is its circuit board. The super bright screen simple to control and looks too good. The first time, it took me 15 minutes to learn the interface how it works. It shoots better than CS1. Despite being highly advanced features, it is easy to maintain and straightforward.

My overall thought that if you have enough budget to buy this marker, then it would be a great choice to pick up. 


There is no final word for Dye M2 except to buy it. I can't give you more details without above twist. This marker feels the solid rock in hand and works great as usual and it is one the best marker on the market right now. It works 100% and worth the money.

Buy it, feel it, and enjoy it.

Thanks for reading.

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