G & G CM 16 Review

Guay and Guay (G & G) is a Taiwanese company that manufactures a wide array of top-tier airsoft tactical gear for all skill levels and price points. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the CM 16 Raider. 

It is G & G’s successful attempt at a product that ticks both boxes of quality and affordability. It is arguably the best choice for beginners who are often unable to or unwilling to spend too much on an airsoft gun. That means if you later find that airsoft is not really your cup of tea, you won’t have invested too much.

For intermediate players, it is a good budget-friendly option allowing you to afford both buying the gun as well as extra magazines and accessories. The CM 16 Raider has a short barrel, making it ideal for outdoor matches and military simulations alike.

However, the aesthetic appearance of the CM 16 Raider is bland since it only comes in black. Though the color can be helpful since it allows players to blend in with their surroundings.  

During our time with the CM 16 Raider, we found that it is durable having been made from high-quality polymers which give you that “hard” feeling. Players who rely on the CM 16 Raider can be assured that it will not break or crack even if thrown or dropped accidentally.

What Can You Expect From the CM 16 Raider?

The first impression you get about the CM 16 Raider is that it is well built and extremely durable for an airsoft gun in this price bracket. While it might not be as sturdy as airsoft guns built using metal exteriors and barrels the CM 16 can hold its own and stand up to a couple of rough games.

The use of a polymer helps keep the weight of the CM 16 Raider low, making it easy to use and carry by players. At just 5lbs, it is the outdoor gun of choice for many rental companies. The fact that rental companies have these guns means that it can hold up to quite a beating. It also tells you something about what veterans think about this product.

The CM 16 Raider comes with a high capacity magazine which can easily absorb around 450 rounds complete with automatic and semi-automatic firing modes. However, you should be careful to push the magazine in all the way to secure it properly. If you don’t push it all the way in and the magazine is loose it will dry fire.

Power comes from a NiMH battery pack with tends to last a pretty long time, so long that you could forget about it. The brand new CM 16 Raider comes with everything including a battery pack.

All the bits and pieces can easily be added to your gun so that it becomes exactly how you want it. Furthermore, the customizability of the gun complete with the 7-inch rail makes it an excellent weapon.

Taking the gun apart is also easy, even if you are new to it. It takes a few minutes to disassemble the gun, which makes cleaning and maintaining it extremely easy by anyone. If you are left handed, then be warned that the gun isn’t left-hand friendly.

The magazine loading is ambidextrous but there aren’t many firing modes. While it might be seen as a drawback for many airsoft players, you need to be aware of it before buying the gun.

Key Features

Comes Play-Ready

The CM 16 Raider comes ready to play out of the box. You don’t need to buy additional parts to start using the gun. Not only that but the company also throws in a few accessories which makes using the gun easier.

The accessories you get with the CM 16 Raider include a 9.6-volt nickel-metal hydride battery, and a battery charger 450 round magazine. The high capacity magazine ensures that you have more than enough rounds for some of the most intense simulations.

Now even though you might need to replace the battery, it isn’t going to be anytime soon. That being said, when a battery is needed, it is easily available.

Tokyo Marui compatible

Tokyo Marui is also commonly abbreviated as TM is a feature that sellers of airsoft guns mention because it is a desirable feature for players. But what does this feature do?

To understand the feature, you will have to take a couple of steps back. Tokyo Marui is a Japanese company which manufacturers airsoft guns and toy cars. It was the first company to introduce electric motor gearbox guns which were called automatic electric guns (AEG).  The 3-gear AEG design used by Tokyo Marui in the early nineties is still used today and has been replicated by many other manufacturers of airsoft guns.

Most brands of airsoft guns produced today are compatible with Tokyo Marui products, which means that you can use the same magazine and assorted parts on a compatible gun. So, if something breaks, you can easily source the required parts from another Tokyo Marui gun.

Buying a Tokyo Marui airsoft gun is a surefire way to save a great deal of money on repairs and maintenance. You can use the gun for years and still not have to replace the whole gun. Whenever you need parts, there is a whole market ready to supply it.

Strong External 

When you want to buy a budget airsoft gun, the goal should be to buy something inexpensive but not necessarily cheap. Thankfully, there are many different options on the market, some are more affordable than others, but their quality might not always be the best.

You don’t want to buy an airsoft gun that’s made using ABS plastic which is lightweight but isn’t as durable. Not to mention that ABS plastic guns feel like toys in hand. If you buy one of these, you can forget about reselling the gun if you give up the hobby or want to upgrade.

The CM 16 is made using a polymer material. Though it is still some form of plastic, it is strong and feels good in the hand. It can also take a fair share of drops and spills without ruining your investment.

Most manufacturers prefer polymer materials for airsoft guns because they offer the most strength to weight ratio. While it is a light polymer, but it is still extremely strong and stiff. That means your airsoft weapons can withstand years of use by players of all ages and even strength levels. Furthermore, using these lightweight guns also means that users will not feel as tired and can run & gun easily making for better, more tactical shots.

The other good thing about polymer materials is that they are inefficient conductors of electricity and heat. The upside to this is that unlike metals, they don’t get hot or cold for that matter.

Finally, we appreciate the fact that G&G has been able to balance their price to quality ratio perfectly when it comes to the CM 16.

Ease of Use

The M4 platform used by CM 16 makes it very easy to use, and most newbie players should be able to master it within a few gaming sessions. As beginners, there is a wealth of information available that should be able to take anyone from a beginner level to more advanced levels.

We searched online to see how well the community received the CM 16 and were surprised to run into many forms, videos, and websites which go into various aspects of the gun.

Perhaps its most loved feature is the fact that it can easily be customized. Adding a seven-inch rail, for instance, is easy, and doing so allows you to mount various accessories. People who want to add vertical foregrip will also find that the CM 16 is an excellent choice. You can place your fore grip of choice under the gun, and you’ll have more than enough room on both sides and the laser.

The rear sight will have to be removed so that you can add an optic accessory. Also, there is enough room to add bipods for more stability when shooing. The adjustable stock ensures that uses of all body sizes can easily use the gun.

Another great thing about the gun is that the hop-up unit is easy to access. It can be done on the fly, and even in the middle of the game without fear of it taking too much time. Doing it requires pulling the charging handle downwards, and that gets the protective dust cover off. You then rotate the dial, in the right direction which adds to either spin up or it can spin down the BBs.

Yet another great feature is that the hop-up unit is secure so that you don’t lose its position. The gun will remain in a hopped position for a while after it has been adjusted.

Easy to Disassemble and Maintain

Now if you are new to airsoft, and lack some of the essential technical skills, you might not feel very confident taking the gun apart and then putting it back again. Also, what happens if you’re unable to put it back again? Most people may have this at the back of their minds.

The good news is that the CM16 makes taking the gun apart, cleaning, and maintaining it very easy. However, with the CM16, you can get all the information you need online via tutorials on YouTube and even pictorials on websites.


The CM 16 has an amazing trigger response for the price. Once you start using the gun,  you’ll have BBs flying out at a whopping 370 feet per second. While some indoor airsoft fields may consider this too high of a rate, and they probably won’t allow you to muzzle the velocity, there is still a market for this velocity. However, because it is built on an M4 platform, the rate of fire can easily be adjusted.

Outdoors though there is no need to lower the rate of fire. The impressive performance, coupled with its low price point makes it one of the best guns on the market. It is one of those weapons that many players swear by. Not to mention, it has excellent resale!


  • Affordable
  • Hardy durable external
  • Lightweight (weighs 5 pounds)
  • Tokyo Marui compatible
  • High- capacity magazine (450 rounds)
  • Highly customizable
  • Can shoot at up to 370 feet per second
  • Easily accessible hop up unit
  • Fully adjustable crane stock
  • Easily disassembled
  • Long lasting, chargeable battery


  • Difficult to find because of high demand 
  • Slotting in a battery is challenging
  • Safety selector and firing mode are not ambidextrous

Final Verdict

As you have probably already figured out from our review that the CM 16 offers many advantages. The biggest advantage is the fact that it is a budget-friendly gun that does not make any major compromises on durability and quality.

Our verdict is that the CM 16 is the best airsoft gun for the price. The only drawback is for left-handed people because it is just partially ambidextrous.


Do shots from the CM 16 hurt?

While paintballs do hurt a bit, Airsoft BBs have a sting to them. It goes without saying that anything that weighs around 2 grams and is hurled towards you at 300fps is going to be hurt. However, it isn’t painful enough to put you out of commission. You can continue to play.

How long do NiMh batteries in CM 16s last?

Generally, they will last around 24-36 months if they are cared for properly. So, if you charge it up properly and use it, till its dead completely, it shouldn’t be a problem. The battery needs to be stored in a cool, dry place, and with that, it can easily last for up to 1000 cycles.

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