4 Gun Safety Rules – Step by Step Guide with Video and Images.

Gun Safety Rules

You may agree with me when I say:

Gun safety is the first and foremost thing to remember while you're handling the gun. That's why you have to follow some gun safety rules.

Firearms or gun is not a playing kit. Weapons become more deadly if you don't use them correctly. It can kill you or injure.Even it is dangerous for the surrounding people while you're misfiring or something like that.

So, what is the bottom line?

Today, I will discuss in depth, about gun safety rules or how can you handle the gun?

4 Gun Safety Rules

Keep in mind that the real gun is not a paintball gun. It's very deadly one; there is no second chance to recover. Follow every rule, if you want to keep safe yourself or surrounding people.

1. Keep Your Gun Always unload

It's essential to think that your gun is always loaded, even it is empty. Whenever you take the gun first time in your hand, please make sure it is empty. If you don't know how to check the bullets, then seek others help to check the gun.

Keep Your Gun Always unload

2. Keep the Gun in Safe Direction

The second important thing is that keeping the gun in a safe direction. Keep your gun in a safe place where nobody exists. In the firing range, usually, the weapon directed at an empty area or hill tracks or targeted objects. Never aim a gun at another person or yourself.

Keep the Gun in Safe Direction

3. Finger off from the Trigger

Before ready to shooting, don't touch the trigger. It will ruin your life. Money people always try to press the trigger when they take it for the first time in their hand. You have to keep in mind that it is not in safe mode. It is the human psychology that if someone heard the unusual loud or noises, they could shoot if they hold the gun.

Finger off from the Trigger
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4. Aim the Target

As I said in the above, firing range is a Zero Mans Land. Although, check and double check your shooting range. If you feel safe, then start shooting. At the shooting time make sure, what you intend or targeted. STOP firing when you see something abnormal I mean, moving objects, Sound, Color, or unidentifiable aspect. Finally, make sure that all the people are out of firing range. 

Aim the target

5. Operate The Gun properly.

Before firing you have to learn to operate the gun. You can practice shooting at your near firearm training institute. In fact, every gun comes with a user manual. It is essential to know every pros and con of the gun firing. You know rifle or weapon has various mechanical aspects such as Correctly load, unload, repair the malfunction from your gun, etc. But all the arms aren't mechanical.

6. Gun Safety rules - Store The Gun Safely

Store The Gun Safely

Storing the gun is very essential. Choose a safe place in your house to keep the gun safely and prevent the unauthorized uses. Store the weapon and ammunition individually. Make sure that your children don't know where is the gun stored. You can use arms safety locker or box which is approved by California state. Through locker, you can lock the trigger, so that there is no chance to fire. To ensure max safety, you have to use both devices ( Locker and Gun Container). 


Gun Safety Rules While Hunting

In hunting, there are not so different rules but have some extra rules. Read more on safety with hunting equipment

Let's talk more:

  1. While you're hunting in a group, make sure that there is a man who looks after the group as like as a safety officer. He will ensure that everyone in a safe zone.
  2. Make sure that everyone in a single place for shooting not different place. It makes confusion among the shooters.
  3. As usual switch on the gun in safe mode.
  4. Don't try to climb over on a loaded gun. It will be very harmful.
  5. Don't use any scope as a Binoculars (Without recommended)
  6. Check the gun thoroughly carefully, if anything looks doubtful then leave the gun as quick as possible.

Cleaning the Gun

You should clean your gun regularly to get good accuracy and better user experience. And it is one of the critical things to keep your safety. If you maintain and clean them frequently, then it will serve a long time. After the every shooting period clean the gun and store them.

When you're going to shooting with an old gun, then you have to clean and check every part. Sometimes old weapon comes with dust and Accumulated moisture and doesn't work well. You have to clean with oil to get perfect accuracy (Gun manuals recommended). You should clean the gun according to gun manuals.

paintball cleaning tools

While you're going to cleaning the gun please first ensure that it is empty. And the second thing is that there is no ammunition in the cleaning spot. Gun is always open mode if it has bullets. 


Human has only one life. There is no second life chance. Mistake equal death. So, think how important it is to follow the gun safety rules. By the way good luck to you.

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Spencer Jordan - last year

It makes so much sense to always treat your guns as if they are loaded all the time. My family is getting a gun in the house so that we can have some peace-of-mind if intruders come in. I’ll find a safety training class that we can go to so that no accidents happen.

Jarom Linton - last year

I appreciate talking about how you need to always keep the gun loaded, but always act like it is loaded. My partner and I want to get a gun right now for home safety. We have kids at home so we need to learn about how to keep everyone safe.

Lyla Peterson - last year

It’s good to know that you should keep your finger off the trigger unless you are ready to shoot. My boyfriend likes to hunt fowl, so I have been thinking about taking a gun safety course and accompanying him on future trips. I will definitely keep your tips in mind to avoid any serious accidents.

Jarom Linton - last year

I love that you touched on not even touching the trigger until you are ready to fire the weapon. My spouse and I are thinking about getting a new firearm this month so that we can protect ourselves. We want to make sure we are safe so we need to take a class or two.


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