How Much Does Paintball Cost? – Detailed Cost Breakdown

paintball cost

Paintball is hands down a fun outdoor activity that engages your whole body, your mind included.

It’s been there for more than thirty years, with technological adoption as to how the guns get made, making it all the more exciting as the years pass. The essence of the game is teamwork, where one team looks to take out the other side using a paintball gun or a marker and capture the enemy’s flag. 

If you want to make paintballing into a hobby of yours or you want to play the game with your friends, it helps to know what your investment will be. The idea of it might be fun, but ultimately it is your pocket that will let you know whether to go forth or reconsider.

That is all the more so where you’re not only visiting a paintball range but rather something to do in your backyard. 

In this article, we cover the things you need to bring your dream of a paintball hobby to life. It is all the more useful for first-timers who are unaware of what’s required and the cost of the equipment. 

After, you can make a budget of what you need and head to the store or save up for them. Remember, there is the initial cost- everything you need to get started, and the recurring fee which constitutes of the things you’ll have to keep purchasing each time you play. 

Why getting your own gear is important

You can typically rent out the equipment the minute you go for paintballing. In the case where you don’t play the game frequently, then that’s the logical option to go for.

However, those who wish to make it a habit, then it would be best when you purchased your own gear. One thing you want to invest in is the gun.

You want to get used to handling the same weapon and understanding its dynamics. It is much better than having to use a different gun each time and spend part of the game trying to get acquainted with it. 

The same thing goes with the mask, the helmet, the jumpsuit, and other items. Though the company you play paintballing at is responsible for cleaning the gear, not everyone is comfortable with wearing something another person wore.

Even so, having your gear is much better because you’re at liberty to go with it anywhere you want. It’s indeed more fantastic if you’ve customized it to suit your taste. 

With the initial cost, be sure to have a balance between quality and price. You don’t need to spend tons of money even though it’s something that you’ll use frequently.

It’s also worth remembering that expensive is not synonymous with quality. Focus on getting gear with good ratings- they are not a brand name. Be sure to get something that will serve you for a long time. 

Recurring cost

Paintball is not like other outdoor activities. Each time you go to play, you have to pay for the gas, the balls, and the paintball field that you’re using.

You have to consider these costs and have the cash aside each time you want to head out. As with other things, you want to purchase items in bulk so that you save costs.

Where you can, consider cost-sharing some of the stuff with a friend who’s equally into paintballing. 

Paintballing equipment 

There are two different types of equipment you can purchase for paintballing purposes. Th

ere are the basic pack and one that has high-end equipment.

For beginners, then the best kit for you to go for is the entry-level semi-automatic or the electro-mechanical gun. They come along with other equipment that you need to get you ready for paintballing.

That means you’ll as well get a tank, hopper, and a mask as part of the package. These packages don’t come cheap; you’ll have to dish out $70-$100 for it depending on the brand. 

You don’t have to go for a set in case you feel that separate purchases will save you money.

Depending on the brands that you opt for and the number of items you buy, your starting cost can be around $12, and that is without the gun or the CO2 canister. For the hoppers and then you’ll part with about $5 and $20 respectively. 

Even with all that, what matters most here is the gun. The least expensive you can get in the market that is of reasonable quality costs about $70.

The average price of a paintball gun is $150, but some go as high as $1,000. If you’re a beginner, you may want to hold out and get an entry-level gun before dishing out hundreds of dollars.

Only opt for a high-end weapon should you be keen on turning a paintballing into a hobby you’re passionate about, and you’ve used enough rental guns to know what specs work for you. 

Cost of paintballs 

Paintballs are made from biodegradable and non-toxic material so you can use them in peace, knowing you’re not affecting the environment.

They do contain cornstarch and metallic flakes that make the paint thick, which makes it hard for anyone to get rid of the evidence that they’ve been hit.

What determines the quality it the thickness of both the shell and the paint, and also how spherical the shell appears.

You want thin shells that can burst on impact instead of bouncing off, which would have the opponent get away clean. Paintballs typically come in case of around 2,000 balls, and beginners tend to use about 600 paintballs in one day. You’ll equally note the come on various sizes which teed to be between .40 and .68 caliber (diameter).

The most commonly used dimensions are .68 caliber. You will find that the smaller calibers are best for younger players to reduce the pain they get from the impact on their gear and skin. Likewise, if you want to play a low impact game, then the size to go for is .40 caliber. 

Do note that .68 caliber tend to be heavier, and so is the gun they get paired with. Therefore, consider the types of games that you’ll be playing.

Do you want a game where the paintball gets shot out at high velocity and causes a satisfying “splat,” or do you want something low impact to reduce any bruising or welt that you might come away with after a game?

Consider the type of impact game you want to play before getting both the paintballs and the gun. When you want to get your kid a paintball gun, then get one that accommodates a .50 paintball.

These are by far the most popular for kids who are new to the sport, are playing on indoor fields, or only play the game casually. It’s merely not just for kids. A lot more people are opting out of the pain that the traditional paintballing comes with and would much rather go with a low-impact caliber.

If you’re one of those, then, by all means, opt for the .50 caliber. There is indeed room to get away with a hit when using the .50 paintball. Most times, they don’t break on impact, so you get to escape and stay in the game longer.

The other thing that makes them ideal is that their small size means you can pack more paintballs in the hopper, which translates to a few reloads. The paintball size trickles down to the air required and the gun. We will similarly look at how the paintballs of this size affect the type and the cost of the weapon you’ll get. 

Keep in mind that a lot of fields don’t allow you to carry your own paintballs, and you’ll have to purchase theirs on sight. That will cost you about $35 to $60 for a box of 2,000 paintballs, but don’t be too surprised should the price goes up to $80.

However, that pricing is preserved for professional0grade paintballs that get used during tournaments. When you get to pro-status, then you can get a box with 500 rounds that are about $10. 

Paintball gas

Gas is what fuels the paintball gun. It comes in canisters of various sizes so you can purchase them bases on need and also the price point.

For the longest time, the gas that paintball players used was CO2, but that is changing. Some want to get compressed air instead because it tends to have a lesser environmental impact.

Otherwise, when you’re using the traditional pump-action gun, then you’ll have to get yourself a 12-gram CO2 canister. The price does vary too, and if you run you, don’t worry. Paintball fields do offer players refills. 

Most stores tend to offer refills for CO2 or compressed air tanks at $3 to $6. Keep in mind what you end up paying will depend on the size of the gun’s tanks size.

That’s something to keep in mind as you’re buying a paintball gun.

When you have the funds or it makes financial sense, you can purchase a large CO2 tank and then do the refilling on your own. Sure, the initial cost will be quite a bit, but in the long run, it’s the better route. 

Paintballing field

Image result for Paintball field

The price you pay to play at a field does vary depending on where you go.

They cost about $10 to $25 per person, which is dependent on the location and perhaps the amenities that they provide. The more sophisticated the field is, the more you might get charged.

You’ll also find that professional level fields are quite more expensive than the regular ones. It is best to work your way up, and if you want to go pro, then you can consider playing for the extra cost. 

What’s next

So far, we’ve given a brief breakdown of the essential gear that you need for paintballing.

However, should you want to know more about the various brands available, of which you likely want to, then you’ll have to make individual searchers of each piece of equipment.

Buying guides and articles with top picks by paintball experts will indeed help guide you in making the right decision. I’ve curated a list of the best paintball brands which will give you more insight and confidence when the time to buy a marker comes.

From this article, you can pen down the average costs of each product and then look for items that fall under your budget.

That is a fantastic starting point because you won’t get overwhelmed. All you ought to do is use the filter to get things that fall within the range of what you wish to spend.

It’s better when you do this with someone as they can potentially help you notice the features that are important, which you might miss out. Even better, get a seasoned player who can give you tips and tricks. 

Most of all, it is best to go out and get your own gear, particularly a gun, after you’ve had some experience in the field.

Then, you can be a better judge of what components of the gun matter the most to you. What’s best is getting a professional or something with experience to share their tips on what to get.

Additionally, do keep in mind the type of paintballing that you want; do you want something low or high intensity? That will dictate not just the gun that you get but even the accompanying paintball.

Don’t forget that factor when settling for the weapon. 

Wrap up

Paintballing is, no doubt, a thrilling game to play. It’s may perhaps also be all the more exciting to you if you’re an enthusiast with your own gear because you can take it anywhere you want with you.

The thing about having equipment that’s yours is that it communicates to your teammates and opponents that you’re serious about the game and a force to be reckoned with. Even so, don’t break your bank; it’s alright to start small.

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