How to Choose an Airsoft Pistol – Step by Step Guide [Expert reviews]

airsoft pistol

An airsoft pistol is a toy replica of an actual pistol available in the market. Still, the difference is that an airsoft pistol is used for sports and other recreational activities. The airsoft pistols are made to shoot nonmetallic objects towards a target. These nonmetallic projectiles that are used by airsoft guns are mainly plastic, and others have other biodegradable resin materials. The airsoft pistols have less penetrative power and stopping powers compared to ordinary firearms.

To choose an airsoft gun for you to use, you need to first know the basics before buying. There are several high-quality airsoft pistols available in the market. I recommend that you should learn how to handle the airsoft pistols properly. Though they are not real guns, they can be dangerous to you and anyone around you when not properly handled.

Depending on the design of an airsoft pistol, a particular model can either be a mechanical type of airsoft pistol or an automatic type. Airsoft pistols are designed to have similar resemblance externally to that of an actual gun. It can be tough to distinguish the pistols, but the nozzles of the pistols are different; some of the airsoft pistols have an orange muzzle. The airsoft pistol cannot be modified to become an actual gun.

Choosing an airsoft gun

There are three basic types of airsoft pistols. These are the spring-powered airsoft pistols, gas-powered airsoft pistols, and automatic electric airsoft pistols. All of these basic types of airsoft pistols give different levels of efficiency while using. All of these types of airsoft are made out of high-quality material with various powering features. It is important to note that airsoft guns that are made using plastic gearboxes have significantly lower firing power compared to firearms made out of metallic gearboxes.

Other than the safety of an airsoft pistol, they are other factors and features one should consider. I recommend that you should go for the more popular models of airsoft pistols. With the popular models of airsoft pistols, you can easily get both internal and external upgrades to improve their performance while their spare parts are accessible available in the market. Another factor to consider is both cost and weight factor, and you will need a pistol that is lightweight and cheaper. It is also good to read customer reviews of a particular model of airsoft pistol that you have chosen.

Spring Powered Airsoft Pistols

It is the most basic and the original type of airsoft pistol. The spring-powered type airsoft gun is considered as the entry-level type of airsoft gun for beginners who chose to use airsoft guns. The spring-powered type work through potential energy that is in a compressed coil sting. Upon firing, a trigger piston air pump pressurizes the air within the pump cylinder and in turn, blows pallets down the gun barrel.

Spring Airsoft pistol

This particular model is a single shot type of airsoft pistol, as you will have to decompress the spring under stress before every shot manually. Because of this spot ring, guns are entirely incapable of automatic and semi-automatic design o firing. The spring-powered are generally less powerful compared to a gas-powered type of airsoft guns. Some electric pistols use springs to propel pellets. They are not considered in this category, as they have external power sources.


  • The spring-powered airsoft pistols do not need an external power source to be operational.
  • These are a generally cheaper option to other types of airsoft pistols
  • The pistols are perfect as a starter airsoft pistol to new owners.
  • Some models are powerful sniper rifles.
  • It can easily be upgraded to increase power.
  • It works efficiently in all weather conditions.


  • You will have to cock before every shot manually.
  • Have a shorter life expectancy due to its low costs.
  • The pistol is more common in plastic than metallic material.
  • The spring action is quite loud and can reveal your position.

Gas Powered Airsoft Pistol

The gas-powered airsoft pistols are the most common types available in the market. There are different models of gas-powered on the market. The standard types are CO2 and propane. The gas-powered feel more realistic compared to other types of airsoft pistols. The pistols use potential energy kept in compressed gas to stimulate the shooting mechanism. The hooting mechanism is an entirely different design principle to the spring and electrical type of airsoft pistol.

Gas powered Airsoft pistol

Most manufactured type of the gas-powered airsoft pistols id the gas blowback. The blowback uses an internal gas cylinder usually the magazine, upon a trigger, it releases a prefilled bottled gas via a series of valves o propel a pallet and generate a blowback. It will also simultaneously recoil and load the next shot. This type of gas-powered airsoft pistols is capable of both automatic and semi-automatic operation.


  • It is a more realistic and versatile option
  • The pistol has a blowback feature that places a pallet ready for the next shot.
  • Gas-powered pistols have both semi-automatic and automatic firing capabilities.
  • The gas-powered pistols are also popular due to their size.


  • Other models of the gas-powered offer gasses harmful to the environment.
  • Gas in the pistols can freeze and lead to the pistol to multifunction.
  • The gas-powered pistol is more expensive compared to spring-powered pistols.
  • The gas clouds can give up your location.
  • Spare gas canisters are required for lengthy gaming, and they are quite expensive.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can airsoft guns kill? 

A: It has been the biggest fear to new users due to similar resemblance to an actual gun. An airsoft bullet can travel on the speed of 500 to 700 feet per second. At this speed, the impact is enough to sting or pop an eye out but kill.

In close ranges, an airsoft bullet can pop out both an eardrum and eyes, but there is no record of a person dying of a shot. The airsoft guns can be modified to increase speed, but this will result in the only sting more and not death.

Q: What airsoft pistol should I get?

A: Choosing an airsoft gun can be a very overwhelming task for a beginner since there are different types of airsoft pistols in the market. Researching different types of airsoft guns can be a beneficial tool to do.

Choosing one will eventually narrow down to your budget and the size of the pistol that you will comfortable operating. For a beginner, the spring airsoft powered pistol is one for you. For an expert, an airsoft pistol choice will be narrowed down to the technique or style of using the gun.

Q: Do airsoft bullets hurt?

A: This is a common question that beginners ask. The answer is simply yes. The level of pain that the bullets offer depends on a lot of factors. The factors are the velocity of the bullet, volume, and weight of the bullet.

Significant factors that can influence the level of pain are; the range of the shooter and the target, the closer the range, the more pain on the impact on the target. Another factor influencing the pain is the area of the effect. Some parts of the body are more sensitive such as the crotch, inside the arm or leg. Items like clothing can reduce the pain of airsoft bullet.

Q: What is the most accurate airsoft pistol?

A: There are quite several factors that will influence the accuracy of an airsoft pistol. The bullets of the airsoft pistols are made out of plastic. Also, the velocity of the bullet once shot is very low compared to that of a real gun. Factors such as these will make an airsoft gun less accurate. Some ways will improve the accuracy of an airsoft pistol, such as increasing the length of the barrel. An airsoft pistol such as TM M16 is more accurate than others.

Q: Are airsoft revolvers good?

A: There are different types of airsoft revolvers in the market place. They can be either be spring powered or gas powered airsoft pistols. Both of the kinds of revolvers are made out of high-quality materials. Though the pistols are quite smaller in size, they offer more velocity and can shoot greater distances. An airsoft revolver can offer more strategic sportsmanship while having an easy loading and unloading procedure. An airsoft revolver provides a more consistent rate of fire compared to other guns. The only limitation they have is you only get six shots per round.

Final Verdict and Recommendation 

If you are about to choose an airsoft pistol, the first thing you will have to consider is your level of skill. Each type of airsoft gun has its advantages and disadvantages. I recommend to you if you are a new user of airsoft gun that if you do not have a particular preference is for you to try them all. By doing so, you will know the effectiveness of all airsoft pistols, and you will be able to choose one that suits you. Remember, always have safety gear while using the airsoft pistols.

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