How to Choose Paintball Guns – [Infographic]

How to choose paintball guns

How to choose paintball guns for the first time?

Nowadays, one of the most trending sports is a paintball game. There are different types of paintball games can be played, such as speedball, woodsball, Scenario, milsim, etc. There are a few essential things you need to buy to play this game. It doesn't matter you're a pro or beginner player. You need to fix a budget to buy the best paintball stuff, such as a gun, mask, paintballs, tank, hopper, clothes, etc. The more important thing is that you need to check the gun before buying it is customizable or not.

As a beginner, buying or choosing the paintball guns for the first time is frustrating. Even sometimes experience player also makes this mistake while choosing the perfect paintball gun. Don't worry we'll teach you how to choose a paintball gun.

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Best paintball guns infographic

6 steps to check before buying the paintball guns

There is 6 step by step guide and a few questions on how to choose paintball guns. That will help you to pick your dream paintball gun.

1. Do some online research on: paintball gun 

If you're a beginner of this game, then you need to know a lot of things about paintball. As example how to play paintball game, how to choose paintball guns, what to wear to play paintball game, how to become a good paintball player, how to improve shooting accuracy, etc.

By the way, I'm just going to tell you how to choose a paintball gun in this article.

  • There are a lot of best guns on the market that really worth the money. But don't run for the best gun. At first, find out what gun suit you best, then go for it.
  • eBay or Amazon is one of the best ways to get the accurate information regarding your preferred playing style guns. They provide customer-valued product descriptions.
  • Even you can check the manufacturer's sites on the particular paintball gun. Sometimes they provide real-time pros & cons of the selected paintball gun. You can also buy a paintball gun from them.

2. Take professional Advice

Almost new paintball players don't know what they need to be the best paintball player. If you're going to buy a new paintball gun for the first time, then you need to take professional advice. You can find them near your paintball pro shop or fields. Talk to them about your problems/questions, and they will help you to get the better paintball guns & necessary stuff.

  • Another great way to know which one is the best gun by going to a paintball field. Where only play paintball game and has no attached shop not sell any paintball stuff. They will give you honest information because they have no intention to sell something to you.
  • Take advice from your friends & family member who is already good at paintball game. What their thought about your chosen guns?

3. Fix a budget for all paintball stuff

There is a wide variety of paintball guns. It starts from $40 to $2000, in fact, one of the most expensive paintball gun's price is $5000. So define your budget, how much you want to spend on gun and others stuff. $200 is the best price for a good starter paintball gun. You can increase your gun price according to your budget. $200 is a just initial price for a good paintball gun. Always keep in mind that your first thing to consider is the best gun.

  • You also need to set a budget for other paintball stuff, such as a tank, hopper, mask, pods, clothes, etc. Initially, $100 is enough for necessary gears. 
  • Don't go for lower price paintball guns. Almost time, lower price gun don't maintain the quality. Without having a good paintball marker, you can't defeat the opposite player. So invest your time and money for an excellent gun.

4. Define your preferred playing style

You know there are different types of paintball games such as Woodsball, Scenario, MilSim & Speedball. Different paintball games need different paintball gun, so pick up the good one according to your playing style.

There are three different types of paintball gun exist in the world. Such as Woodsball or magfed, speedball & pump paintball gun. Among them, speedball is most famous paintball guns all over the world. Another name of the speedball gun is the electrical paintball gun. The electrical paintball gun is very easy to operate and maintain.

5. Testing the practical paintball guns

Go to your nearest paintball shop or field, and starting digging which paintball gun do you want. After finding out the gun, hold it in your hand and feel it. Then judge it is how good in your hand. If it is comfortable in your hand, then go for it without thinking twice. Because the best gun doesn't mean that it is good at hand. Don't forget to check its weight and durability. By the weighty gun, you can't move in the field too quickly.

One of the most neglecting sides of the paintball gun is how does it look? Paintball players usually ignore it but not all the players. You know, paintball game is for fun. Without having a good looking paintball gun, it doesn't seem good.

6. Finally, compare the price point.

After choosing the preferred paintball gun it's time to compare the price. Because there is a lot of online retails shop to buy. The different shop offers different price point. If you want a lower price than online shop you may check your nearest local shop.

Few Paintball FAQs

The newcomer to this games frequently ask some questions regarding paintball gun and games. That's why we try to solve a few questions. Hope you'll get benefited.

How Much You want to Play?

Initially, a complete paintball set up cost $100 to $150, including a gun, mask, hopper, tank and a few pods. By the way, you can rent the complete setup only for $20 to $25 in the rental shop or paintball field. If you're a casual player I mean plays once or twice a year then it is wise to rent equipment instead of buying. On the second hand, If you want to play paintball games regularly then buy a good paintball gun. After playing one or two years, you'll automatically know how much you need to play.

Always keep in mind that don't run for the best gun, choose the gun that suits you best. 

How Much does Paintball Cost or Want to Invest?

If you want to play paintball every weekend, then don't buy cheap paintball gun setup. You need to buy heavy and upgradeable paintball guns. For an example there is a lot of manufacturing company provide inexpensive guns that work great in the field but aren't fast, accurate, consistent or long-lasting. In the above, there is a youtube video regarding a complete paintball setup for $500.

Which one do you prefer: Medium-Range or Low-End Gun?

Its depend on yourself. As I mentioned in the above, first define yourself. Are you a casual or regular player? It's easy to determine that if you're a casual player, then you need a low-end gun. On the other hand, if you're a regular player, then you need to buy a medium range or a high-end gun. Usually, the low-end gun's price starts from $70 to $80 and medium range gun's $150 to $300. These guns are accurate, durable, heavy duty, consistent air efficiency and reliable. The most important thing is that these guns are upgradeable.

What To Do If Your gun Breaks?

Sometimes unluckily the paintball gun breaks. So, what you need to know before choosing the gun? Its simple just check the gun repairing cost before buying it. Usually, it takes $25 to max $50 for repairs. If repairing cost expensive then don't buy those gun. Another thing to remember while buying the paintball gun, check the gun's extra parts availability.
If somehow your gun break, at first you need to read the manufacturer manual fix the minor problem. If you're not enough confident on what you're doing, then go to a pro or repairing shop to fix the issues.

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