Planet Eclipse Etek 5 Review – An Awesome Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse's ETEK 5 is the fifth installment in the ETEK series and it is very popular for a number of reasons. The previous ETEKs were known for being very loud. They were also too hard on the paintballs and simply could not shoot continuously without bursting a few open.    

However, when the ETEK 5 was launched, it created quite a buzz because not only was it more silent, but it also did not smash the modern paintballs while in the breech or barrel. Additionally, it was reliable and affordable and this pushed it to be among the best.    

With this in mind, below is a review of the ETEK that shows you how good of a marker it is.      

Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 Review 2020

This paintball marker features a Zick3 Rammer system that has a 2-stage acceleration profile. On the first stage, it gives a slower and gentler acceleration to the bolt then increases this during the second stage to give a super-fast shot. This setup ensures that it is gentle on the paintballs while also reducing the recoil effect.

A Cure5 bolt is used to make the shot and it has a soft face that does not crack open the fragile paintballs. The bolt is actually similar to the one in the LV1 and thus, it basically performs in the same way.    

Additionally, the unit has a lower firing pressure of only 85 PSI thanks to its internal low-pressure regulator. This means that it is gentler on the paintballs and it uses less compressed air per shot fired, translating to cost savings for the replacement of the compressed air canister overtime.     

With this low operating pressure, the other advantage that arises is a silent shot. The bolt inside is pushed forward at this low pressure and thus, when you fire it, the amount of noise that is released is much lower as compared to that in the previous models. In the field, this has numerous benefits because it lets you stalk your opponents while firing at them and they barely hear you coming.      

In terms of handling, the ETEK 5 features a contoured dual-density grip that fits perfectly in one hand while you hold a dual density antibody foregrip using your other hand.        

ETEK 5 upgrades

Most markers from Planet Eclipse feature RGB LEDs for showing you the modes and gun firing settings among many others. If you find it confusing to read colors and blinks, the ETEK 5 features one very important upgrade and this is a 32 × 128 OLED screen. The display easily fits at the back of the marker and makes it easy to tweak most of the gun’s settings in a very intuitive way.         

From the outside, these two markers are practically identical, with the only difference being a hose-less Etha-2 while the ETEK has one.      

On the inside, however, there are a couple of differences. First, in the Etha 2, the trigger frame is board less. Instead, its circuit board and battery are located above the trigger and inside the foregrip respectively.      

In terms of operations, Etha 2 is run by a Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain, with an operating pressure of about 200 PSI. This makes it a bit louder and less efficient than the ETEK 5, but it fires the shots at a higher velocity to cover a longer range.        


The ETEK 5 holds true to the basic principles of Planet Eclipse by having outstanding performance, looks, and ergonomics. Its array of innovative design technologies make it exceed the expectations of a mid-range paintball gun, making it one of the best markers for the money.

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