10 Self-defense Tips for Women


Self – defense is a natural human instinct. Whenever we feel that we are in danger, we try to find some ways or solutions how to escape from the dangerous place or the situation or even how to avoid dangerous places and situations.

The human brain is programmed to react quickly and to recognize the possible dangerous environments. Learning how to defend yourself is a crucial skill every human should learn because that is one of the essential skills how to survive in life. During childhood, parents educate their children how to defend themselves, how to protect themselves and how to avoid dangerous places and situations. Despite children, women also tend not to be really safe. We hear every day on television and radio or read online that some woman was raped or robbed or abducted.

This may seem like a stereotype for some people, but just because of the conclusion of some people that women are less strong and less aware than men, they become possible victims of prostitution, robbery, violence, abuse or some other types of crimes.

Fight like a girl

Every woman should learn how to become more aware of some possible dangers how to increase her level of safety in order not to become a victim of the cruelty in the world. The truth is that the modern world and the technology offer a lot of gadgets produced with the aim to make everyday life of people easier, but in fact most of these gadgets distract us from the real world and we are not aware that we might be in danger or just because of that distraction we may become victims without even realizing that there have been some possible signs that showed to us that we must be more aware and alert about some people and some situations.

We all want to believe that we live in a safe world and that every person has some good intentions, but unfortunately, that is not true. In this article are offered 10 ways of how women can improve their self – defense and how to become more aware and increase their sense that they might be in some dangerous situation.

During Emergency

  • Helpline Numbers

                     -Store Them

                     -Better Support Facility

  • SOS Apps on Mobile
  • Use of Self Defense Techniques

10 Self-defense Tips for Women

1. Learn more about the phenomena “situational awareness”

Situational awareness means not to let anything or anyone to distract you in any situation or in some situations which seem dangerous to us.

Learn more about the phenomena “situational awareness”

Do not use your phone anytime or at any place. Using your phone is the biggest distraction nowadays. Whenever you walk in a room with unknown people or when you are walking alone, especially during the evening / night in some creepy neighborhood, do not let anything or anyone to distract you. Look if there is someone following you or if there is anything unusual around you. Always be prepared. Women really need to learn how to become more aware of the situation and the surroundings around them.

Situational awareness should become a habit and as the time passes we can improve ourselves and learn to examine some situation or a person better. There is no need to exaggerate with examining every possible situation or surroundings, because in that case our brain may be trained to find some ways to escape from the possible danger even though there are no signs or situations that we are in danger. In that case, the situational awareness may convert into paranoia.

2. Trust your intuition and your instincts.

Women are believed to have better intuition and instincts than men. That is the feeling which appears in our chest and our head and even though we sometimes try to ignore it, it is still there present trying to tell us something or trying to warn us about something or someone. When you believe that something is wrong, or that someone is laying you or has some hidden intentions, in that case listen to your intuition and your instincts and you will always make the right decision.

Trust your intuition and your instincts

3. Take a pepper spray for self – defense

Pepper sprays for self - defense are not something new on the market. There are many people worldwide who prefer carrying a pepper spray anywhere with them. They are affordable, available, and small in size so that you can carry the spray with you anywhere. The sprays do not cause a long – term damage to the attacker, so you do not need to worry about that. You will not be accused of committing a violent act if you were attacked by a person and you used the spray in self – defense.

Despite the traditional sprays, there are some other forms of the spray such as pepper gel and pepper foam. The traditional pepper sprays come in a liquid form and sprays in a stream, cone or fogger style. A stream is considered to be ideal because it is more precise, but the user may possibly need a little practice to get the aim. Cone and fogger styles spray a wider area, so you’re more likely to affect your attacker, but you also risk breathing it in. Liquid pepper sprays are efficient, but there are some disadvantages such as the liquid may be blown by the wind so you will not be able to aim your target.

The pepper gel is considered to be better than the pepper spray because it is heavier than the liquid and it can travel further and it is less likely to be blown away by the wind. Pepper foam works with a precision similar to that of gel, but it usually has a shorter range. With a consistency similar to shaving cream, it shoots out in a gel - like stream and expands into foam once it hits its target, quickly covering a large surface area. Like pepper gel, it’s good for indoor use because it doesn’t fill the room with pepper particles and can be cleaned up more easily, but you’ll have to get closer to your target in order to use it. Some of the best pepper sprays is: SABRE Red Pepper Gel Spray, Fox Labs Mean Green Pepper Spray, Mace Magnum 3 Pepper Gel Spray, Defense Technology Red Band Pepper Spray, UDAP Jogger Fogger, etc.

4. Do not use your phone all the time

Phones are must-have gadgets and are very useful, but they are a huge distraction and can make us unaware of the possible danger around us. Do not use your phone while walking or while crossing the streets.

Do not use your phone all the time

5. Your door must be locked all the time

As soon as you come home, the first thing a woman should do is to lock the door and after that you can take off your shoes or leave your purse in its place. Your door should be locked all the time, no matter if you keep an eye on it all the time. What is more surprising is that you should always answer the door. That does not mean to open the do to anyone. You can simply ask who is the person on the other side of the door. If you know them then open it, if not, ask them to leave or call the police.

6. Do not be a target!

Never wear too many pieces of golden jewelry and so not wear expensive clothes all the time. In that case you may provide the impression that you carry a lot of cash with you or the criminals may want to take your jewelry and you can easily become a victim.

7. Do not wear earphones when you jog or walk!

You may be distracted by the music and you cannot hear that someone approaches near you. Do not use your earphones when you walk/jog because you can become unaware of the surroundings and become a victim.

Do not wear earphones when you jog or walk!

8. Be careful what and where you eat and drink

Be careful what and where you eat and drink

Someone can easily put some drugs into your drink or your food. Be careful when your drink or food is served. There are a lot of scenarios of women being abducted or raped because they were unable to defend themselves because of some drug.

9. Be careful where you park your car

Always park your car in a public and crowded parking place or park near an exit or entrance. Be aware of people around you and the surroundings. Do not park your car in some quiet and dark places because someone can easily harm you when you get in or get out of your car, especially when no one is around.

Be careful where you park your car

10. Attend some self-defense classes

Defending yourself and being more aware are skills which are needed in life and should be learned and practiced in order not to become a victim. If you are not sure that you will be able to defend yourself in some life-threatening situations, sign up for a self-defense class. You will improve your reflexes; you will learn some self-defense techniques and become more aware.

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