The Complete JG Bar 10 Review

JG (Jing Gong – China) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of OEM (original equipment) airsoft rifles. Their Bar 10 is one of their more affordable airsoft rifles based on the Tokyo Marui VSR 10 platform.

The Bar 10 is intended to be a stock model as it is readily customizable via third party aftermarket parts. Tokyo Marui and JG are the two of the most popular sniper rifles to have as upgrade projects for any airsoft player.

The biggest advantage of the JG Bar 10 is that it costs less than half of what you would have to part with to purchase a Tokyo Marui’s VSR-10. Opting to buy the JG bar 10, therefore, allows you to purchase the gun and leave you with enough to buy a good number of high-performance upgrades and accessories.

There are several variants of the JG bar 10 but just 2 versions of the rifle. These are the compact G-SPEC and the standard BAR-10. These guns are often simply referred to as ‘450 fps’ or 500 fps rifles. Both versions are more or less the same gun. The only difference being is the stiffness of their internal springs.

What to Expect

Many people wrongfully assume that buying a stock JB Bar 10 is going to be unusable without the right upgrades. In reality, that’s not the case, and it is something we found out when trying the guns out in person. If anything, we rate the Bar 10 amongst the best stock sniper rifles you can buy right now. The gun is combat-ready out of the box because it comes with everything you’ll need to start playing airsoft in the field.

The box contains the rifle, a single 25 round magazine, scope rings, scope, scope lens, loader, and a box of BBs along with the user manual. So, it is evident from what we listed that just about everything you’ll need is included. However, they (the manufacturer) go one step further by including the necessary tools you will need to install or remove parts such as screws and an Allen key.

It is worth noting that the BBs included are not the best quality. You will want to invest in better quality BBs. Furthermore, that single magazine that comes with the gun might not be enough, so you should get yourself at least 2 more. That said, the manual is super helpful, and does a good job of helping users take the gun apart and install the required accessories. The only drawback with the manual is that it is in very bad English, making it difficult to understand at first. But most people should be able to follow along with the diagrams.

The other thing worth pointing out for us is that if you want to add a scope, it can be a challenge lining it up with the body of the gun. If you are faced with this challenge like we were and others, then you’ll want to drill on the rails so that everything is aligned perfectly. Once you do that, there should be no further issues.

It is our opinion the manufacturers have pulled every trick in the book to keep the price of the gun at an affordable level, which to us, is a good thing.

Key Features


The Muzzle velocity of the JG Bar 10 is anywhere from 370 fps to 400fps, with a 0.25 gram BB. However, lighter BBs like ones weighing 0.20 grams can get you between 400fps to 450 fps.

The maximum range is around 190 feet, which is a considerable distance, and will allow you to pick players off from a distance. However, the range can be increased to 500 feet per second with the right upgrades.

Highly Customizable

Customizability is one of the most outstanding features of the rifle. The JG Bar 10 was designed with customizability in mind, which is what makes it such as good buy or at least worthy of consideration.

To start with, it is a true replica of the Tokyo Mauri VSR-10, which means that there is endless customizability with a myriad of accessories available. Now because parts are so easily available, there are also, for the most part, cheaper on average. That said, the question you are probably asking is, why would someone buy a low-level sniper rifle only to upgrade it later on? Well, because that way, you can customize how it performs. Plus, personalizing it is cheaper.

It will probably cost you way more money to buy a gun that offers the performance you want out of the box. That’s why players prefer using a platform rifle that can be easily upgraded. Doing this allows them to incur the upgrade costs gradually.

The other reason is you can upgrade the gun to suit your needs. You can add what you want and leave out what does not matter. That does away with having a gun with features you will never use.


The JG Bar 10 is a lightweight gun that is impressive for its size. The lower than average weight can be attributed to the use of a polymer stock. Weighing just 5 pounds out of the box means, it does not end up weighing a lot even after all upgrades have been added. The advantage of using a lightweight gun like the JG Bar 10 is that it will not wear you out in the field.

The Scope

The scope is a standard add-on, included in the JG bar 10 box. You don’t have to pay extra for the scope because it is considered a part of the gun.

The 3×9 illuminating scope also comes with a lens protector and batteries installed. We were personally impressed with the 11 various illumination settings, which is hard to find elsewhere in this price range.

The lights do a good job of illuminating dark areas, which improves accuracy with clearer vision. However, a scope mount with 2 scope rings will need to be added to put everything together.

A Rubberized Butt Pad and Hollow Stock

The feeling of the rubberized butt-pad offers more than sufficient grip when it is tucked into your shoulders. If anything, it makes gripping the gun firmly easier, and you don’t have to exert much pressure on it either.

When the section is removed, it reveals a cavity or what’s called a hollow stock. You can probably use it to store a few dozen BBs in there, which can be loaded mid-game. The space can also be used to store things like tools and lubricants to fix a jammed gun on the field.

However, if you are using the cavity to carry stuff, you might want to stuff a cloth into it so that things inside don’t move around. Nobody wants their gun rattling in the middle of a game when they are firing off a few rounds.

Alternatively, if you are one of those people who think that the gun is too light, you can stuff a few essentials into it with some cloth to weigh it down.

Outer Body Aka the Outer Shell

The outer body is made from polymer, which is a type of plastic known for its high strength to weight ratio. This means the gun’s body is strong enough to withstand inevitable falls and hits in the field.

The polymer is an inexpensive material. The low price of polymer is part of the reason why the manufacturers can keep the cost of this gun as low as it is. Plastics are poor conductors of heat. The polymer body, therefore, ensures you don’t need to wear gloves in extreme weather conditions.

The body is further coated with a rubber finish, which gives the entire gun a comfortable feel when handling as well as helps increase friction for a firm grip. Even if your hands get sweaty or you find yourself playing when it’s drizzling outside, there is no chance the gun could slip out of your hands.

Another advantage of the rubberized finish is that it prevents the gun’s surface from becoming reflective under natural light. With some guns, the body reflects the sunrays when under direct sunlight, and this easily betrays the player’s position.

You definitely don’t want your gun to give out your position to the enemy. So, the rubber finish also makes the gun quieter and consequently easier for you to blend in. Not to mention that it also makes the gun more comfortable to handle.

Sling Mount 

You will find two metal sling mounts on the lower end of the stock. While the JG Bar 10 does not come with a sling, you can still attach one to this metallic mount.

One reason why we assume that the manufacturer didn’t add a sling to the JG Bar 10 is to keep prices down, but also because they didn’t want to add a low-quality one. However, you now have the opportunity to buy a secure, sling mount of your choice.

Adjustable Hop-Up

The hop-up unit is a small metal tab located on the left side of the stock, which you can slide up and down. Pushing it towards the rear will setup the hop-up. Setting it down requires pulling it towards the barrel.


This gun comes with a standard 30 round magazine. It fits perfectly into the lower part of the gun’s stock. However, it is well hidden and hard to notice if you are not sure what to look for when inserting the magazine.

We like the fact that the magazine fits in such a way that it sits flush against the surface of the gun. The lower body remains consistent, therefore not interfering with its handling.

It also ensures smooth hand movement along the gun’s body. Make sure the magazine clicks into place before going out on the field. If it doesn’t click, it may not be securely attached and could easily fall off.


  • Affordable
  • Highly upgradable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable hop up unit
  • 11 scope settings
  • Strong aluminum trigger assembly
  • Rubberized outer body
  • Has a sling mount
  • Has bi-pod mounting lug
  • Strong polymer stock


  • Stiff hop up unit
  • Safety latch sometimes gets in the way of the bolt’s movement
  • Manual mostly in Chinese
  • Spring doesn’t last long

Final Verdict

The JG bar 10 is one of the two best stock rifles ideal for users looking to upgrade gradually. It is a clone of the pricier Tokyo Marui VSR – 10.

Considering that the JG Bar 10 costs less than the Tokyo Marui makes it an excellent choice. So, you can buy the JG and have enough left over for upgrades. You can use the gun as it is with no upgrades whatsoever though its performance leaves a lot to be desired.

On the whole, this is the gun of choice simply because of the wide range of possibilities it offers users. It is an excellent weapon because of the potential to be upgraded and hence become a force to be reckoned with when compared to higher-priced rifles.


Which mags can I use with the JG bar 10 rifle?

This gun uses JG bar 10 30 RD spring magazines.

I need a case for my bar 10 rifle. How long is this rifle?

It measures about 42 inches in length

What does “rifle is scope ready” mean?

It means the gun has a weaver rail already attached. You can mount a scope on it easily.

Can I add a silencer to the JG bar 10?

You can add a silencer, but it requires some modification to the barrel. The orange cap at the end of the barrel is held by a glued pin so it won’t be difficult to modify. You might need an extra piece to attach the muzzle.


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