Tippmann 98 Custom Review – A Best Beginner Paintball Gun

Tippmann 98 custom review

Welcome to Tippmann 98 custom review!

If you're a beginner or new paintball player or want to buy beginners paintball guns then there is no option except 98. Initially, Tippmann offers two years warranty on their Tippmann paintball gun series which is great.

The interesting part is that it doesn't matter how much time you drop the gun on the ground, it works as like as new one. This custom series is easier to maintain, upgrade and modification.

Tippmann 98 is the most popular paintball marker and best selling paintball guns all over the world for all time. Paintball lover called this gun AK-47 in the paintball world. You can't disagree with me that it is the cool paintball gun too.

There is two different version of Tippmann 98 and are both Platinum series:

1. Ultra Basic
2. ACT

Cool Features:

  1. Weight: 6.5 LB (Shipping)
  2. Gun Weight: 3.2 LB (Includes barrel)
  3. Velocity: 300 FPS
  4. Caliber size: .68
  5. Barrels: 8.5 inches anodised barrel
  6. Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
  7. Body: Aluminum
  8. Hopper capacity: 200 Round
  9. Supported Gas: Co2, Compressed air, Nitrogen
  10. Rubbers custom foregrip

Before diving into the in-depth review, I want to clear its short and cool review.

- Durable
- Reliable
- Cyclone Feed system
- Crazy Customizable
- E-Trigger

Tippmann 98 custom details Reviews:

This ultra basic paintball gun comes with a cartoon box including spare parts (maintenance pack), 98 custom thread barrel, one feed hopper neck and gun. 

- The Gun made from durable aluminium materials.
- The trigger is super fast, and you can shoot eight balls per second.
- Easy to clean and maintain.
- It will be okay if you clean it frequently.
- This gun is more customizable than others gun on the market.
- The feed neck is removable and easy to assemble.
- There is a new style hook attachment back of the gun.
- You can hang on the gun through hook; even you can completely remove the hook.
- The grip frame is compatible with the trigger.

e-trigger Upgrade:

Basically, it comes with a manual trigger, but you can upgrade it with an electronic trigger, another name is e-trigger. 

Before changing the trigger, you have to buy few elements such as a capacitor, solenoid board, wire harness, new sear, magnet, sea spring, armature pin. These instruments you need to use inside of the gun.

The user manual and video will help you to make it easier.

Cyclone feed system:

If you want to upgrade the cyclone feed system instead of primary feeding system then it useful to know how to do this.

I'm going to tell you How to install Tippmann 98 Custom Cyclone Feed System: 

- It's very simple and straightforward.
- At first, remove the old f
eed neck.
- And new cyclone feed neck.
- Screw it according to manual guide.
- Attach the hopper and start firing, that's it.

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun Cyclone Feed System

tippmann 98 Custom Price: 

Tippmann 98 custom price is lower than others similar gun. The manufacturer offers both options - the only gun and necessary equipment. Mainly they provide tank, hopper, mask, pods, pin valve, etc. in the gun package. According to 98 custom price, the quality is excellent. There are a lot of similar paintball gun on the market with the same price point, but they have no minimum quality to fight in the field. This is the best cheap paintball gun on the planet. If you need entry level paintball gun, then we highly recommend this 98 custom Tippmann gun for you.

How to do basic maintenance of Tippmann 98: 

- before cleaning the gun first do the d-gas.
- Then Check the gun that there is no extra gas.
- Remove the barrel and neck.
- take off all the screws through Allen key.
- First Carefully remove both sides back grip then font side.
- after taking off the cover then start cleaning according to your needs.

This is shortcut way to clean the gun but here is a details guide on how to clean paintball gun and a youtube video


Are the Carve and Army Barrels work with 98?

Answer: Yes, Of course, those barrels work great. Basically, army models and carver one same guns but slightly different, and all are variations of the 98. Before changing the barrel just make sure that this is threaded for 98 custom.

Does 98 offer front cover for the barrel?
Yes, it comes with a cover.

What parts are included with the gun?
It comes with everything that described in the descriptions, such as a gun, small parts bag, a squeegee, barrel cover and a user guide.

Does 98 support Cyclone feeder system?

Answer: Yes it is but it doesn't come with Cyclone feeder. You need to buy it separately. In this package, it offers just a gun nothing else.

What is the difference between 98 and Cronus?

Well, Tippmann 98 has an aluminum receiver and it offers a lot of upgrades. Such as the Cyclone feed system, response trigger, e-trigger. The upgraded parts are more powerful and improve shooting ability. On the other hand, You can't upgrade the Cronus for the polymer receiver. But both have the same bolt design(Internal). Compare to the Cronus, 98 is more customizable.

Above all difference, both guns are the best choice for beginners, and low maintained requires.


Our final word is that if you're not going to buy this gun after reading this in-depth review that means you're losing your money to buy the replica of Tippmann gun. This is the right gun to invest. Thanks for reading!

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