Tippmann A5 Review 2020 – Best Upgradeable Paintball Gun Ever!

Tippmann A5 review

With the increase in popularity of paintballing as an outdoor sport, there has also been an increase in the number and variety of paintball guns as manufacturers try to capitalize on this growing market.       

However, this also means that there is a very high possibility of you getting substandard paintball markers because these have also flooded the market.

One brand though has proved itself to be among the best and this is Tippmann. They have an amazing array of paintball guns, which are powerful, durable and have advanced features that will simplify the task of marking your opponents.      

Hopefully, you've already heard that Tippmann A-5 is called AK47 in the paintball world. To be honest, it's worth to called it. Tippmann A-5 offers an extreme level of customization rather than others marker. From my personal experiences, I've been using this marker for five years, and I'm very satisfied with it. It is well designed for quick movement in the field and very recommended as being easy to customize. The A-5 always work better in all conditions.

If you're a woodsball player, then A-5 is the great choice for you. Because, you know, it is important to move carefully and implement the strategy to do better in the field. The advanced equipment of A-5 will give you more confidence in the field and able to defeat the opponents. The plain version of this marker is semi-auto, that's why it works great. By the way, this version plays a significant role in the large fields.

In this article, we feature the Tippmann A5, which is one of the most affordable and customizable markers in their lineup because of the following features: 


  • The gun price is under 200 dollars so that you can upgrade the gun so easily.
  • Same speed as 500 to 1000 dollars guns have.
  • Mechanical response trigger makes it easy.
  • You can clean the gun and assemble it less than an hour.
  • There are a lot of options to customize the gun.
  • You can take the professional advice and even Youtube help.


  • Stock barrel.
  • Stock trigger.
  • No under the rail.

Basic Introduction of Tippmann A5

Today, I'm going to review the upgraded version of Tippmann A5. Basically, Tippmann a5 comes with three different version:

  • A-5 with E-grip.
  • A-5 with a response.
  • A-5 with Selector switch.

It is an accurate, affordable, customizable, durable and upgradable marker. The latest version comes with ten new upgrades. Perfect for scenario or woodsball play. I recommend this gun for beginners to professional, but it is a great choice for an entry-level player.

It comes with a great user manual that will drive you how to use, clean and maintain the gun. Most people ignore the user manual but it will tell you everything about your particular gun.

You can easily handle the trigger mechanism by reading the guide, this type of a lot of stuff included in the guide. It has a cyclone feed and low profile hopper.

A standard barrel and a parts kit bag. The kits including barrel sleeve, screw, squeegee, Allen keys, a couple of O-rings, marker lubricant, a ring mount which is like a sling mount ring, cleaning cable, etc. There is also two little tubes of oil.

Tippmann A5 - The Best Tippmann a5 Upgrades

If you are a Tippmann enthusiast, you are aware of the endless upgrades possibilities that surround Tippmann a5 paintball rifles, and that means that if you are interested in enhancing your performance out of the paintball field with your Tippmann, you are in luck because we explore all the upgrades possible with your Tippmann. 

Keep in mind that even with the upgrades, Tippmann A5 remains one of the best brands of paintball guns, and these upgrades are only there to enhance your performance. The upgrades include ait tank upgrades, cyclone feed upgrades, paintball barrels, and trigger upgrades. 


An eight and a half inch aluminum threaded ported barrel which is black. It is a very generic barrel and nothing fancy. It is the perfect barrel of this version. You can improve the accuracy by replacing the barrel. 14-16 inch barrel works better to increase the high accuracy.

With your shots ready and fast supply of paintballs, it’s time to increase the speed of the shots, as well as the range of your shots, thanks to barrel upgrades – specifically flatline barrel upgrades.

With an upgrade, the barrel is designed to absorb all the impact of the compressed air needed for making shots, steadying the shots in the process. The upgrade will also add yards (up to 50 yards) to your shots, making the gun even better for the bigger terrain arenas.

Besides the improvement of yards and the steady shots, this barrel upgrade, which comes with swapping out of the CO2 tank of a compressed air tank, means a reduction of jamming issues.

The jamming issues in the CO2 gas tanks is because of temperature differences, and also the fact that at very low temperatures, liquid CO2 isn’t converted to gas. The use of compressed air or even pressurized nitrogen gas brings the jamming issues to an end.

 If you like, you could choose the barrel upgrades with compressed nitrogen.

Cyclone Feed System Hopper:

There is a 200 round low profile cyclone feed hopper. It is very compatible with the latest version. The hopper neck little bit loose but you need to tighten it after filling the hopper with paintballs. One of the most interesting things is that You can replace the hopper easily with a larger one. It can fire 15 balls/s without batteries. Caliber size is 68. I can say one thing confidently that you'll fall in love with this gun for its cyclone feeding system.

The Cyclone feed system works well but at the same time, it fails to shoot for low CO2 gas pressure. Usually, after every 400 shots, you need to feed the paintballs manually in order to get proper air efficiency.

Tippmann A5’s patented cyclone feed is one of the best features of this gun since it creates a vortex that delivers paintballs right into its firing chamber.

While the cyclone system is naturally a huge boost in the paintball supply, an upgrade is even better because it means a continuous flow of paintballs and an increase in supply and the firing speed by a huge margin, especially when it’s accompanied by a trigger upgrade.

Tippmann A-5 Gun's Body:

The whole gun body is made from aluminum which is 3.2 pounds(Only gun weight). The total gun's weight 5 pounds It has classic inline mechanical operation system much like Tippmann 98 custom. The cocking mechanism is still on the front side of the gun, You just need to pull the cock before gassed up and ready to shoot.

The newest feature of the gun is that the selector switch on the back side. A5 has never had this switch back before. This selector switch ensures the gun's safety to firing mode. When you down the switch it goes into safety mode and if you again rotated up to the switch then it ready to fire.

It's more realistic rather than having a sliding pan and looks cooler and have more fun. As usual foregrip setup line and ASA bottom. The grip is very comfortable to hold on and enough space to tighten the grip on hand. The basic maintenance is very easy. 


Tippmann A5 has a magnetic electronic trigger which is very smooth to the shooting. The Trigger size is perfect for the gun. You can upgrade the trigger to response trigger or E-Grip. You can learn all the trigger function by reading manuals guide.

An upgrade to the trigger would be a huge win for you because the trigger upgrade comes with a double trigger attachment, as well as an electronic kit with a latch lever, which makes for easy adjustment of the already rapid firing. The upgrade could be fully-automatic, safe, or semi-automatic.

You will be happy to know that whether the trigger upgrade is accompanied by a feed upgrade or not, the trigger will always work well.

Externally, this upgrade also results in the change of the trigger’s design, which means that rather than the single finger firing slot, you have a two-finger firing slot. The internal effects of the upgrade are also significant, with the residual internal air pressure of an earlier shot used to reset the lever, making the replacement of the balls even easier.

 An enhanced reset mechanism means an enhanced replacement.  This upgrade will also bring in better control of the speed, especially if you adjust the return pressure of each shot. Along with the cyclone feed upgrade, this upgrade results in better adjustment and manipulation of the speed. 

Fuel & Warranty:

Tippmann A5 allows all type of gases CO2 and Compressed Air or Nitrogen. It has One year warranty only for missing parts.


The A-5 works best in hand and very easy to carry while playing in the fields and the C02 gas works like a champion with this version. Every part of this gun is super genuine.


You can't show me any other marker that offers many upgrades then this one. It offers more than ten advanced upgrades. You can turn A-5 into what you want in paintball.


It's not so easy to clean as you thinking. But you can make it easy by following step by step cleaning process. There are a small number of O-rings that need to be maintained regularly.

What actual customers say about it?

''The A-5 is a really great gun. Never had any issues with the gun mechanically. The air cyclone feeder works geat, never had a jam.

Can also upgrade the trigger to Response Trigger or EGrip...''

Tippmann A5 Review 2020

This paintball gun features a cyclone feed system that has a maximum feed rate of 15 balls per second and this practically lets you fire as fast as your finger can press the trigger. It a semiautomatic marker and can use CO2, nitrogen or compressed air to fire the balls.    

To keep you in the game, the gun has a 200-round hopper, which holds enough paintballs to let you play for long without requiring a refill. Structurally, this hopper has a wide mouth that makes it easy to reload and also easy to release the paintballs to the cyclone system.    

For safety, an external selector switch is built onto the marker’s side, enabling you to easily switch from safety to firing mode and back. This is very convenient because you can avoid misfiring, which wastes paintballs and air.    

In terms of design, the unit is enhanced ergonomically with features such as a large front grip that gives you a better feel and hold of the gun and a lightweight body that makes it less tiring to hold as you play the game.      

The lightweight body is actually as a result of an aluminum frame construction, which also makes the marker very sturdy and durable.    

Maintaining a paintball gun is very important for upholding its performance and in the A5, the entire gun can be dismantled and put back together in as little as 60 seconds without using any tools. This means that you can carry out its maintenance while in the field when you notice any lag in performance.

Tippmann A5 Sniper Review 

The Tippmann A5 sniper is more or less the same as the basic A5 but is slightly upgraded with features such as a maximum feed rate of 17 balls per second, which is much more than the rate at which you can squeeze the trigger.

However, what stands out the most is its 16-inch barrel, which makes it easier to aim at your opponent. Additionally, it features a red dot that serves to enhance your accuracy before taking the shot.    

Another important feature is its adjustable stock. This lets you fit the marker perfectly on your shoulder for comfortable holding as well as to absorb the recoil.    

Maintaining the gun is also quite easy because it can be completely dismantled and put back together in about a minute without using any tools. This makes it possible to realign its performance while in the field whenever you find it is slower than usual.        

Tippmann A5 Egrip Review 

Unlike the other trigger kits that are compatible with the Tippmann A5, the e-grip does not have a mechanical trigger and thus, it requires a battery to run full time.      

It can fire up to 15 balls per second and features 5 firing modes, which include 3 automatic modes and a semi-automatic mode. The fifth mode is a safety lock that prevents misfiring.      

These are easily set using a 3-position selector switch, which is conveniently located close to the trigger to enable you to change modes on the fly. Because it lacks the moving parts of a mechanical trigger, this piece can last up to 7 times longer and also has a weatherproof design that keeps its electronics safely tucked on the inside.

Best Tippmann A5 upgrades

Whether you go for the basic Tippmann A5 or sniper model, there are a couple of upgrades that you can include in your marker so as to optimize its performance.      

These include different types of triggers such as a response trigger kit that can fire up to 15 balls per second, an E-grip that is magnetically activated and can last up to 7 times longer than physical triggers and a double trigger kit, which is ergonomically designed to be used by two fingers. This reduces the fatigue that is experienced on the index finger as is on other types of triggers.    

Apart from the trigger, the A5 can also be upgraded to have a flatline barrel with a built-in foregrip. This upgrade is designed for a longer range of up to 250 feet and improved accuracy. Its foregrip makes it easier to hold by allowing you to easily balance the weight of the marker using both hands.    

Other upgrades include collapsible stocks with the option of a folding one and a low-profile cyclone hopper.        

Tippmann A5 mods

If you are bored with your A5, and especially with its look, there are a couple of modifications that you can do to enhance its appearance.    

There are a couple of body kits that you can attach to the setup so as to convert it to look like an M4, M16 or even an AK 47 so as to scare off your opponents even before you start hunting them down.        

Tippmann A5 vs 98

In this section, I'm going to break down a comparison between the Tippmann a5 vs 98. These two guns are most tested super durable and friendly price.


Each gun have an 8-inch barrel, but there are slightly different between the ported tip. A5 barrel has a couple of more ports than Tippmann 98 to release the air quickly. Tippmann 98 threaded barrel fit on Tippmann 98, Alpha Black, projects salvo and A5 barrel go on X7 Phenom and TPX pistol.


Tippmann 98 have locking feedneck with the push button. You can put any hopper in 98 such as gravity feed, standard to a high-end electronic, or you can add cyclone feed as A5 has. On the other hand, Tippmann a5 has a cyclone feed system which makes this gun more interesting.


Tippmann 98 has actual indentations grips to hold tightly. Tippmann A5 has MP style foregrips. Both of these foregrips are pretty comfortable on the hand.


Basically both gun's weight is same. The Tippmann 98 weight is 3.2 pounds and A5 also 3.2 pounds. The Weight doesn't include hopper and tank.


Both guns are under 200 dollars which is pretty much cheaper.

My recommendation:
I'll definitely recommend everyone to buy A-5 instead of Tippmann 98 custom.

Tippmann A5 vs x7  

Tippmann’s newer X7 was somewhat designed to replace the A5 with its modular design. It has a Picatinny rail interface, which allows you to attach several upgrades so as to fully customize it to suit your preference.      

Other than this, the X7 has a modular trigger pack that can be easily switched from electronic to mechanical on the fly, a magazine and replaceable forearms.      

However, the A5 has still stood the test of time because it is quite technologically advanced, with features such as a cyclone feed system that is similar to the one in the X7. Additionally, the A5 is quite affordable and this has made it maintain its popularity.      

Why should you buy the Tippmann A5 ?

  • Tippmann A5 comes with stock out of the box and a nice selector switch.
  • You can easily change the grips just pushing the two pins.
  • One of the biggest features of this gun is cycle feeder.
  • You don't need to buy extra hopper like Tippmann 98.
  • Very easy to disassemble and assemble.
  • Super durable and upgradable.
  • Cheap price than Tippmann 98 custom.


Some say the A5 is like the AK47 of the paintballing world. Bottom line, the A5 is certainly one of the best paintball markers in Tippmann’s lineup. This is because it is an affordable, customizable and upgradable gun that is suitable for both beginners and seasoned paintballers due to its simplicity and advanced features. I hope tippmann a5 review will help you to pick the perfect paintball gun.

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