Top 10 Best Paintball Pistols Reviews 2020 [Battle Tested]

Each and every day, paintball is becoming much more popular across the globe. The game is an amazing stress reliever, and players are given the chance to make use of their management skills, get some team spirit and improve on their physical wellbeing.

If you are in the market searching for a paintball gun, it is important that you revise some of the basic features a gun should have and continue to keep these features in mind before you make your purchase. 

best Paintball Pistols 2020 - top 3 choices

Best choice

The TPX Paintball Pistol from Tippmann

best value

The Cronus Tactical Marker from Tippmann

Top 10 Paintball Pistols reviews – comparison table 





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The Cronus Tactical Marker from Tippmann



The TMC MAGFED Paintball Pistol from Tippmann



The A-5 Paintball Marker from Tippmann



The Rize MaXXed Paintball Pistol from Dye



The Mini GS Marker from Empire Paintball



The Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Gun from Spyder.



The Blitz 3 from Azodin



The KP3.5 KAOS Paintball Marker from Azodin



The TPX Paintball Pistol from Tippmann



The TPX Mag Fed Paintball Pistol from Tippmann



Top Paintball Pistols (detailed review)

1. The Cronus Tactical Marker from Tippmann

If you are looking to play with the most ideal paintball guns, then the Tippmann industry is the best choice and is considered quite often. For very many years the brand has continued to produce very high-quality pistols. This is one of the most dependable brands in the world.

The Cronus Tactical Marker is one of the most ideal guns that has been released by the brand. Many players consider this gun as one of the best because it is of high-quality and it has an excellent design and performs quite well.

The gun is designed with an inbuilt vertical grip that works well in reducing the recoil.

The marker is constructed with a composite body that can withstand high impact and players are provided with a durable pistol that is very accurate.

At the front side of the gun, there is a mock silencer. The silencer eliminates the chances of the gun producing a loud sound just as soon as you fire. The stock of this pistol is a 6-position collapsible kind and this eliminates recoil.  Additionally, it improves the weight distribution of the pistol, making the gun feel so much lighter and easy to handle.


  • The inbuilt integrated sight is of great help because you will not have to fasten any scope onto the pistol.
  • The pistol’s body is built with an internal gas line that works well in getting rid of the blockage.
  • Players can fasten an additional loader to add the bullet counts. This is great as you will be forced to reload as often.
  • The appearance of your pistol as well as how it feels is quite different from other paintball guns. This pistol actually feels a lot like a real gun. 


  • A number of players have mentioned that the speed at which the gun fires is actually quite low. This is a really big problem especially if the target is moving at a very high speed.
  • There are also a number of users who do not appreciate the sophisticated look and feel of the gun. Many users have mentioned that they prefer the traditional look of a gun. 

2. The TMC MAGFED Paintball Pistol from Tippmann

This is yet another amazing masterpiece from the great Tippmann industry. This gun is actually considered to be one of the greatest mag fed paintball pistols. An extended magazine is used to transfer the paintballs to the gun.

This feature makes it so much easier to reload the gun as you are not forced to reload your gun one by one. All you need to do is change your magazine as soon as you have exhausted all your bullets. The gun makes use of a pneumatic solenoid.

This solenoid activates the pistol’s hammer and the bolt movement of the pistol. This makes the gun dependable and also eliminates the chances of the gun getting stuck or jammed. The pistol is also constructed with an in-built bolt system that is very effective.

Another great feature is that you can add the bullets to your pistol by using the magazines and the hoppers. This makes the gun very flexible.


  • The pistol’s trigger is designed with an easy pull method that makes firing a paintball much easier and very quick.
  • The easy to pull method of the trigger eliminates the stress that could be exerted by pressing the trigger.
  • This gun has a very nice and sophisticated design and many users have expressed that they feel just like real soldiers when handling the weapon.


  • A number of users have explained that after using the pistol for a limited amount of time, their pistols begin to jam because if a sticky substance that forms inside the gun.
  • A number of users have also complained that their pistols leak internally. 

3. The A-5 Paintball Marker from Tippmann

This pistol is also from the very well-known Tippmann industry. This particular gun is classic and very dependable. The gun is also used by a number of long-term paintball players. One of the best things about this tool is that it is very affordable. It is also quite flexible and players can upgrade it by adding a number of attachments to the pistol.

It is also one of the most ideal paintball guns in the market. The cyclone feed system is highly praised as you can add 15 paintballs to the system in just one second. This is all done without using a battery as a power source. This gun is a fully automatic paintball gun.

The best thing about upgrading this pistol is that you can detach all the upgraded additions from your customized pistol and it will be back to its generic look in just 60 seconds. The pistol is also manufactured with an exterior selector.

This selector allows users to easily switch from safe to fire mode. The front grip of the pistol is designed to be longer and this is great as you will not have to face any kind of recoil. Additionally, you will be provided with more stability while shooting at a target that is further away.

This gun is a very old model, and its functions are quite remarkable. The gun is referred to as the AK47 of paintball markers, proving that it truly is one of a kind.


  • This gas is manufactured with an aluminum exterior, which makes it lighter than other markers in the industry.
  • The pistol is also very durable
  • The gun is built with a noise reduction feature meaning that it is quite silent when you begin to fire shots.


  • A number of users have mentioned that the gun is actually much heavier than others in the market and it is not so easy to maneuver around the field with a heavy weapon.

4. The Rize MaXXed Paintball Pistol from Dye

One of the great things about the paintball pistols that are purchased from the Dye industry is that each model comes with many different colors. That includes the color pink, black, olive, blue-grey, black grey and cyan. The Rize MaXXed pistol is also available in many different colors.

This pistol also has a very nice and innovative design. It is light in weight and its sophisticated look attracts many players to it. The bolt system of the Rize MaXXed is made with patented technology from the Fuzion bolt system.

This system is actually quite advantageous when you are out on the battlefield. The bolt system also provides you with a very smooth and accordant shot when you are firing at your target. The pistol’s recoil is not a lot and this feature works well, allowing players to fire with the maximum level of accuracy. 


  • The pistol is designed with an on and off switch that can switch the air supply on and off by simply flipping your switch.
  • The pistol is affordable
  • The pistol has a ton of great features that are not provided by a number of high-end pistols. 


  • A number of users have mentioned that the pistol starts breaking apart after just a short time.
  • The O-rings of the pistol also need to be replaced quite regularly. 

5. The Mini GS Marker from Empire Paintball

The Empire Paintball manufacturing company is yet another great industry that has been producing one of the most ideal paintball markers. A number of professional players have spoken about their love for the Mini GS Pistol mentioning that the weapon is a great masterpiece.

One of the best creations from the Empire Paintball industry. The engine that is used by this pistol is controlled by pressure and this feature enhances your pistol’s performance. For additional protection, the pistol makes use of a wrap-around foregrip.

The foregrip adds to the gun’s accuracy and stability. The gun is also designed with a venting regulator that uses an on and off lever. This lever adds to the comfort and benefit of the player.
The paintball marker is designed with an amazing fire rate and it is also light in weight.

These features make it one of the most ideal pistols that you could use while on the battlefield. Users are guaranteed that they will definitely be impressed with this gun.


  • This pistol is one of a kind and one of the best options for players who are participating in tournaments.
  • The pistol gives users an additional advantage over other players
  • The gun is manufactured with a hose-less look that ac
  • tually enhances your experience. You are guaranteed that you will not have to face too many issues while using this pistol.
  • A number of users are impressed with the speed and accuracy that the gun possesses.
  • The fire rate is also one of a kind.


  • Some users have mentioned that they have experienced a number of issues such as the regulator breaking down and paintballs jamming right inside the marker.

6. The Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Gun from Spyder.

The Spyder manufacturing company is another respectable company that produces ideal paintball markers. The Spyder paintball markers are dependable, durable and a number of users trust this paintball marker.

The EKO valve is air efficient and this increases the function and efficiency of the pistol. This feature is also quite effective firing 1500 rounds from a carbon dioxide tank of 20 ounces.
The pistol’s exterior is constructed with aluminum making it very light in weight and very durable.

 The grip panel is designed with a non-slip rubber material that actually works well in allowing you to reduce the recoil function and adds to the accuracy of your shot. The hose line of the pistol is covered in steel and it works with carbon dioxide gas or air that has been compressed.

The pistol functions quite well and users are guaranteed that they will enjoy using it. 


  • The pistol’s features and the experience that a player will get allows the gun to seem like a highly advanced and pricey paintball pistol.
  • It is the most ideal paintball pistol for those who are new to the game, however, that does not mean that professionals cannot enjoy the experience of this paintball marker.


  • A number of users have stated that the quality of the pistol is not so great.
  • The pistol breaks quite easily.
  • Some users have mentioned that after using this gun for a very limited amount of time, the screws as well a the bolts began to fall out very easily. 

7. The Blitz 3 from Azodin

One of the greatest factors about this pistol is the look and color combination of this pistol. The glistening golden color of this pistol actually looks so attractive when you play in the field or walk around with it.

The pistol is really light in weight, allowing you to easily maneuver around with it. The reflexes of this pistol are quite ideal. The pistol’s regulator comes in handy allowing your experience to be so much better.

This pistol is highly rated and users are guaranteed that all their requirements will be met. This pistol is also considered to be one of the most ideal paintball markers under $150.


  • The pistol’s trigger is quite sensitive which is great in easing the firing process.
  • The pistol fires paintballs at a very high and remarkable speed.


  • A number of users have mentioned that the pistol’s barrel does not properly fit, and a few changes will have to be made to the pistol to ensure that the weapon functions even better.

8. The KP3.5 KAOS Paintball Marker from Azodin

This is yet another product from the Azodin industry. The pistol is a very ideal weapon and it is known to be one of the greatest pump paintball guns. This pistol also has a sleek half-black look and a number of professionals have settled on this specific pump pistol because of this feature.

This gun is manufactured with a pump handle that is made from the Derlin plastic material.

With this pistol, users are assured that the performance will be one of a kind and the pistol can fire very accurate shots. If you are in the market searching for a pump paintball pistol, this gun is the best option. 


  • The gun has a very elegant and attractive design.
  • There are a number of different colors to choose from. 


  • A number of users have mentioned that their pistols began to leak after using it for a very limited amount of time. This could actually cause a lot of inconveniences.

9. The TPX Paintball Pistol from Tippmann

Tippmann TipX Paintball Pistol

The TPX Paintball pistol from Tippmann releases very accurate shots and for 80 feet the shot is quite straight. The pistol is very light in weight, however, it actually looks very heavy because of its large size. The pistol is semi-automatic and users are allowed to mount a rail system.

The truth is, the design of this gun is not as attractive as other pistols in the market. It has a very heavy and bulky look, however, it is so easy to add the carbon-dioxide gas and the shots fired are quite accurate. This pistol has amazing features and using it on the battlefield is such an amazing experience. 

The gun provides users with an amazing solid feel making it balance very well. The pistol’s leg holster is just as solid. Another great advantage is that this weapon is a ready to go pistol.

 Users can leave the carbon-dioxide cartridge in the pistol and the carbon dioxide will not be punctured until you pull the trigger of the pistol. The pistol is designed with a metal trigger that perforates the carbon dioxide with just the first pull.

The magazine clip has a self-locking feature and can accommodate up to 7 balls.

The feed system of the magazine has a quick release feature. The velocity adjuster of this pistol is manufactured on the external side. The pistol also comes with an adapter that comes in handy when you want to include a remote line.


  • The gun is light in weight.
  • The shots that are released from this pistol are very accurate.


  • The bulky look of the gun is not so attractive.

10. The TPX Mag Fed Paintball Pistol from Tippmann

A number of professionals actually consider the TPX Mag Fed pistol one of the most ideal pistols in the market. This gun boasts of having a very small and portable design that is very innovative.

The pistol is uniquely engineered to be very light in weight. Maintaining and customizing this pistol is also very easy and users are guaranteed that they can rely on this pistol.

The TPX Mag Fed pistol functions perfectly. You can adjust the speed and have it fire at a maximum rate. This means that the pistol can fire 12 to 14 paintballs per carbon dioxide cartridge. The shots released are very accurate making it one of the best choices for a sidearm.

The pistol features a trigger that is made of metal. This trigger perforates the carbon dioxide within the first pull. The pistol is designed with two magazines that have the capacity to hold 7 balls. The magazine feed system works with quick release and the under-barrel air system has the capacity to hold carbon dioxide gas of 12grams.


  • This pistol is designed just like a semi-auto gun and it also functions just like a semi-auto pistol.
  • Adding carbon dioxide cartridges to the pistol is so easy.
  • The magazines work just like a basic pistol magazine.
  • Adjusting the FPS is so easy.
  • Reloading this gun is also quite easy.
  • The pistol is very light in weight especially if you compare the weight to the size of the magazine.
  • The pistol is designed with a very comfortable and ideal grip.


  • This pistol is quite expensive.

Factors that You Must Consider When Purchasing the Most Ideal Paintball Gun

In this article, we have broken down some of the best paintball pistols in the market and the products recommended above can definitely help you purchase the most ideal paintball guns in the market. Users are guaranteed that all of the mentioned products will serve them well.

In this section, we focus on the factors that we should consider when limiting the choices, we make in purchasing a paintball gun. When it comes to figuring out the factors that you must prioritize when purchasing a paintball gun, keep in mind these three bold factors that must be put into consideration when looking for the most ideal paintball pistol.

These factors include the price of the pistol, the budget that you are working with, your knowledge and expertise in the game, as well as your style of playing. A number of experts have mentioned that there is no need of purchasing a very high-quality pistol that is highly-priced when you do not play as frequently as others or when you are a beginner.

If you are a very experienced player, however, and you are still using a generic marker, it may be time to consider an upgrade from the products listed above. This may actually help you enjoy the paintball competition a lot more. 

Choosing the proper paintball gun for your style of playing

As the name suggests, these are great for airsoft use. They are not just good for this purpose though – you can use them for cycling, paintball, shooting, and hunting.

The main advertisement of the product is that of goggles with interchangeable lenses, which you can easily and quickly change even without tools – although the changing is not as easy as the company makes it seem.

The Field Battle Paintball Pistols

Field battle also known as Woodsball is used to define a fun paintball activity that involves you maneuvering around the field running in between trees and scurrying through different sections.

During these kinds of games, you would definitely like to use a paintball pistol that possesses a much broader range as well as a stock that adds on to the precisions during increased range action. Those who are new to the game and are looking to optimize will really enjoy the 98 Custom pistol from Tippmann.

This also applies to those who are not looking to spend a lot of money on a paintball pistol. Adding a long and extended barrel will increase the range and an extendable stock. These additions will provide you with a reliable woodsball marker that is full of different features. 

The Speedball Pistols

For speedball pistols, it is important to purchase pistols that use fire modes that can be adjusted and pistols that are also quite compact and easy to carry around. This makes it so much easier to remain covered and it also provides users with a number of great angles that can be used when firing at your target. Pistols with highly advanced electric modes that use HPA also provide you with more shots during every tank fill.

The Milsim Paintball Pistols and the Recball Paintball Pistols

For paintball games that are played indoors with a number of bunkers, you will require something that is easy to carry and has stock that is great for additional stability. Recball is actually a very exciting kind of game that is great especially for beginners as it consists of a mixture of the tactical essence of woodsball as well as Milsim.

The arena is only smaller and has a cover-based shooting of speedball. Participants who enjoy the Milsim game are focussed on acquiring strategic simulation or hardcore war as they possibly can. These participants are armed with paintball pistols that actually look like real guns.

Players who enjoy the Milsim game continue to have the best-looking pistols and paintball pieces of equipment. Some of these types of equipment include strategic setups that make use of better features and functions as well as particular tools like the sniper paintball pistols that have long and extended barrels as well as scopes that provide players with long-range support.

Some pistols also have advanced kinds of setups with SMG design. These kinds of pistols are much shorter allowing for quicker kind of movement and a lot of flexibility. 

A Mechanical or an Electronic Paintball Pistol

Basically, electronic paintball pistols use up less propellant because they are firing only by using a battery other than the gas that has been added to boost the way of shooting. Pistols that use an electronic trigger system also allow users to make use of a completely automatic and burst mode. These modes add to the speed of the single-shot firing mode.

When the pistol is designed with fewer moving parts it means that it is so much more accurate and the recoil is a lot less. Professional paintball players, as well as those who are more senior to the game, often choose the pistols that are designed with an electronic grip and trigger system.

However, this does not mean that the mechanical paintball pistols are no good. These paintballs are actually more affordable, it is so easy to maintain such pistols and they are not complicated in any kind of way. The mechanical pistols also provide users with an easy way to disassemble and clean the gun.

Users do not have to worry about any electronic additions such as a battery or a wire. These kinds of pistols are the best for beginners as it eliminates the need of being concerned about making sure the batteries are always charged and the trigger system.

In many cases, having a simpler weapon is better.

Steer Clear of Cheap Paintball Gears and Make Sure That You Always Put on a Mask.

Some of the cheaper paintball pistols in the market are actually not worth it. This is especially true if you compare their strength, value, and function of the pistol. Experts advise players not to invest their money on an affordable paintball pistol that may not even last for a long time or the paint will chip as you try and eliminate their opponents while competing on the battle field.

A vital fact to remember is that you must always put on a mask before you start the paintball competition. This is actually a mandatory task. Your sight is very important when participating in an intense game, and choosing a quality mask that cannot get foggy or require continuous adjustments is a priority. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What can one expect during a paintball match?

At first, you must be ready to follow all of the rules that have been laid out for you. Following instructions is mandatory and any additional factors such as the objective of the game, the time and where the dead zone is located are also important facts to keep in mind during a match. If a player fails to follow the rules they can actually be eliminated from the game. 

2. What special equipment should I wear during a paintball game?

This game is a physically enduring sport and it is quite possible to get different injuries such as a bruise, a cut or while on the field foreign objects may fly into your eyes. To ensure that you are safe and protected during the game, it is important that you ensure that the grade personal approves your gear and equipment.

The types of equipment include a whole face and head protective gear, which are goggles, a face mask, and a helmet. Other types of protective gear include safety boots, hand gloves, a combat suit for camouflage as well as a battle pack for your waist. 

3. How long does it take to participate in paintball?

The amount of time that it will take actually depends on the number of players, the size of the field that you are playing on. The time is also dependent on the level of the game that you are playing.


After going through this review, we are sure that you will choose the most ideal paintball pistol that is of high value. This review has listed products that have been carefully chosen and examined. The pistols are filled with amazing features and we are sure that you will choose a pistol that will serve you well and will make your paintball experience even greater. 

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