Top Airsoft Accessories Everyone Should Have

The massive popularity of Airsoft in the past couple of years, especially in the United States, has meant that it is now enjoyed by both children and adults alike. These guys are primarily used as part of simulated military exercises.

A big part of playing any Airsoft related military scenario is to be ready with the right tactical supplies. The best thing about Airsoft is that all if not most of the equipment available for it is affordable. So, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for equipment by designer brands. There is always something within your budget.

Anyone serious about taking up Airsoft as a hobby should know how to buy the right accessories. When you have the right accessories, it means you are ready for anything.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best accessories that you should invest in to gain a tactical advantage in your next Airsoft meetup.

Face and Eye Protection 

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The face and in particular, the eyes are highly sensitive and vulnerable areas. Playing with airsoft guns can expose your face and eyes in ways that could lead to severe damage. 

Most opponents don’t mean to shoot you in the face, but accidents do happen, and if you’re not protected, it could mean spending some time at the emergency room. Fortunately, manufacturers are aware of that and sell the eye protection you’ll need. You can get a combination of face and eye protection or just get eye protection and add a face mask.

When buying facial protection, it is important to choose a brand and type of protection of the best quality. The material should be durable, of the best quality and be easily breathable. After all, you don’t want your goggles fogging up. The average price of a face gear tends to cost in the $10 range.

Additional Speed Loaders And Ammunition 

When you’re in the file, you want to have the most accurate as possible, and that’s where speed loaders come in. Players who’ve used it say that they have a better experience when playing Airsoft.

Having speed loaders also help each time you need to reload. It is easy to use, plus having extra ammo means you have more shots compared to your opponents. Speed-loaders are also fantastic because as the name suggests, they help you load fresh ammo faster, which gives you a slight edge over the competition. 


It might feel extra, but magazines make a significant difference when playing. Even during the game itself, you’ll find that having a couple of magazines with ammo allows you to slip them in the barrel of the gun and shoot away.

The one thing you always want to make sure when buying magazines is that it is by a quality brand. Take, for instance, buying a magazine that only holds BBs which does not jam the barrel.

Airsoft gun barrels jam a lot more than people realize, but it is mainly caused by low-quality magazines. Furthermore, there are various types of rifles, pistols, and sniper rifles, so you’ll want to get a magazine that’s made for your gun.

Make sure that you are getting the right magazine by reading the manufacturer’s note or ask the shop owner for help. Make sure to get a few magazines, especially if you’re going to be spending hours in the field.

A scope

Now if you want to improve your shooting accuracy both indoors and outdoors, then we recommend getting a scope. If anything, adding a scope to your airsoft rifle will take your game to a new level.

When in the market for a scope, you’ll want to choose one with the best quality ratings. You certainly don’t want to buy a scope that’s too heavy or even too light for that matter. It is important to choose something that works best for your rifle in terms of weight, zoom, and clarity.

Laser Airsoft Sight Kit

The Laser Airsoft Sight Kit gives your airsoft gun that exotic laser dot advantage. Not only does it look exceptionally cool in the field, but it adds a great deal of accuracy when targeting opponents. If you are a beginner laser sight will certainly give you a major advantage.

The laser sights are built to fit guns that have a 20mm rail. You’ll also be able to find one with a pressure switch that uses a hexagonal key and core, but users two to four alkaline cells.

Now unlike what you might assume, these kits are fairly cheap. A few dollars will help to enhance your experience exponentially. Plus, they are FDA approved for use in all Airsoft facilities. In addition to buying it offline, you’ll also find these kits at reputed online sites.

Knee Pads

Airsoft games often have you kneeling, crawling and crouching, which isn’t exactly easy on the knees. Knee pads are designed to make kneeling and crawling a lot more comfortable. When you have knee pads on, you won’t think twice about crawling into that tight space to hide from your opponents.

We strongly advise that players always invest in a good pair of knee pads. Not only does it make playing safer, but you’ll end up with fewer scratches and painful joints. However, you must make sure to buy knee pads that support your weight the best. So, the heavier you are, the more thickly padded the pads should be.


Any seasoned airsoft player will tell you what your hands need just as much protection as your knees if not more. That’s why it is so important to wear gloves. Wearing gloves ensures that your hands are protected just in case you get hit by a BB. BB shots aren’t exactly fun, and it could mean that you’re out of action for weeks.

Gloves also enhance your grip, which makes running and gunning in the field easier. Also, if you want to dive to the ground, the gloves will protect you from cuts, splinters, and grazes. It also makes holding on to rough surfaces less uncomfortable. That’s why we always recommend that you invest in a good pair of gloves.

Wearing pads

Winning Airsoft games often require that you maneuver through difficult and uncomfortable terrain. A good pair of pads makes doing that easy. You can crawl on the ground, or lie on it without the fear of cuts and bruises.

Pads also protect you in the event that you get hit by a BB. Since the pads are durable, they can be worn for a pretty long time. So, if you play Airsoft games seriously a good pair of pads are your best friends.


One of the biggest problems that beginners have is with their accuracy. That’s where having a pair of foregrips becomes imperative. You will also want to use foregrips when your gun has an extended barrel like a sniper rifle or when you have rifle snippers.

The other perhaps more important reason to invest in a good pair of foregrips is maneuverability. These are available in many different sizes and materials. However, the best ones are made from rubber and plastic. Though try on a few before you choose one.

Flashlight or Lasers

Flashlights come in handy when you’re playing in low light environments. Having a flashlight accessory helps to minimize the instance of getting ambushed in the dark.

Many people enjoy playing Airsoft at night or in the dark, and that’s where lasers and flashlights can be useful. Lasers are great for locating a player from a distance. Lasers are also great for locating snipers tucked away in the brush or some high vantage point.

Tactical belt

How do you carry all your weapons and ammo? One of the best ways to do it is in a tactical belt. A tactical belt ensures that you’re able to carry everything needed when in the field.

It is far easier compared to carrying a bag and also lighter. Plus everything needed is within seconds reach, and you don’t need to hunt for stuff. Most high-quality tactical bags carry everything like extra ammunition, secondary weapons, and even gadgets.

Extra Batteries and Charger

Anyone who has an AEG rifle has just two hours in the field. As a player, you don’t want to stop and wait for your batteries to recharge, so having a few extra batteries on hand is important. The more batteries you have, the more time you’ll be able to spend in the field. Not to mention that if you run out of charge, then you’re a sitting duck.

If you want to keep playing, make sure to have a charger so that you can continuously recharge dead batteries.

CO2 Gas Canisters

Anyone who is using GBB or gas blowback pistols or rifles should have a few extra cartridges on hand. If you don’t have extra cartridges, then you’re severely limited to how much you can play. Always have an idea of how many canisters are needed before going out to play.

Ideally, you’ll want to have a CO2 tank that allows you to refill the canisters. Tanks are cheaper and will last you longer as compared to individual canisters. At the end of the day, the amount of gas you have will affect your game.

Water bottle

You need to remain hydrated at all times and especially when engaged in an intensive game of Airsoft. The physical aspect of the game means that you are pushing yourself harder, and that means your body needs water. Having a bottle of water nearby is imperative to your good health.

You will also want to have more than enough water, especially if you are engaged in a tactical battle in summer. A good water bottle with enough capacity can give you an edge in the field because you’ll be able to last longer than others.


Anyone who is playing in a large field should get a radio. While radios aren’t necessary but they are something you should have because they make pulling off tactical moves and planning easier. You can, for instance, plan and coordinate an ambush.

However, when using radios, you need to be aware of the fact that these could be heard by your opponents.

Gun Repair Kit

Almost anything can happen in the field like your gun jamming, so you need to have a contingency in place. You should have a bag with all the required supplies which allows you to repair any problem with your gun.

You will want to have things like a multitool, silicone spray, duct tape, electrical tape, gun grease, unjamming rods, and a few other tools. Probably do a bit of research to figure out what you should carry.

Gun Cleaning Kit

Anyone who wants their gun to last a long time and ensure that it is accurate will need a gun cleaning kit. Not only does the kit ensure that your gun looks good but functions just as well.

The kit will help you clean the gun when it gets wet or dirty in the field. The best thing about the kit is that you might already have everything needed in your home that can be added to the kit.  Things like paper towels, a rag, bag, q tips, silicone spray, compressed air, and an old toothbrush are amongst some of the stuff you’ll want to carry.

Wrap up

So, we’ve covered a few accessories in this guide though we want to remind you that it isn’t important that you purchase every one of them. You will want to start with what you think is the most essential and then add more from there.

While accessories can improve your accuracy and keep you safe in the field, but it is essential to prioritize your purchase. If you ask us, we’ll tell you to prioritize safety accessories over ones that improve your accuracy or increase your reloading time.


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