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Vortex strikefire 2 is one of the best red dot sights under $200 which is quite affordable and high quality.  It comfortably fits for everything like rifles, sniper, shotguns, carbines, etc. Usually, good sights are expensive but strikefire ii make it false. It comes up with excellent built quality but at a cheap price. You can check its price and reviews on amazon how people happy with it.

If you're looking for a durable, hundred percent accurate, high quality, budget-friendly optics then StrikeFire 2 is a great choice. It can do the job at a glance. The vortex itself known for their name and fame for producing quality products and StrikeFire 2 is their great addition in the ally.

The StrikeFire 2 is the best mid range optics that can handle medium-range area spontaneously but you can make it higher-end sights by upgrading. You'll not get all the features like higher-end optics that's why it is not pricey.  It is super easy to use but compared to its competitors it is cheap in price.

It is simple to installation and lightweight. Sometimes heavy optics makes the weapon bulky but it is fine with that.  One more important thing is that you can adjust the night vision option easily.

Vortex Strikefire 2 review 2020 - Pros & cons


  • It’s very solid when mounted once.
  • Once it mounted, it can hold zero for a long time.
  • The flip caps are easy to operate.
  • Its waterproof and fog proof but not submersible.
  • Red/green dots with ten different brightness options.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Low battery lifespan.
  • Mid-range capacity.

Vortex Strikefire 2 Comparison with other sight.


Vortex Strikefire ii

Aimpoint Pro







6+4 NV


7.2 oz

7.8 oz


4 MOA red/green dot



Vortex Strikefire ii review 2020– Specifications

  • Magnification: 1x
  • Lens aperture: 1.45 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 oz
  • Battery: 1 CR2 battery.
  • Reticle: 4 MOA red or green dot
  • Chassis: 30mm aluminum alloy chassis
  • Length: 5.6 inches
  • Mount: cantilever
  • Adjustment graduation: ½ MOA

Vortex Strikefire 2 review – features: 

  1. The Strikefire II allows different shooting applications with the red dot.
  2. There are two dot color Red and green which has up to ten brightness options. It's very easy to change and adjust the color settings.
  3. It doesn't matter what the condition is, it can target the unobscured point by multi-coated lenses. It provides a clean and sharpshooting target. It doesn't matter how much your eye relief, you can target the object rapidly.
  4. Although the chassis is lightweight it can do the job. The Strikefire 2 is fog and waterproof. O-rings and Nitrogen make this happen. By the way, it is not submersible.
  5. The Strikefire 2 comes up with a Vortex optics hat that has a different color.
  6. The power control system is easy to access and run by a CR2 battery.

 Vortex Strikefire ii review 2020 – Details

StrikeFire II Red Dot & Hat

vortex strikefire 2

The StrikeFire 2 is feature-rich and versatile sight for those who want to enjoy the great shooting experience in the field. By opening, both eyes and mounted the target point, it can cover the maximum point of view.  In its features, it is simple to power on/off and adjusts the ten different brightness levels. The last two color levels are night-vision compatible. The chassis is 30mm aluminum ally and pretty much lightweight which provides extra strength. It is waterproof and fog proof but it doesn't mean that it is submersible sight. This is the most reliable mid range red dot sight on the market right away.

Red/Green Dot Reticle

The 4 MOG Green/Red dot is more than enough for 2nd target acquisition which depends on conditions.  The ten different brightening settings allow choosing the perfect dot and the lowest two illuminations suitable for the night vision. While shooting with the Strikefire 2 red dot, it is advisable to open both eyes! The advantage of keeping open both eyes is that it allows you to make a peripheral vision for very quick target acquisition. By the way, eye placement is not a big deal. Once you spot the dot, just hit the trigger!

vortex strikefire 2 red dot

Windage and Elevation Adjustments

Whenever you organize the windage and elevations, it makes an audible click. Every single click allows the dot to make 1/2 MOA. 1/2 (Minute of Angle) MOA acquired to 1/2 inch at 100 yards. 1/4 inches at 50 yards, etc.

Windage and Elevation Adjustments settings:

  1. At first, take off the dial covers.
  2. By using a screwdriver or coin, adjust the raised bar.
  3. According to the arrow on the dial turn the adjustment dial into the appropriate point of view.

Mounting the StrikeFire 2

You have to mount the StrikeFire II red dot properly to get the accurate shooting result. By following the step by step process, you can make it accurate. At first, you need to make sure that the firearm is well equipped.

Great and Affordable Optic!

I bought StrikeFire II sights for my M&P 15 ORC for testing and found it amazing.  To be honest, you don't need to spend your car payment for an optic. It does the job perfectly. It’s come up with the great fit and finishing which make it superb optics. It looks expensive but cheap.  When you mounted the sight once, it's not going to be changed until your next settings.

The StrikeFire 2 came in a wonderful box with all the mounting hardware. The box also carries a Tork key, paperwork, a vortex branded hat, and an ordinary battery.

I mounted it to my P 15 ORC rifle and make it zero range. It took approximately 18 minutes to change my previous bore-sighted and set for a 50/200 zero. After shooting the several rounds I noticed that the zero wasn't moving. The more interesting thing is that I didn't move the turret caps for a while and still it did great.

When I get the optics in my hand I found it ready to use that makes me amazing. The vortex laser logos are located on the front sides of the optics. The logo color is silver with a black marker.  It has everything that makes it a perfect sight. The red/green dot has ten different brightness setting from the range of Night Vision Ops to midday. Changing the brightness option is a great touch. Both flip caps can be opened by only one finger which is easy to open and lock. As you know the whole sight is waterproof and nitrogen purged. It can do the job in every condition, from humidity/heat to rain/snow.

Overall, I would say this sight for those who want a range of 0-200 yards. I've used it for more than 200 yards distance, but it is perfect for 200 range application.

Fit and finish are great, instructions are super clear:

The Strikefire ii is very well made and this is what they say it is. It is super simple to operate. The vortex itself has a good number of videos on youtube about how to install and use the strikefire 2 red dot sight. Their videos are well explained and truly incredible. I would recommend you to watch the video while installing your Strikefire 2.

The strikefire 2 was simply great packaging and comparatively quick shipping. The Mounting of the optic is very simple as like squeezing a screw. When I got it in my hand I feel it's more than worth my money. The one more surprising thing is that it has a lifetime warranty! In terms of customer support, the vortex is as always good.

I'm not a pro expert but I've been playing with the firearms for over one and half decades. So I know a little bit about firearms. I've tested and played with it. In the shooting field, I've changed dot color and flip-up covers several times no issue found. I recommend this scope for beginners to professionals for any firearms.

If you have an allergy on the red dot system that it isn't going to work well. That means in previous you get fuzzy red dot flares instead of a quite round red dot.

The scope comes with an ordinary CR2 battery. The battery isn't an issue. Buy some extra spares and keep them in your rifle case or range bag for emergency uses.

I can confidently say one thing about this sight that it is worth the money and get one now before they raise the price!

Vortex Customer Support:

Recently I contacted with the vortex customer service department to check where the strikefire 2 was made or design. The vortex strikefire ii is made in America which is my first preference. Some of the company provides made in China product which is not good. Basically, the vortex is known for producing quality sights, scope, etc.

Some other comments:

  • Some so-called YouTube expert's thought is that the covers for the sight are a little bit tricky but I can guarantee you that they are very simple to use. 
  • Somehow if you don't like this scope then before returning it, make sure that you followed all the instructions.
  • Everyone's eyes aren't the same and different people look different. Maybe this strikefire 2 red dot system won't perfect for your needs. That's why I always suggest checking the scope immediately when you get it in your hand. On the other hand, the vortex is ready to replace your current scope with your desired one.
  • I've watched a YouTube video a few days ago; someone spoke about the CR2 battery's lifespan. I've been using CR2 battery for my cameras for a long time.  I found them trustful. The Duracell CR2 battery holds a charge for a long time. Although, it isn't AAA battery it performs like what it is. It is wise to always carry some extra CR2 battery for shooting.

Final Verdict:

I've been using other vortex sight for a while but now I want to give it a try. So I happily did. You don't need to be worried about its quality, it has a lifetime warranty. I've seen some vortex strickefire 2 reviews which literally bad reviews were. I don't know they don't like this incredibly great piece of creations.

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