What is Airsoft – A Complete Airsoft Guide

What Is Airsoft

Japan is a famous and developed country known for invention of several things. Airsoft started in Japan in the year 1970. The country first invented airsoft guns to train their troops. The guns later spread to United Kingdom in the year 1980 and later sold in other countries. By the way, airsoft and paintball games literary same!


By now, you know that airsoft is one of the most popular and high-skill simulation combat games between teams. The players’ primary aim is the elimination of their opponents. For elimination, the opponent must be hit by a pellet or pellets that are launched by an airsoft gun – this gun resembles an actual firearm. As a result of its setup, airsoft offers a cheaper, but very realistic and warfare-like experience. Note that airsoft is less organized compared to paintball, and you don’t really need to dress appropriately for airsoft.

But if you are just getting started in Airsoft, then there is a lot you need to understand for you to have fun and to avoid accidents. For example, you need to know how an airsoft gun differs from a BB gun. Why? Well, both guns will shoot rounded pellets and also, they are both gun-shaped and can be found in similar sections in your favorite stores. As if that is not enough, a number of companies produce BB and airsoft guns that are similar. So, before we look at other things such as safety, the Airsoft laws, gear, etc., let’s first look at the different kinds of Airsoft guns.


Also, it’s worth noting that airsoft could be played indoors or outdoors, depending on the available field space. Even so, if played indoors, the game is mostly close-combat oriented, with many of the players running around, holding mobile guns.

If played outdoors, the pace changes and the game is slower because there is a huge distance between the players and the teams – as a result, the outdoor setup often opens up a different experience/ shooter game regarded as the Designated Marksman or Sniper. With the game advancing in technique, skills, and equipment, we recommend starting slow with the lenient and casual games.

However, regardless of your level of experience, you need to bear in mind that airsoft is most of a strategy and tactical-approach game, and you only get better and make the perfect kill shots gradually by learning different strategies.


These guns look a lot like the real thing, but they are generally harmless, especially if held on to the right standards. These guns have been designed for use in wargames like laser-tag and paintball.


For starters, it’s important to know that the airsoft guns are essentially toys, while the BB guns are actual guns. The difference between these guns lies in what they do, with the airsoft guns designed as the safer alternatives to actual guns, and they could be fired at other people safely and without risk of fatalities, although you need to wear the appropriate face and eye protection. The BB guns, however, the much like the actual firearms, and they should be handled and treated cautiously since they are significantly more powerful in comparison to the airsoft guns, hence their use in hunting, target shooting, or pest control.

But, don’t they both shoot BBs?

While it’s true that both guns will shoot BBs – the spherical, ball bearing-shaped pellets, they are different. First, they are made of different materials with the BB guns’ BBs made of steel/ lead coated in copper to make a rather dense combination and a high weight substance that would cause significant damage to animals and humans. The BBs for BB guns weigh about .35g. The BBs for airsoft guns, on the other hand, are constructed out of plastic, which is lightweight, hence a reduced risk of injury.

The other difference is the size. BB guns’ BBs are larger, with a diameter of 4.5mm/ 4.4mm. This small size, the high speed, and the heavyweight mean that you are dealing with pellets that would penetrate the skin fast, and they could be fatal. BBs used for airsoft are larger and lighter.

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Like any other sport or science, your safety is crucial, and you must enforce a higher standard of safety in airsoft, given the dangers that come with gun use, whether you are using a toy gun or not.

Some of the risks associated with airsoft include the risk of permanent eye damage or serious injuries to any other part of your face. One of the safety precautions you need to learn involves understanding and respecting the rules of the game. The second important precaution is wearing protective gear. Avoid cheap safety equipment. Get the right face mask and goggles for your eyes.

Also, every airsoft game has a referee present, a referee that wanders the entire field all the time to catch cheaters, offer guidance, and to offer immediate help in case of an unexpected situation. There will also be a briefing before the game, listen carefully, and ask questions.

Airsoft Safeword is the other safety element is the use of a specific safe word that would be used to define what happens in the field. This is a great safety protocol because all gameplay stops instantly when someone says/ shouts the word.

But even with the rules and precautions to be taken, you need to keep in mind that this is a game, and you should have fun when playing airsoft.


In the US, there are specific airsoft laws that you must abide by. These rules are generally based on common sense, and they are there to ensure that you have fun sensibly. These laws include:

Airsoft guns aren’t regarded as firearms, and they are. As a result, legal for use by individuals of all ages. Legal, in this sense, means that you could use the guns without worrying about getting in trouble. The only catch is that you have to be 18 or older to buy the airsoft gun, even though there are no restrictions when it comes to selling the guns.

You cannot have your airsoft gun out in public.


You know that you need to wear the right clothes, but did you know that water is one of the most important provisions when it comes to playing airsoft? Airsoft involves a lot of running, and that means that you need to stay hydrated, as you would in any other sport that involves running. You will sweat a lot, carry a towel. And if you are looking for the best goggles, opt for the anti-fog variety. If you have to carry food, think about the food that can be taken on the go, for example, pizza.


As mentioned above, playing airsoft is all about strategy. Be ready to implement the best military tactics you’ve learned, and always make sure that you know the field by heart. An example of a winning military tactic is where you know how you must lay down when in a suppressive fire to allow your teammates to further advance on the battlefield.

You also need to understand game sense – know when to push and exactly when you should move. And if you see a player laying down some suppressive fire towards your direction, it means that you understand what their move means.

However, even with all these strategies, the most important and the winning strategy in airsoft is teamwork. Always work as a team and exercise good communication.

Last but not least, invest in the best gear/ equipment. We are talking about getting the best airsoft tech, a tactical military vest for your grenades and magazines, and go for a camouflaged vest with more pockets – You need those pockets.

It is a sport and military type of game, played between two teams of players. The players use air soft guns to shoot plastic pellet projectiles at each other.    


Airsoft can be a risky game if not played under strict and safety precautions. It is therefore required of the players to put on heavy clothes, face masks and eye protection wears like goggles to avoid injuries.

Airsoft games should also be played in a set field far from houses, cars or passengers. This is to avoid the risk of shooting and destroying them.    


Airsoft games are played with guns that are capable of producing more than one projectiles at one trigger pull.  These guns are;    


These are types of guns that use powerful springs to shoot the opponents.    


- It is a decent and cheap gun to acquire. 

- It is reliable,easy to use and suitable for beginners.    


- It is inaccurate,slow in speed and easy to miss the shooting target. 

- It is inconvenient as it has to be cocked after every shot.    


 These are Airsoft guns that use electrical power to shoot projectiles at the opponents. These guns are classified into low power, mid power and the automated electrical guns.    


- They are popular and easy to get. 

- They are reliable and more accurate that the spring guns. 

- They are not cocked after every shoot.    


- They are costly to acquire. For instance, a high quality electric Airsoft gun is sold at a minimum price of 120 dollars. 

- They are hard to use and not suitable for untrained or new players.    

3. GAS GUNS.    

These are Airsoft guns that use gas to shoot projectiles at the opponents. These guns use different types of gas the weakest gas, propane and green gas which is strong, red gas which is stronger and black gas which is the strongest.    


- They are fast as they shoot at a very high speed. 

- They are accurate and hard to miss the shooting target.    


- It is costly to purchase both the gun and the gas 

- It is expensive to maintain and fill the gas regularly.   



To improve the performance in Airsoft game, a high quality gun should be considered. The gun should have high velocity power, comfortable and a fit size for easy grip. Guns with metallic internal parts are always the best. 

The guns should be well maintained and cleaned after every use.    


Type of projectiles also matter in Airsoft game. Heavy projectiles are good as they have a huge base and accurate. However, they have a lower velocity or travelling speed. Light projectiles are faster to travel but are less accurate. Medium size projectiles are the best and highly considered.    


For an effective game, the scene plays a huge role. Open fields are not always the best. The field should have covers like woods, trees or trenches to hide and avoid easy attack by the opponent.   


Teamwork is important. To emerge the winner, a team should have strong and cooperative members. The members should know the tricks and rules of the game.    


Practice makes things perfect. The more the practice the better the outcome of the game. This is because practice improves the skills on both the game and using of the gun. It improves the firing speed and the ability to hit the targeted area.    


Types of clothes worn during the game determine the outcome of the game. It plays a big role on whether to lose or win the game. During the day, consider camouflage of the specific environment. Wear clothes that will give your opponent hard time to notice you. During the night, invest in dark clothes. 

It is also important to wear face and eye protection like face mask and googles respectively. This to prevent the projectiles from hitting the face, head or eyes during the shoot.   


More often than not, this game is beyond shooting of two teams against each other. Rather than shooting, the game also involve activities like defusing of bombs and rescuing of held hostages.  There are several ways of play airsoft. This is because there are several types of airsoft games. 

1: Team deathmatch.    

This is the most common played type of airsoft. The game involves two team of players playing and shooting against each other in a combat scenario, with objective of killing. The team is ranked the winner after successfully eliminating all the members of the other team.    

2: Capture the flag.    

This game involves two team of players with a flag on each team, shooting and playing against each other with the objective of capturing the flag. The team gain scores after capturing the other team's flag and adding it to their flag.    

3: The president.    

This game involves a president, team of his bodyguards and a team of his assassins. The president is always the main target. The objective of the game is to either save or get rid of the president. When the president arrive to his destination safely, then the bodyguards emerge the winner.   

4: Alien.    

This game involves a single player at a time against the rest of the players. The single player is an alien while the rest are human beings. The objective of the alien is to shoot human beings and turn them to alien. On the other hand, human beings shoot the aliens to kill them.    

Airsoft is a reality war game played in most of the countries to train their troops. The game is also played for fun or competition. However, It is important to get permission from authorities prior to playing this game. The game should not be played in a public environment. This is to avoid fear and panic among the public members.

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