What is the difference between speedball and woodsball?

Difference between Speedball and Woodsball

enlightening details on the difference between speedball and woodsball


If you love playing paintball you will have the options of either playing speedball or woodsball. Both these options are very exciting and this is the primary reason why they are so popular. They also have a lot of similarities since they are both versions of paintball. But they also have a lot of differences which make them two similar but separate games. By knowing the differences you will be able to make an informed decision while deciding which game is more suitable for you and your team. Therefore, it is always paramount to know, what is the difference between speedball and woodsball? So as to make an informed decision while making a choice.

The Bankers and Size of Field 

In woodsball you will mostly use natural bankers such as bushes and trees. But on speedball you will mostly use artificial bunkers such as drop tanks, wooden spools and air bunkers among others. The main reason behind this is that woodsball is mostly natural where you play in fields with natural barriers. This does not mean that you will not have artificial bunkers on woodsball. It just means that there are more natural barriers on woodsball and more artificial bunkers in speedball. Because of this even the size of the fields where you play also varies where woodsball requires bigger fields than those used on speedball.

The Size of the Team 

The disparities between woodsball and speedball also apply when it comes to the size of your team. Because the woodsball field is bigger you can have a relatively bigger team because you will have more room to spread out. But in speedball you need to have a smaller team that will fit on the limited space. If you have a team that is crowded at the same place you will find it harder to play the games effectively.

Movement & Speed  

In speedball you will need to move faster and within shorter distances because the space is limited. If you stay in the same place for long the opponents will have an easier time finding you because there will be little space between you and the opponents. But in woodsball you can move slowly and move for longer distances. The relatively large space gives you time to move to where you want before the opponents can see you.

This particular difference between speedball and woodsball gives you freedom to choose the option you want depending on the quantities of energy you want to conserve. If you feel energetic where you can move around rapidly you can go for speedball. But if you want to conserve energy because you feel fatigued or you are not feeling totally well you should opt for woodsball.

Aggressiveness Levels 

Speedball is usually more aggressive than woodsball mainly because all the players are close to each other. If you are a person who loves competition you should opt for speedball because you will be able to compete more effectively. In speedball you need to move very fast so that you can avoid being hit by your opponents.

This is unlike in woodsball where you need to hide and strategize well to avoid your enemy. In woodsball you have a greater chance of catching your opponents by surprise unlike in speedball where your opponents have a higher chance of seeing your movements. If you are not aggressive enough in speedball you will most likely be hit by your enemy and as a result more aggressiveness is needed in speedball.


To win in both speedball and woodsball you need to communicate effectively with other members of your team. In speedball you will have an easier time communicating with your teammate because you will be close to each other. All what you need is to create a communication method which all your teammates will understand but the opponents will not understand.  

On the other hand, in woodsball it is a bit harder to communicate with teammates because you are spread out. You might need to yell and this will work against your team because the opponents will know where you are. This makes it paramount to plan properly before starting the game so that everyone can know the right strategy to apply. It is also important to have a backup plan in woodsball in case your original plan fails to work and you are unable to communicate with your teammates. This is one of the aspects that make speedball different from woodsball and it has the potential to determine the team that wins the game.


The Equipment 

In both speedball and woodsball you will use similar equipment but there are some additional items you might need in the different games. A good example is that in woodsball you will need communication gadgets such as walkie-talkies. This will help you be able to communicate with your teammates who are not close by. You might also need things such flares to distract the opponents while playing.

When it comes to the guns you should also consider how the guns fire? In speedball you should go for guns that fires rapidly within a short time because you will need to fire to your opponents quickly. On the other hand, in woodsball you will need a gun that has a long range because most of your opponents will be far away from your position. To determine the additional equipment you will need in the different games you will need to plan with your teammates and determine the amenities that are at your disposal.

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Playing Time 

The playing time of speedball and woodsball also varies consequently making the games different. In speedball the playing time is relatively shorter. This is because it is easier to see and attack the opponents since the different teams are close to each other. But is woodsball the playing time is longer because you will have harder time before locating your opponents. This particular disparity between woodsball and speedball gives you the opportunity to decide the game to play depending on the time at your disposal. If you want a quick game you should opt for speedball but if you have more time to play you should choose woodsball.

Therefore, by going through the outlined points you will be able to understand what is the difference between speedball and woodsball? This will significantly help you make the right decision when selecting the paintball game you want to play.

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