What to wear to Play Paintball – Everything in a Table.

What to wear for Paintballing

Every first-time paintball player ask the senior or professional what they will wear for paintballing? 

Before going to the topic, I would like to say:

It is not necessary to buy stuff before you play paintball game for the first time. There are a lot of equipment such as a mask, marker, paintballs, hopper, tanks, etc. But the good news is that you can get all the equipment on every paintball fields as a rent.

Now, You can ask me what I should bring to the paintball field to play paintball games?


Before starting the article, I would like to tell you in a nutshell that what you need to wear for playing paintball game.

                   - Wear Long Sleeves
                   - Sweatshirt
                   - Long Pants.
                   - Sweatpants
                   - Dark colors Clothes
                   - Weather Clothes (Multi Layers)
                   - Avoid Shorts
                   - Dress for the weather
                   - Bring A Hat
                   - Goggles
                   - Gloves
                   - Shoes for the uneven terrain
                   - Extra Clothes

1. Dress for the weather!

Almost paintball fields are outside of the city, and the weather also different. That's why it is most important to wear anti-weather clothes and make sure those are comfortable. The clothes help you not to become cold or hot. In the paintball field always you have to run that's why you should wear layers. Whenever you become hot, you can remove them quickly.

2. Do not Wear Short Clothes.

You have to wear long sleeves and not to wear shorts clothes. One of the great removable layers is hoodies. If you're playing in the cold weather, then don't forget to bring a hoodie which is an excellent removable layer clothe. Gray or black color dress is very suitable to wear. The colorful dress looks so dirty in the field while you're playing so bring some dark color clothes that you won't mind becoming muddy.

The paint is washable, but grass & dust made a permanent spot on the dress. So dark clothes are handy. Don't think about losing your expensive clothes because paintball game is just for fun.

3. Wearing A Cap or Beanie 

It is wise to bring a cap whatever it is a baseball cap or beanie. It depends on the weather if it is hot then wear a cap to stay cool. On the other hand, if it is cold then bring a beanie to warm your head.

Wearing A Cap or Beanie

4. Wearing Shoes

Always try to wear comfortable and soft shoes because you have to run the whole field while you're playing. If you can't run through your boots, then it will be a sensitive situation and very annoying. You have to buy heavy duty sports or running shoes. You can also use hiking shoes but keep in mind that the shoes must be comfortable.

Wearing Shoes

5. Gloves

It is not so essential to wear gloves, but it makes your hand more comfortable and confident. Make sure that your gloves aren't too thick. By using thick gloves, you can't press the trigger correctly. So, bring a pair of gloves that aren't thick to hold the gun.

paintball gloves

6. Goggles 

Goggles are one of the important gear in the paintball games. Regular and irregular players use it to save their face and eyes. In fact, it is necessary to use for everyone whatever you're beginner or professional. Nowadays, there are lots of advance paintball goggles on the market. Some masks are an anti-fog shield which is an excellent option to continue playing. There are a different type, style, size, shape of paintball mask out there.

best paintball mask

What to wear to play paintball - a Short video

1. Opt for thicker garments rather than the thinner garments

One of the biggest mistakes you could ever make on your first or subsequent paintball is to wear thin clothes. You already know that you should never wear short-sleeved shorts or shirts in the field, but do you know that you need to wear clothes and gear that will prevent pain?

And that the clothes/ gear should also be flexible and unrestrictive of your range of movement? The reason for thickness is that the paintballing paint isn’t any softer or lighter than actual pain.

In addition to the weight, there is also the fact that the paintballing shots are often shot from a long-range and at a high velocity, creating a rip or a hole through your clothes. The thicker clothes/ garments would, therefore, be essential as they’d absorb the impact of the fired paintball, minimizing the impact of the paintball hit.

To enhance your safety when paintballing, you should avoid your older clothes and layer up instead. Layering means that you have some space between the layers, hence the reduction of impact. The paintballing sting is not fun!

Note, however, that layering is unnecessary when paintballing in extremely hot conditions, as long as you avoid sleeveless shirts/ shorts and have some coverage. In hot conditions, over-layering is risky because it may result in overheating, and you do not want to deal with that.

2. Upper Body Protection

If you have to protect one part of your body more than all the other parts, let it be your upper body, which is why you need to layer up on your upper body. Wear a thick hoodie, sweater, or jacket.

You could also get a paintball jersey or even a light rain jacket.

A jacket with padding is an added advantage. If you are often paintballing, you could invest in the branded and paintballing-specific shirts. These shirts would replace the need for layering. Besides protection, you could also consider the camouflage shirts or vests designed to break your head’s outline and to increase your chances of winning.

3. Extra Padding

If you will be crawling and kneeling all over the place, you know that the long-sleeved pants/ shirts will not be enough for you, which is why you may want to add arm, knee, wrist, and elbow pads to your outfit.

The padding will come in handy when diving and sliding on the field. At the same time, the pads will soften your blows when you fall on the ground. A shin pad also offers an extra layer of protection. Don’t forget to throw in some slider shorts.

4. Exquisite Designs

One of the other considerations you should have in mind when looking for paintballing gear is to look for how well the gear would enhance your performance in the game.

Opt for dark-colored and camouflaged shirts, jackets, and pants. These options would give your opponents a very hard time finding you. So, before you choose the right garments, identify the exquisites for the environment; you will be paintballing at then determine what works for you and what doesn’t.

5. Extra Protection for Your Head

In addition to the winter hats, a baseball hat fitted backward, or hoodie or a durag, you should also consider wearing a helmet or a specific mask specially designed for playing paintball.

The head mask or helmet would significantly reduce the damage from the paintball gun’s shot. In case you are wondering, a paintball gun shoots the paint at a speed of 280ft/second.

This speed equals 200 miles/ hour, which means that without proper protection, the shots from the gun could hurt you significantly. A helmet or a paintballing mask covering most of your head would offer a high level of protection you need. Just make sure that the head mask or the helmet was chosen fits snugly and will not fall/ come off when running or making any maneuvers.

6. Hand protection

When choosing hand gloves, we recommend that you opt for the heavy-duty gloves designed for gardening or lite-duty mechanics, especially if you cannot afford to buy the paintball-specific gloves.

Ensure that the gloves are made of heavy-duty material and with some additional padding. What this means is that the fingerless gloves used in the gym or by the weightlifters is not the best option for you because the fingers are a lot more sensitive, and they could be hurt badly on the field. 

Also, avoid the latex gloves, whether they are the ones used for winter wear or welding because these are extra thick, and they limit the movement of the trigger.

7. Neck and Crotch Protection

These two garments don’t sound like much, and they may feel like extremes, but you can never be too safe, which is why when some people think of the crotch and neck protection as too much, we highly recommend that you invest in one.

A bandanna could be a good place to start for your neck, but a turtle neck or a sweater is just as good.

Crotch protection is also optional, but it you’ve been shot in the crotch before, you understand that this protection is crucial. If you are an experienced player, then these protective gears are essential for you.

8. Pod Pack

If you are an experienced player, then you know that you need a pod pack to carry extra paintballs in. The pod packs refer to the harnesses with pods carrying the extra paintballs.

They could be vertical or horizontal, with the vertical pods strapped around the waist horizontally for ease of accessibility. The vertical pods are worn vertically along your waist, and they stay closer to the body compared to the horizontal packs. The other considerations you need to keep in mind include:

  • Lightweight, but protective clothing
  • No paintballing with valuables or jewelry
  • Don’t wear clothes that would be ruined in the combat simulations
  • If you can afford it or have an option of renting, get a camouflage combat suit that comes with a comfortably padded
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